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Facts About the Blood Orange Tree: Types and Health Benefits

A botany graduate, Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about plants that help sustain life on planet Earth.

 Blood Orange Tree

Blood Orange Tree

The blood orange tree is a unique variation of the citrus family. This fruit is characterized by the blood-red color of the fruit pulp.

The blood orange is a hybrid of the citrus fruits, Citrus maxima (pomelo) and Citrus tangerina (tangerine) that occurred naturally in Sicily, Italy, in the late 17th century.

Blood oranges have thick, pitted skin and look like regular oranges from the outside. However, the inside flesh is dark pink, maroon or dark blood red. The fruit can be eaten as a snack, juiced, or used in cooking and baking. The blood oranges are easier to peel and often have fewer seeds.

Scientific Classification of the Blood Orange

Blood Orange Tree

Kingdom – Plantae

Phylum – Magnoliophyta

Class - Magnoliopsida

Order - Sapindales

Family - Rutaceae

Genus - Citrus

Species - Citrus x sinensis

Blood Orange Tree - Description

Blood orange is a small flowering evergreen tree that grows to about 30 feet in height. They grow well in temperatures between 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

These trees must be frequently watered, and the soil should be rich and well-draining. Overwatering, these trees will harm their growth.

The deep red color in blood orange fruit is because of the anthocyanin color pigments in the fruit (the anthocyanin pigments are water-soluble and red, purple, or blue).

Blood oranges are in season in winter and early spring. They thrive in Mediterranean climates, primarily grown in California, Italy, and Spain.

Types of Blood Oranges

There are three common types of blood oranges - Moro, Tarocco, and the Sanguinello.

Moro - The "Moro" variety of blood oranges is round and the peel has a crimson-purple tinge. The inner pulp of this fruit is the reddest when compared to other varieties of blood oranges. It has a unique and refreshing taste.

The "Moro" variety of blood oranges is the most common in the United States.

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Tarocco - "Tarocco" blood orange is the most popular variety of blood oranges. This fruit is very sweet and juicy, and the skin is thin and easy to peel. The "Tarocco" blood oranges have the maximum vitamin C content.

This fruit variety is seedless and is medium to large. The skin of the "Tarocco" is yellowish-orange in color.

Sanguinello - The "Sanguinello" blood orange variety is sweet and has few seeds. The skin is yellowish red, and the pulp of the "Sanguinello" is blood red.

These fruits can be stored for up to a week at room temperature and longer in the fridge.

Deep Red Slices

Deep Red Slices

Health Benefits of Blood Oranges

Blood oranges contain antioxidants, folates, vitamin C, anthocyanins, calcium, vitamin A, and other minerals that aid in good health.

These oranges have the highest level of vitamin C as compared to other orange varieties.

  • Vitamin C helps to protect tissues in the body from damages
  • Anthocyanins in blood oranges help to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol and keep the blood vessels healthy
  • Vitamin A helps to improve the immunity of the body system and is essential for clear vision
  • Calcium helps to strengthen the bones
  • Good source of fiber and has three grams of fiber per orange.
  • Folates or vitamin B9 are essential for the proper growth of the fetus in the early stages of pregnant women.

The Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice

The Italian "Volcano Blood Orange" juice is made from three varieties of blood oranges found close to Mt. Etna in Italy. The rich soil of the volcanic region makes the land fertile and the best place to grow blood oranges.

This juice has no dyes or preservatives and is flash pasteurized. This process makes juice last longer.


Science Direct - Citrus sinensis

Health Benefits of Blood Oranges

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