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Broward Schools Virtual Counselor

The Indian River Virtual school

What is nice about this is that it is a prepayment program that allows parents to deposit money into their child’s meal account, this will definitely expedite things as schools starts and lines begin to form.

What is having all the buzz is that starting with the new school year, all Florida school districts are required to offer virtual schools because of a 2008 law created to give parents more choice over how their children are educated. Parents are in need of such a program that gives them more control and utilizes the internet and advance technology.

The Indian River virtual school is being run by virtual school providers Florida Virtual School and Florida Connections Academy. How this works is that it will allow for free Virtual Public School from Home.

The Florida Virtual School offers tuition free online public school providing a nationally certified K-12 grade alternative to home schooling curriculum in Florida. Parents will be happy to know that Florida online schooling providing a computer, printer, and subsidized payment toward ISP


Improving literacy is the goal of teachers and administrators in Indian River County Schools, Science based programs help improve students reading skills. Education can change a childs life by providing opportunity to many careers in the future. It starts by school districts investing in what will work best for the student as well as the teachers.

Starting with kindergarden and the first grade is the first step to improving reading and literacy that makes a difference in schools that raise money to offer online workshops.

Broward Virtual Counselor

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Computer education program Virtual Counselor Broward County schools Virtual Counselor a green campus because it uses windows to provide natural light in classrooms and energy efficiency. It is a hot topic right now and many are searching online for more information about a brand-new school without walls and doors

New technology is always making improvements when it comes to education and this is just the case with Virtual Counselor which can be accessed from any computer that has an Internet Service Provider.

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If you are looking and was wanting to know the Virtual Counselor is available to all students and parents in the Broward County Public Schools System, and it has been stated that Virtual Counselor provides a way to view student records such as grades, attendance, schedule, etc. in one easy step.

For log in you can just by signing onto the Broward School's Virtual Counselor System and for charter schools only you will need to click to apply for a virtual counselor ID. visit the Indian River County School District’s Web site

Performance-Based Funding Influences Online Curriculum

This will allow rural low performance and high minority Students are given more opportunities as virtual schools continue to increase in popularity.

In the video it is mentioned that online learning allows flexibility for those students with disabilities, while at the same time, allowing those gifted students the ability to move at a much faster rate of speed with a virtual classroom vs traditional classroom.

Resource: North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL) President, Susan Patrick and Todd Hitchcock of Florida Virtual School (FVS)

Teaching Geography From Home


Research Analyst (author) on August 22, 2009:

Annamarie, It is interesting and I kinda stumbled on to it and though it would make a good hub.

Anna Marie Bowman from Florida on August 22, 2009:

Thank you for this info. I live in Florida, and had no idea about this.

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