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CC Cycle 3 Week 10 Lesson for Abecedarian Tutors

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Former abecedarian CC tutor (iijuan12), former history teacher, & currently a Christian homeschooling mama of 9 blessings

Classical Conversations CC Cycle 3 Week 10 Lesson for Abecedarians - CC C3W10

Classical Conversations CC Cycle 3 Week 10 Lesson for Abecedarians - CC C3W10

This is the plan I used for a Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 10 abecedarian class. I have included all the subjects including new grammar, fine arts, presentations, science, and review game. I also added my weekly parent email. This is not an official tutor plan. It's simply what I did. I'm sharing it so other tutors can use it as a springboard from which to plan your own lessons that are tailored to best meet the needs of your own class.


(Class set of trivium maps, dry erase markers, and small pieces of paper towels will already be at each seat.)
• Blob mapping:
-Have the children use their dry erase markers to trace around the border of America and then erase them.
-Have the children put the caps on their markers and lay them down.
• Point out the capitals & states on my map one by one. (I say, “Eyes and pointer fingers up” each time before I introduce the next location.) Each time have the children find the location on their maps using their fingers. They say the location, and I confirm, “Yes, that is…”. Repeat.
• Show me/Tell me the locations using a dry erase marker.
-Show me where Helena, MT is. Put a dot on it.
-Show me where Boise, ID is. Put a dot on it.
-Show me where Olympia, WA is. Put a dot on it.
-Tell me which state & capital this is. It’s Sal… (Yes, it’s Salem, OR.) Put a dot on it.
-Tell me which state & capital this is. It’s Jun… (Yes, it’s Juneau, AK.) Put a dot on it.
-Put the caps back on the markers, but don’t erase anything yet!
• Go through the locations with me while erasing locations one by one. (Do them out of order.)
***Parent Helper: Collect markers and maps and return to tutor bag. Throw away paper towel pieces.
(*At home we’ll be learning the locations using the song & hand motions by CCHappyMom.)


  • Chant the science while the children listen.
  • Allow children to each roll the silly voice die & chant the science together using that silly voice: Squeaky mouse voice, sing it like a soldier, cowboy, stick out your tongue and sing it, butterfly whisper voice, & T-rex voice.

(*At home we’ll be learning the planets using the song & motions by Seth.)


• I sing and do hand motions by Maria Errico (posted below) while the children listen. (I don't explain the motions. I just do them.)
• Children sing & do motions with me.
• Right table sings with me while everyone does motions.
• Left table sings with me while everyone does motions.
• Girls sing with me while everyone does motions.
• Boys sing with me while everyone does motions.
• Everyone sings & does motions with me.


  • Hear me sing and point to the Squares.
  • Let each child roll action die & we sing while doing those actions: horse lunges, Sideways tornadoes (arm circles), jumping jacks, frog squat jumps, Birds (flap arms), Ninja kicks.


  • I chant using a slap/clap rhythm while children listen. (Clap hands and then slap thighs. Repeat.)
  • Allow children to each roll the music die* & chant the Latin sentence together using that dynamic: staccato, crescendo, diminuendo, legato, forte, & piano. (*I use a foam die from the Dollar Tree, put stickers on it [so I can change out the voices], & write on the stickers.)

(*At home we’ll be learning the Latin using the song by Heidi Stauff, posted below.)


  • •Flash the cards, while singing card titles 1-3, then 1-5 card titles, then 1-7 card titles.
  • Which card is missing? Secretly pull one of the cards out. Lay them out on the table. Sing through the song to find out which one is missing. Repeat 3 more times.


  • I chant while children listen.
  • Get Louder: Have the children chant it with me. Whisper it super softly. Whisper it a little louder. Chant it loudly. Shout it. Chant it in a regular voice.

(*At home we’ll be learning the English using the song by Missy Wilson, posted below.)

Week 10 starts at 2:14.

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  • Allow each child to play a "song" for us on their tin whistle.
  • Use Rhythm Pizza to show the length of notes. Hold up the notes and ask which one each one is.
  • Go through Rhythm chant and hand motions from the below video:

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. (Rolling arms around)
Long and Short Sounds. (Holding hands far out and then close together)
This is a whole note: ta-a-a-a. (Cup hands together to form a circle)
This is a half note: ta-ta (cup open L hand next to flat R hand)
This is a quarter note: ta-ta-ta-ta (fist of L hand next to flat R hand)
This is a pair of eighth notes: tee-tee-tee-tee-tee-tee-tee-tee (R hand over L hand to form a T or time-out sign)
Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. (Rolling arms around)

  • Use the script from the Foundations Guide to continue discussing rhythm.
  • Time to Play! Review Rules: If you move or touch your tin whistle when you're not supposed to be, your tin whistle will go to tin whistle time out. [Point to tin whistle jail drawn on the board.]
  • Review notes for first measure of Yankee Doodle in chin position. Then I play it for them. Then they play it. Repeat with each measure. Play the entire line together. Then go through the entire second line of the song in chin position. I play it. The children play it.
  • Allow each child to play as much of the song as they want while the others listen, with their tin whistles on the floor.


  • Have children collect presentation items from the basket/table.
  • Remind that when someone else is talking, children should: Stop, Look, Listen.
  • Remind about presentations:Eye Contact: Look listeners in the eye to show confidence and engage them. What is today’s focus? [Remember to raise your hand to answer.]
  • Each child gets 1 question token (a foam rectangle with their name written on it).
  • Have children go in alphabetical order. (Will rotate each week.)
  • Next week's skill to work on: Volume: Speak at an appropriate volume.
  • Return presentation items to backpacks.

Bathroom Break & Snack Time

Pray. Bathroom break. Get snacks from snack basket and have snack while listening to memory work CD.

Follow the Anatomy lesson in the Foundation Guide. Make sure students put their names on each piece.

  • Geography Fast Review: Hand out maps to each child. Divide up children among you & the helping parents so that you are able to each check specific child and what they are pointing at. Call out the geography locations from weeks 4-10. Have children tell me or show me locations using their fingers.
  • Musical Chairs: Play Timeline CD. The child who doesn't get a seat gets to pick out a question card (minus timeline or geography) from a bag and answer it. If it’s from this week’s new grammar or if the child is unsure, everyone gets to help. Sometimes I tell them to go around the chairs while hopping, skipping, on their tip toes, and walking backwards.

I loved getting to see you all today! I definitely want to compliment you all about presentations this week. It was obvious you spent extra time preparing for them! Everyone’s presentation skills are definitely improving!

Would you like a little bit extra? Each week my family enjoys reading books, doing activities, and watching YouTube video clips related to our new grammar. Memorizing the CC grammar is completely sufficient, but if you’d like to add a bit more, here is what my family has enjoyed reading, doing, & watching. We’ll be focusing on the geography, but I’m also including a link on the science (respiratory system) and history (Manifest Destiny) if you’d prefer to study that instead.

Geography Morning Basket Ideas:
Montana Books and Videos:
Idaho Books and Videos:
Washington Books and Videos:
Oregon Books and Videos:
Alaska Books and Videos:

Additional fun activities related to geography:

Science Morning Basket Ideas:

Respiratory System:

History Morning Basket Ideas:

Manifest Destiny:

This week I will be praying for each of your children. My prayer is that through our time at CC, God will teach them “the secret of being content in any and every situation…through Him who gives [them] strength.” (Philippians 4:12-13) I am here to serve you in any way that I can. If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know!

Washington Apple Tasting & Apple Pie activity we did during our geography morning basket time

Washington Apple Tasting & Apple Pie activity we did during our geography morning basket time

© 2020 Shannon


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