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CANADA Study Visa for Indian Students: Changes in Rules from SPP to SDS

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Study Direct Stream

Study Direct Stream

Very recently*, Canada Immigration has launched new students visa program for international students from India replacing old system of SPP (Student Partnership Program) The new Visa system is named as SDS (Study Direct Stream). Before India SDS was also applied in China, Vietnam & Philippines. SDS is aimed to boost up the study visa processing, students will get more choices of colleges & courses.

..more choices of colleges

In contrast of old SPP system, the new SDS has more choices of colleges. Now any colleges having DLI Number can enroll Indian students under SDS system. Earlier student was having limited list of 47 SPP colleges, so under the new system, student will be able to choose colleges & courses from better options. This will make study visa process more fast & effective.

IELTS requirement is changed under SDS

IELTS requirement is changed under SDS

..changes in english requirement

The most important change under new SDS system is about level of English. Earlier in SPP, students was required to have 6 bands in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with no bands less than 5.5, whereas under SDS, now students need 6 bands in each module. This will certainly affect number of Indian students applying study visa for Canada.

..one year tuition fee

Another change is regarding tuition fee. Now student applying for study visa under SDS has to pay one-year full tuition fee, whereas in earlier system he was having option of paying one semester fee before applying for study permit.

..for one year living cost, GIC is there

Canadian government needs an assurance that when you land in Canada, you must have sufficient funds for you one year living, for this purpose they have introduced system called GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate). Amount for one year living for international students is fixed as 10000 CAD$. While submitting application for study permit, students need to submit GIC certificate. GIC was introduced even at the time of old system of SPP, it is again accepted in SDS system. GIC or Guaranteed Investment Certificate is a short-term liquid investment for a period of one year offered by Canadian banks with a guaranteed rate of return.

..planning to study in canada

If you are planning to study in Canada, the first thing you must know about various factor, those are really very important for your future career. The educational institutes in Canada offer multiple courses such as Certificates, Diploma, Bachelor Degree`s, Post Graduate Diploma & Masters Degree. So, before moving any further let’s discuss the important checklists and requirements for study visa in Canada. As a student you have to do complete research about college you are going to join and also course you are planning to pursue in Canada, what career you are thinking after completion of course, whether you are thinking to come back to India after study or you are going to explore further international career options in Canada or any where else, all such things are going to effect your future planning of going abroad for further studies.

..few steps while applying study visa

As discussed above, the very first step is complete planning and proper research about college/ course where you are going to study. When you feel decided about college & course, the next step is to check admission requirements of college. As we know under SDS, you must have required English level, so you must sit in English test, like IELTS or PTE and obtain required bands. The next step is to send admission application. To apply study permit, you must have acceptance letter from college / University having DLI number. Other documents includes, fee receipt, GIC certificate,Medical, academic documents, passport, Scholarship (if any)

..post-graduation work permit

While applying study permit, students must know if he is eligible to work after you graduate. It should be noted that Not all designated learning institutions make you eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

Along with graduating from an eligible designated learning institution, you need to meet all other criteria to get a post-graduation work permit.

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CANADA Study Visa Rules

..for more details you may contact Canada Immigration site. You may also contact some professional for right guidance.

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