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CC Cycle 1 Week 6 Plan for Abecedarian Tutors

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Former abecedarian CC tutor (iijuan12), former history teacher, & currently a Christian homeschooling mama of 9 blessings

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 6 Abc Tutor Plan - Presentations

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 6 Abc Tutor Plan - Presentations

This is the plan I used while tutoring a Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 6 abecederian class. I have included all the subjects including new grammar, art, presentations, science, and review game. I also added my weekly parent email. This is not an official tutor plan. It's simply what I did. I'm sharing it so other tutors can use it as a springboard from which to plan your own lessons that are tailored to best meet the needs of your own class.


(Class set of trivium maps, dry erase markers, and small pieces of paper towels will already be at each seat.)

-Have the children use their dry erase markers to trace around the border of Africa and then erase them.
-Have the children put the caps on their markers and lay them down.
• Point out the locations on my map one by one. (I say, “Eyes and pointer fingers up” each time before I introduce the next location.) Each time have the children find the location on their maps using their fingers. They say the location, and I confirm, “Yes, that is…”. Repeat.
• Show me/Tell me the locations using a dry erase marker.
-Show me where [location] is. Put a dot on it. [Repeat this for each location.]
-Put the caps back on the markers, but don’t erase anything yet!
• Go through the locations with me while erasing locations one by one using the piece of paper towel. (Do them out of order.)
***Parent Helper: Collect markers and maps and return to tutor bag. Throw away paper towel pieces.***

  • (*At home we’ll be learning the locations using the songs & hand motions by CCHappyMom.)


Flash the cards, while singing card titles 1-3, then 1-4 card titles, then 1-5 card titles, and 1-6 card titles.
• While singing and flipping through the final time (doing all 7 cards), pass one out to each child.
• Have them bring up their timeline card one by one and put it on the board as we sing the song together.


  • Hear me sing and point to the 11s.
  • Let each child erase a number line. Whisper the song and shout the missing number(s).
  • Sing 12s while pointing to them on the board.
  • Popcorn: We all sit on the floor in front of the board. Each child gets a turn circling one number on the board. After each turn, we sing the song and jump up and sit back down whenever we get to a circled number.


  • I chant while children listen.
  • Have children chant it with me 2 times.
  • Basketball: Give each child a half sheet of paper & have them crumple up the paper as you chant. After we finish, have them try to throw the paper ball into the trash can. Repeat 3 more times.

(*At home we used the below song and video by The Home Video Variety Show.)


  • I chant and do the motions from from thomandjody (posted in the video below) while the children listen.
  • Have the children chat & do the motions with me.
  • Speed up: Chant and do the motions soooo sloooowly. Do it slowly. Do it fast. Do it super duper silly fast. Do it at a regular speed.


  • Again show Llama Llama Latin Llama with a 2 birthday candle and llama puppet. On her 2nd birthday, Latin Llama gets a knock at the door one day, and it’s an old friend who has come to visit her! It’s Puss in Boots! She’s so excited, she cheers, “Look! Eee! A friend for me!” That helps us remember how the 2nd declension noun endings sound! (Note: The Look & Puss part helps us to pronounce the –u sound correctly. The –ee part will help us distinguish this “-us” from the 4th declension “-us” endings by identifying the genitive singular ending.) (Idea came from CCC user rtseely)
  • Everyone together will sing and use motions from Dana Johnson that were taught last week. We will only sing through singular and plural one time each. When we do singular, we use 1 hand. When we do plural, we’ll use 2 fingers on both hands.
  • us: like puss so swipe your cheek like showing whiskers
    i: like in knee, so point to knee
    o: like an o, trace it in the air
    um: like a vacuum so push 2 fingers back and forth like vacuuming
    o: like an o, trace it in the air
    (1X and then sing “Singular Second Declension”)
    i: like in knee, so 4 fingers point to knee
    orum: like an oar that’s rowing
    is: like geese flying: flap arms with 4 fingers extended
    os: like you’re closing a door, so pretend to close a door with 4 fingers
    is: like geese flying: flap arms with 4 fingers extended again
    (1X and then sing “Plural Second Declension)
  • Let each child have a turn "leading" the class by singing it into a toy microphone. Again, we will only sing through the singular and plural declension one time each.


  • I sing while children listen.
  • Variations: Children sing it with me. We whisper-sing it together. Girls whisper-sing it. Boys whisper-sing it. We sing it loudly together. We sing it regularly together.

(*At home we added the hand motions by Stephanie Laughlin as shown below.)

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Final Art Project for Cycle 1 Week 6 by FB user Angie Ferrell

Final Art Project for Cycle 1 Week 6 by FB user Angie Ferrell

  • Lead children in drawing a pyramid (by following the directions on the below video.) Lead them in adding 1 or 2 smaller, overlapping pyramids (perspective), a reflection in water (mirror image), and palm trees and a camel (OiLs). Adding a sunset could count as abstract. Children should color these with crayons.
  • Have children sign their art.
  • ***Parent Helper: Collect papers & put them in children’s folders to be sent home.***


• Have children collect presentation items from the basket/table.
• Remind that when someone else is talking, children should: Stop, Look, Listen.
• Remind about presentations: Today’s focus will be: Smile and make eye contact at least one time at the beginning of your presentation. What is today’s focus? [Remember to raise your hand to answer.]
• Each child gets 1 question token (a foam rectangle with their name written on it).
• Have children go in alphabetical order. (We rotate each week.)
• Next week’s optional topic: Research an animal and tell us 3 interesting facts about it. Try to include a visual model using Lego's, crayons and paper, or something else.
• Next week’s skill to work on: Expression. Make your voice interesting by varying your tone and volume and using pauses to enhance your presentation.
• Return presentation items to backpacks.

