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Black History Month: Perspective 2021

Black History is the celebration of the effort of America to correct its past and heal its citizens. Why not contribute to the Good of that?

Society is full of the taboo and the scandalous. After so many centuries of documented stories of such scandal and shame, it would seem the bowels of humanity overflows with enough pain to satisfy the need for it for generations to come! Alas, each generation brings with it a new twist on the old ways and nays of society.

With the proper villainization of racism, sexism, and prejudice in modern society comes the equal and opposite effects from the opposing forces to liberty, the shared pursuit of happiness guaranteed to all men by God almighty, and the celebrants of human dignity.

With this due power and ability to act therein comes equally new stewardship. A vow each free person must personally covenant to vouchsafe the freedom and fair application of the written guarantees, the Bill of Rights, which contain only a portion of the divine agency of humanity.

Freedom Covenant

Coping and thriving in the wake of new guaranteed freedom offered to all American citizens in the Constitution following the Civil War and its offspring, the Civil Rights Movement, those once on the periphery of society could legally step into the throes of privilege as equal participants and beneficiaries.

Starting the American celebration of Black History Month of 2021 with something dear to all races, the right to be (to Exist!), this article seeks to reach into the hearts and inspire the minds of ALL people to recognize the human will to lift despite the pulsing forces of agency’s enemies to restrain the hopes of all. Freedom from oppression was never freedom from actions to ensure liberty endures as a human legacy.

The United States of America is a jewel in the nations of the world of over two centuries of tradition and doctrine extolling human liberty. Its storied past shows the struggles of each man and woman to claim the rights, eternal and divine in origin, to exist as independent entities but collective guarantors of cultures of the democratic process.

The Civil Rights Movement began when the first man took it upon himself to assert authority over another man’s right to live and enjoy existence. This did not start with a war of revolution in America or any other country in the past of humanity’s mortal annals.

Genesis of the Struggle

Per the traditions of the great people of this planet, freedom had its first enemy in the heavens at the rebellion of Lucifer in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faiths. Freedom’s enemies exist in human literature, religious doctrinal histories, fanciful non-religious epics, all varieties of human application of thought and ponderings. Such notions are not limited to race or a country or a philosophy per se.

Individual personal faith and beliefs color perceptions from which to view and communicate ideas as my sacredly held beliefs urge me here, to share.

Satan rebelled against God! God, according to my Faith, desires all of His children, humanity, to claim the opportunity to be as omniscient and omnipotent as is He. With this opportunity, God (again my seeding perspective) offers humanity the privilege to come to Earth, and learn in that controlled setting to use the power each of us has to affect the lives of another--choosing to positively affect other lives--independently of the casting presence of the Supreme Father.

As is the case recorded in the histories of the world, in the premortal annals of freedom, opposition to the idea of liberty came in Satan’s claim that not all would be truly free, but some would fail due to a number of circumstances. Since all people would not attain God’s status, Lucifer wanted no one to attain it.

The irony of his rebellious actions is: In his desire to prevent anyone from having to fail, he would have everyone be equally miserable rather than individually progressive with God!

In his effort for equality of outcome, Satan’s rebellion supported a revolution to overthrow God’s plan to offer humanity god-status-privilege (the ability to act and the might to enforce an act), which battle continues to rage throughout the world in diverse forms of the mortal realm.

The focus of this offering from a spiritual perspective is to demonstrate that the hope of freedom and the pursuit of happiness is not eccentrically of American doctrinal origin, but divine origin--the intramural eternal will of humankind to ACT!

Asserting my spiritual perspective, the divine genetic heritage of the human race is not simply to react, not a function of mechanics, but an actionable effort of will! No, we are not merely animals, but sentient beings of glory, all!

When God spoke, "Let there be light," it was because He chose, willed, encouraged it into being. There was no accidental explosion that created all things, but a purposeful effort.

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Satan represents a restraining of freedom, oppression, limiting of progress, and such things that oppose one person rising to a level that may have him or her stand out, or above the crowd.

When manacles restrain one man or woman from rising to his or her potential in any manner it births the restraint of all men and women from rising. One person not granted freedom endangers all people’s liberty.

How does this specific offering relate to Black History Month celebrated in America?

