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Bullet Journaling: A Step Towards a Productive Life

Risha is a writer/blogger. She is also a stationery addict, who loves collecting journals to enjoy her writing experience.


Bullet Journaling: A step Towards a Productive Life

What is a Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is similar to a planner. We can plan out our daily household chores, schedule events, keep track of our habits and expenses in the form of bulleted lists. This is the main reason, it is known as “bullet journaling” or shortly, as “BuJo”. It can be done on any notebook or diary, but dot-grid, square-grid and plain journals are popular among teenagers and youngsters alike. There is no age bar and one can start journaling at any age and at any time of the year.

This journaling system was developed by designer and author Ryder Carroll. We can find more about this system through his book, “The Bullet Journal Method.” Many YouTube influencers find inspiration from this book and design journals according to their own style and personality.

The best thing about journaling is its flexibility. We can maintain it on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. We can also show our creativity by creating different themes for every month. And if you are time savvy, go for minimalism. It is all a matter of preference. The aim is to stay organized and committed.

Features of a Bullet Journal

There are different types of journals available in the market. Some are pre-designed and some can be customized as per user’s choice. A bullet journal can have the following features:-

i) Index :- some pre-designed journals have an index section, where all the pages are numbered for the convenience of the user.

ii) Future Log :- all the months are displayed on one page for future reference.

iii) Monthly Spread :- we can plan birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and other important events.

iv) Gratitude :- expressing gratitude is a good habit for a positive outlook in life. Some people use “Morning Pages” for showing gratitude.

v) Weekly/Daily Log :- manage tasks on a daily or weekly basis. Use different symbols for completed, pending, scheduled or delegated tasks. These symbols are called keys.

vi) Habit Tracker :- it is a pictorial presentation of our habits that motivate us to stick to our commitments.

vii) Mood Tracker :- it is used to keep track of our mental health using different colors for each mood. It is popular among teenagers and youngsters.

viii) Finance/Expense Tracker :- keep track of overall budget for every month.

ix) Brain Dump :- jot down your thoughts, write inspirational quotes and show off your creativity.

After the end of each month, take a look at the status of your goals. For example: how many of your commitments got fulfilled, tasks that are completed, pending, scheduled for later, delegated to others etc.

Different Purposes, One Objective

Journaling is done by many people for different purposes, but their aim is common: to stay organized and productive. For example: -

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1) If you are a housewife or a working woman, you can use it to keep a list of household chores, projects, budget management and taking care of family members as well as for personal well-being.

2) Students can also keep track of their assignments, projects and expenses.

3) Writers can maintain an editorial calendar and set deadlines for their writing assignments.

Design your own journal as per your personality. If you find it time consuming, try to be as minimal as possible. Remember, the purpose of journaling is to become committed and organized to one’s goals and priorities.

Tools and Recommendations :-

  • Select a journal that has bleed-proof pages so that the ink doesn’t spoil your journaling experience. Leuchtturm1917 and Rhodia Webnotebooks are some very popular journals.
  • You can use gel pens, ballpoint pens or fineliner pens. Fineliner pens come in different nib sizes and colors. Sakura Pigma micron pens, Staedler fineliners and broadliners are fineliner pens can be used for drawing and sketching.
  • Washi tapes of different designs and thicknesses can also be used for decoration.
  • Designer stamps and letter stamps add elegance and vintage feel to the journal.
  • Invest on tools and accessories that are affordable to you. Minimalism can also be attractive.

Conclusion :- Planning our tasks and goals a day ahead helps us to prepare for a new tomorrow. We must take out time for ourselves to work on our commitments and stop making excuses to succeed in personal and professional life.


Risha Khan (author) from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh on November 23, 2020:

Thanks a lot for your Preeti for your invaluable feedback. Going analog or digital for bullet journaling is a matter of preference. Mood tracker and expense tracker are some of the useful tools.

Preeti Shah from Delhi on November 23, 2020:

A great piece of information.

Writing your tasks has many benefits as compared to typing.

Loved the expense tracker and mood tracker part a lot.

Risha Khan (author) from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh on July 02, 2020:

Hi Manuela, thank you for giving your time for my hub. I have been watching videos about bullet journaling since last year. I enjoyed watching so I thought why not try it for myself. I would love it if you try your hands on it.

Manuela from Portugal on June 30, 2020:

I was never good in keeping a bullet journal but you have here great tips in your article. Maybe I will try it again, Thank you!

Risha Khan (author) from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh on June 21, 2020:

Suchismita, you should definitely try your hands at bullet journaling. A simple notebook will serve your purpose. The objective of bullet journaling is to be productive and organized. Habit trackers, mood trackers and expense trackers are some additional tools. You can add your own tools as per your requirement.

Risha Khan (author) from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh on June 04, 2020:

Thank you so much for your feedback. It means a lot to me!!!

Niks from India on June 04, 2020:

Your productive approach reflected in this hub as you described some valuable information about bullet journaling which was unknown to me.

Looking forward to reading more from you. Best wishes, Risha!

Suchismita Pradhan from India on May 30, 2020:

I have always had a hard time keeping a journal or for that matter starting one. I buy them and that's as far as I get.

I'm definitely gonna give it another go and thanks to you for the great tips on how to get started on a bullet journal.

Nikhil Sharma from India on May 06, 2020:

Thank you so much, Ms. Risha for bringing this lively and informative information with us. Since my early childhood, I always had a soft corner for all things stationery. I love taking good care of books, avoid dog-eared pages, and maintain the overall cleanliness.

Coming to your article, it was really well-written, using short easy-to-understand sentences.

Although I am noting down my ideas, mood, and monthly goals on a note app, I think doing bullet journaling will immensely help me in prioritizing and understanding daily activities.

I believe it is the habit every person in all kinds of the profession should follow. This is the practice followed by most of the successful businessmen and entrepreneurs across the world. Thank you once again for this amazing piece of article, Ms. Risha.

sowspeaks from Bengaluru on May 06, 2020:

Hi Risha! I maintain a journal.Your article provided me with lot of ideas as to what can be included in a journal such as mood tracker and habit tracker. Your recommendations on tools are very useful.Thank you for this useful article.

Risha Khan (author) from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh on May 05, 2020:

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my article. Journaling helps us to combine all of our commitments and priorities in one place to stay organized. It is combination of to-do list, keeping reminders of events, meetings, budget handling, habit tracker etc.

Halemane Muralikrishna from South India on May 03, 2020:

I came to know something new today. I did not had an idea about bullet journal is such a helpful thing for important planning remiders and targets. Nice article, Ms Risha.

Prateek Jain from Madhya Pradesh, India on May 03, 2020:

Wonderful article Risha mam, you have explain your thoughts very well. It is very strong and to the point which explain the bullet journaling concept creatively. Thank you for explaining all the features and importance of a journal. you are well give me some new knowledge regarding this and I will surely follow this valuable information make a habit of writing journal to manage my tasks.

Risha Khan (author) from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh on May 03, 2020:

Thanks for your invaluable comment and encouragement,Sir. I totally agree with you. Journalism requires consistent efforts. By the end of the day when we realize how productive our day went, it leads to self-confidence.

Gopal Anand on May 03, 2020:

Buulet journelling a nice way to plan your day ahead and if you plan your present in a nice way , tomorrow gets planned automatically and is a bi product.That means a leverage effect you do work once and effect comes multiple.Great idea great concept just go for it and reap the fruits,

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