Bathroom Break & Snack Time

Pray. Bathroom break. Get snacks from snack basket and have snack while listening to memory work CD.

  • (*Ahead of time you can watch a video of the experiment by CCLivermore Tutor posted below.)
  • Use script below, which is based on the lesson from marystlmn.
  • Read the book “My Five Senses” by Aliki.

Experiment 1: Vanilla/Apple

  • *Note: About half of the children and I did not notice anything different in taste while smelling the vanilla.
  • Introduction: God allowed for us to use our 5 senses to interact with the world He created. Who can name one of your senses? Do you think they can affect one another?
  • Hypothesis – Can something you smell change the way something tastes? What do you think an apple will taste like if you smell vanilla extract? Who thinks it will still taste like an apple? Who thinks it won't taste like a regular apple?
  • Materials: What materials are we using today?
  • Procedure: Follow the procedure laid out in the book.
  • Results: When smelling the vanilla, how did the apple taste? Did smelling vanilla make the apple taste like apple or like vanilla? Did you have a hard time tasting the apple when your sense of smell was overwhelmed by a strong scent? Much of what we consider taste is actually the sense of smell. Remember that there are only five types of taste receptors: salty, bitter, sweet, sour and savor. Your sense of smell can differentiate up to 1000 different scents which change tastes. Did you know sometimes we perceive taste with our nose? Have you ever noticed if things tasted different when you had a stuffy nose? Both your sense of smell and sense of taste detect chemicals.

Experiment 2: Optical Illusion

  • Introduction: Just like your taste buds can be tricked we found out our eyes and brain can trick us too! Optical illusions affect what your eyes see and what your brain perceives. God created us to be able to process what is going on around us without even thinking about the process. How amazing is that!
  • Purpose: Demonstrate how an optical illusion sometimes makes something look different than what it really is.
  • Hypothesis: Look at these lines. Just by looking at them, who thinks they are the same length? Who thinks they are different lengths?
  • Materials: The materials we are using will be ruler, pencil or writing instrument.
  • Procedure: Follow the procedure in the book
  • Results: Line A is how many inches? Line B is how many inches? Line A with the v’s pointing inward appears to be longer even though we know that both lines are the same length.
  • Conclusion: This visual trickery is called an optical illusion. The direction of the V’s fool our brains into thinking that one line is longer than the other. Because your eyes follow the direction of the V’s, line a with the ends pointing out, makes the line appear longer than it really is. This optical illusion creates a shift between what our eyes see and what our brain sees. Just like our tongues can be tricked our eyes and brain can trick us too! Before you are even aware of them our visual system decides what is and isn’t worthy of our attention.
  • Show some of the optional illusions collected by CCC user CindiCC.
  • Bible application from Ms. Whizzle: Just like our senses can be tricked, Satan loves to trick us too. He is sly and always thinking of new ways to try and fool us just like when our tongue/brain was fooled by the sense of smell from the vanilla and from the optical illusions. Satan is very sneaky and is the master of tricks. He likes to make sin look fun even though we know the Bible says in Romans 3:23 the "Wages of sin is death." We need to be vigilant because Satan very much alive and real. Satan even tried to tempt Jesus when he was on Earth and Jesus' response was always the Word of God which is the Sword of the Lord. It is very important to memorize the Word of God so we can fight against the temptations of the Devil. 1 Peter 5:8 says “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”
  • Geography Fast Review: Hand out maps to each child. Divide up children among you & the helping moms so that you are able to each check specific child and what they are pointing at. Call out the geography locations from weeks 1-6. Have children tell me or show me locations using their fingers.
  • Snowball fight: Let one child pick a subject. Go through weeks 1-6 in that subject. (Each child gets to answer a different week.) Hand out crumpled up paper to the children & let them throw it at each other for 10 seconds. Set back down. Move on to the next subject. Repeat the snowball fight afterward. Continue until all the subjects have been covered. Afterward, have everyone race to get all the "snowballs" in the trashcan.
  • Note: I always give children the option of reciting by themselves, reciting with a prompt from me, reciting with help from the entire class, or reciting with just me.

Wow! I am so proud of all that we have accomplished during our first six weeks! Your boys are impressive! I truly feel blessed to be a part of your lives and a part of this amazing community.

Hopefully you will get a chance to rest during our one week break. When we return, it will be time to break out those tin whistles! We will also switch from science experiments to nature observations.

Would you like a little bit extra? Each week my family enjoys reading books, doing activities, and watching YouTube video clips related to our new grammar. Memorizing the CC grammar is completely sufficient, but if you’d like to add a bit more, here is what my family has enjoyed reading, doing, & watching related to the science sentence: Science Morning Basket & Activities: Fish, Amphibians, & Reptiles.

This week I will be praying for each of your children. My prayer is that through our time at CC, they will develop a willingness and ability to work hard at all that they do “as working for the Lord, not for men.” (Colossians 3:23)

Please let me know if there are any specific prayer needs I can join you in praying for. I am here to serve you in any way that I can.

Shedding "skin" (dried Elmer's glue) like a reptile, which is one of the activities we this week as described in: Science Morning Basket & Activities: Fish, Amphibians, & Reptiles.

Shedding "skin" (dried Elmer's glue) like a reptile, which is one of the activities we this week as described in: Science Morning Basket & Activities: Fish, Amphibians, & Reptiles.

© 2018 Shannon

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