Asserting, encore, my spiritual perspective, just as Lucifer judiciously, errantly, took the mantel to save humanity from the possibility of failing--unasked, mind you--because he thinks that some of humanity is inherently superior (and inferior) to others falsely, we endure that same satanic rhetoric in a temporal milieu.

In the context of modern culture, the instant, incessant access to constant news and information exerts such oppression on the mind. Knowing continuously the personal injustices inflicted and endured by millions who post on the information highway called the internet ceases never to grow. Literally, news from all over the world is free to open the windows of revelation to eyes, ears, and minds and hearts that would never have known such things in life otherwise.

Black History Calls Out Supremacists!

Supremacist notions and other militant ideas of the superiority of some, and the inferiority of others result in a loss of freedom for all.

Again, Satan, in my spiritual perspective, represents the ideas of racial supremacists, militant nationalistic supremacists, religiologistic supremacists, misogynistic supremacists, or any idea of inferiority/superiority supremacy.

Coined idiomatically, comes the term religiologistic from the root word religiology defined as a branch of science aimed to study the scientific aspect of religion as it relates to human culture and society without explicitly focusing on the aspects of any religion in particular.[1]

Emitted is this term, religiologistic, to define groups of religious people who esteem their origin and core of doctrine supreme to all others, and their spiritual perspective supreme to all--supremacist religionists who also discriminate and persecute other religious ideas as inferior. With that perspective, they esteem people of different faith systems less important; therefore, creating an environment of toxicity towards freedom.

Black History Month, as a celebration or recognition of a minority of people in America who suffered at the hands of other Americans of European descent (predominately White people), offers vistas into the liberation from oppression, and a recognition of the value offered of all minorities as equally important in the society of humanity, though, not equally abundant in power and influence.

Black History Month offers a celebrity to expose false ideas of humanity, a restoration of sorts to the divine notion of equality of the importance of all people and equality of opportunity to all people. It is the duty, the sacred trust, and holy honor of all those who wield power influencing human life in any degree to vouchsafe, safeguard, and guarantee the freedom of the individuals within their stewardships by degrees from parental power to governmental.

Boundless Possibilities of Celebrating Black History

Black History Month is not limited to the influence of American descendants of slaves or an affront to the African origins of some Americans. Celebrating Black History with a focused season, like Christmas, provides the opportunity for all people to partake of something that does not ordinarily receive national attention. Such a season facilitates the human spirit of inclusion and presents a gospel of peace, goodwill, and understanding if it is correctly presented from within the collective human stewardship to uplift the human race.

It is the privilege of each of the influencers of humankind to use this moment, this season of human recognition of the American experience as the Jewel it is--to have conversations about opening up the table to invite the least known of us to be a part of the collective power of all of us, humanity.

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© 2021 Rodric Anthony Johnson


Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on February 05, 2021:

Pamela, I am grateful that you read my articles. I hope that we can one day meet and truly be friends. Skin color only matters because we focus on it. If we did not fascinate over it so much e would stop notices a hues as much and our personality more.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 04, 2021:

While I have a few black friends, I still want to fully understand how everyone feels. I always like your articles, and I learn so much. Thank you, Rodric.

Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on February 03, 2021:

That is kind of you to write, Bill. I hope that I can offer honest words and a good perspective that will reflect the goodwill I feel towards all people. I hope it remains and becomes common too!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 03, 2021:

I always love to read the perspective of others, especially on this topic since I have no black friends in Olympia, so I'm relying on online friends like you to "fill me in." Thank you!

Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on February 03, 2021:

Thanks, John. My muse instructed me that I should do it the way it is done. I enjoyed every moment that it took me to write it. It was as if the words came to me like a revelation! I love humanity in all of his and her forms, We are all so important, relevant, and loved by God and those who follow Him and those who follow Buddha and those who follow Allah and those who follow unlisted faiths, unlisted Gods or gods, and no gods. Together, we make all of our lives no matter our faith, relevant. I look for the day when we can truly all be free because we all recognize our own virtue and divinity despite our weakness and weaknesses.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on February 02, 2021:

Thank you for sharing about Black History Month, and the history and your reasoning in regard to it, Rodric. An interesting read.

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