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Black Widow Spider Video, Photo and Facts

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Black Widow Spider facts

The Black Widow Spider is one of the most infamous and recognizable spiders. The females are easily recognized by the large shiny black abdomen and famous red hourglass on the bottom side. The males are about half the size and harder to identify as they are a brown color and are similar to other spiders. The females venom is the most deadly in North America but is rarely fatal with modern medicine. Most deaths occur when there is an allergic reaction, or when someone doesn't get medical attention. The venom of the male is far less potent and considered harmless. Black Widows are found throughout the world including Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. Female Black Widow Spiders are famous because they are known to eat their mates after mating. The term Black Widow is often applied to females would kill men. These arachnids prefer hiding in dark places. They are often found near houses in pots, old boxes, wood piles and under rocks. Black Widows are rarely found in the open.

Video of a Black Widow Spider

Black Widow species information

The Black Widow is an arachnid in the genus Latrodectus. There are approximately 34 species of widow spiders including Northern, Southern and Western Black Widows, the Brown Widow and another famous species from Australia the Redback Black Widow. The venom from these spiders is a neurotoxin latrotoxin

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