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Black Triangle UFO Might be Man-Made

Mamerto Adan is a feature writer who is back in college once again. Science is one of his favorite topics.


I always believe that there is life in other planets. The universe is so vast that the probability of finding an Earth-like planet isn’t remote. And among the many living planets out there, it is fun to contemplate what sort of civilization they harbor. Maybe they are ancient and superstitious. Probably primitive and basic. Or they are modern and a mirror image of our own civilization. And how about an advanced civilization many years (or millennia) ahead of us? We could only wish though that these alien civilizations will be rational enough to not start trouble, as what men tend to do in our planet. And what if they had been visiting us since time immemorial?

Much to my annoyance there are little evidence to suggest that alien spacecrafts did made their way here on earth. The so-called evidences we have aren’t exactly reliable, and they tend to stray into the realm of pseudohistory (and pseudoscience). Some are even hoaxes, cooked by desperate, or bored individuals who want to stir things up.

I’m always open to the possibilities of potential visits, but I think these advanced alien civilizations could make things easier for us, and just announce their presence openly (but again maybe it is a bad idea). And it irks me how UFO photographs could simply be everyday objects made to look like starships.

The Black Triangles

Illustration of a black triangle.

Illustration of a black triangle.

Unidentified Flying Objects could come in all shapes, but people often associate them with saucer spacecrafts. These “flying saucers” are the staple of science fiction and pop cultures, but media reports coming in Western countries (United States and United Kingdom) often describe another class of UFO. They are the “black triangles.”

Black triangles are exactly how they are named. Large triangular objects cruising at low speed and low altitude. Some even reported that they are hovering. Sightings usually happened at night, and pulsing lights are said to appear at their corners. These objects fly silent.


Photo of the Phoenix lights.

Photo of the Phoenix lights.


Black triangles are relatively recent phenomena, and they are observed at around 20th and 21st century. One notorious example is the Belgian UFO wave, whereas there was a supposedly close encounter by two Belgian F-16 fighter pilots with an alien ship. In the night of March 30-31, 1990, two Belgian Air Force F-16 were sent to investigate a flying object tracked by radar. There are accounts that the fighter jets attempted to intercept the object, only to be outmaneuvered. But officially the pilots never saw anything and later returned to base.

Then there is the Phoenix Lights Incidents, where strange objects, flying black triangles included were spotted in Phoenix Arizona. The incident was even caught on tape, but they are dismissed as military flares.

There are also more recent sightings, like the Tinley Park Lights (from 2004 to 2007) and the Lothian, Maryland Sightings (2018).

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How Easy It Is to Fake Them

This is actually Styrofoam and flashlights.

This is actually Styrofoam and flashlights.

We do have an “actual” photograph of the flying object, but much to our disappointments, it was all faked. A notorious photo surfaced in April 1990, of a triangular object with lights hovering in the sky. Like many paranormal sighting photos, it is of low quality with the image blurred and grainy. Supposedly, it was taken by an anonymous photographer and the authenticity was already in question. The lack of background made it hard for the size to be calculated, and it was produced 4 months after the notorious Belgian UFO sightings. But a guy named Patrick Maréchal later confessed that it is a hoax. In 2011, he invited reporters to his home, and demonstrated how he produced the image. The so-called UFO is a sheet of Styrofoam, cut into triangular shape and painted black. The lights are flashlights stuck in the corners. To make it fly, he hung it from a string and took photographs. Before he got it right, he had tons of photos until he arrived at the ambiguous image we see today.

Military Aircrafts

Literally, it is a black triangle.

Literally, it is a black triangle.

Mistaking military assets for interstellar starships might sounds silly at first. I mean everyone knows what man-made planes look like. They look nothing like the spooky black triangle witnesses claim to see. But this is only true if we are talking about propeller planes of WW2, or the standard warplanes of many air powers. Because as aviation technology progress, planes tend to get weirder up to a point that they are barely recognizable.

Experimental jets are known to take on alien features. The Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar is an obvious example. Yes, it is not a black triangle, just a flying saucer but it belongs to the same league. The army is hoping for a tactical aircraft that could hover, much like a flying jeep or a helicopter. And the Avrocar design boast a frisbee shape with the engine at the middle to provide lift. The thing is very unstable though and it was cancelled in September 1969.

And when civilians came in close contact with these monsters, the shock is understandable.

This became all too clear when an American spy plane was seen by pilots of a commercial jet. The “Blackbird” is already an exotic plane. And it could do alien stuffs too, like flying three times the speed of sound and skimming at the edge of space. And it was reported that it was labelled a UFO when seen head on by unsuspecting airline pilots. The U2 jet is also known to stir UFO sighting, being an unusual and high-flying bird.

But if there are obvious candidate for mistaken UFO sightings, it will be the B-2 Spirit bomber, and the F-117 Nighthawk.

These flying beasts don’t just resemble the black triangle UFO. They are the flying triangles. Being stealth jets, they assume unique shapes to evade radar detection. In the case of the Nighthawk, it had harsh angles that deflect radar, while the B-2 is a flying wing design. Both are painted black for minimum visual detection. Both are triangular shaped. Both are top secret projects that rarely went public; hence civilians knew little of them. And expect mass hysteria when these two showed up in the skies above you.

And here’s something to consider. A recently declassified report on the development of U-2 and SR-71 stated that UFO sightings are caused by these top-secret aircraft. According to Project Blue Book, a Wright-Patterson Air Force Base operation that investigate UFO reports, more than half of the UFO sightings between 1950 and 1960 are caused by these two.


Ranjan dhar from Kolkata, INDIA on December 09, 2019:

From top to bottom it is controversial.

JB on July 04, 2019:

Totally fake.

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