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Black History Month - Cathy Hughes, A Tribute to Women of Color and Substance

Cathy Hughes

Cathy Hughes

“It is not enough for you to do your very best. You must do what is required of the situation.” Cathy Hughes

Catherine Elizabeth Woods, born 1947, in Omaha Nebraska, her father, William Alfred Woods, was one of the first African American's to receive a degree in accounting from Creighton University in Nebraska. Woods' mother, Helen Jones Woods, was a member of a Mississippi private boarding school orchestra at Piney Woods School, which her father founded.

Catherine is the oldest of four children and was the first African American to attend the local Catholic Girl's School. Woods, had her future on track until, at age 16, she became pregnant. Marrying the baby's father, Alfred Liggins, Sr, she soon gave birth to a son, Alfred Liggins, Jr. His birth is what put her life right again and given birth to an insatiable drive.

"The Quiet Storm"

The Hughes / Liggins union lasted only two years, afterwards Cathy became a single mother. Graduating high school Hughes enrolled in business administration courses while working as an administrative assistant at Howard University. Her boss, Tony Brown, a commentator of some note, founded the university's school of communications.

Cathy was such an asset to Brown that he transferred her to the school's radio station in 1973, where she was promoted to general manager and vice president by1975. Hughes created a format called "The Quiet Storm" which featured silky throat deejays playing sexy love songs all through the night.

Hughes was convinced that this format was a gold mine, and tried to get Howard to license it, but they disagreed. Undaunted this event taught Cathy a valuable lesson, from now on she would seek positions where she had more creative control and imput.

Cathy's First Radio Station

In the late 1970s and early 1980s Hughes remarried to Dewey Hughes, and went about pursuing her dream of purchasing her own radio station. Cathy and her husband purchased WOL-AM for $950,000, using $100,000 in savings, $300,00 from an African American venture capital firm and $150,000 from investors.

The venture was rocky and so was her marriage, she kept the station, but lost her husband. Her divorce stressed her economically, but she worked through it changing the format of the radio station from all talk to a talk and music format.

Profit from the station finally generated in 1986. The following year Cathy purchased her second radio station WMMJ-FM for $7.5 million. It was a tough purchase, because the owners kept increasing the price, but her son Alfred Liggins, Jr, insisted they stay the course and purchase the station.

Today Hughes, along with her son who is CEO, control 65 radio stations the largest Afro American owned radio conglomerate in the nation. In 2004 Cathy launched TVone a cable station whose central focus is on the Afro American community. Employing 2200 women and men with a high volume of people of color, fulfilling her goal to hire creative, ambitious men, women and minorities who need a chance, and a platform to showcase their talents in the industry.


Hughes has been criticized by some who say she pays more attention to her bottom line than matters important to the Afro American community. Hughes' commentaries and her pro-African American stance has been chided as racist against other races by a few.

Cathy's take on these criticisms; "my dream is to provide lucrative employment opportunities for other blacks in an industry where there are so few opportunities"

My thoughts; if not Ms. Hughes then who? Where in this nation will blacks reap this type of opportunity if other Afro American's don't clear a path? If some perceive this as a racist action then it is what it is. Historically, there have been many blacks, like Cathy Hughes, who are driven to make a difference, to defy the odds ignoring detractors. Clearly dispelling the racist stereotype that we as a people are all waiting with our hands out to be spoon fed success.

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pmccray (author) from Utah on February 09, 2012:

I agree, when I first learned about her a year ago I was in awe. I've watched her talk show on TVone lots of times thinking she was a talk show host. What intrigued me was the top name guest she'd interview who were literally paying homage to her during the show. I googled her and low and behold! Thanks for taking your time to read, comment and vote.

pmccray (author) from Utah on February 09, 2012:

Thank you MazioCreate for your kind comments, and taking your time to read and comment.

MazioCreate from Brisbane Queensland Australia on February 07, 2012:

Being an Australian I had no knowledge of Cathy Hughes, but am impressed by her determination and drive to succeed. A good topic for a Hub and I'm sure this woman's story will attract readers.

Jools Hogg from North-East UK on February 07, 2012:

Interesting article, I say 'good on her', she's a true entrepreneur who has used her intellect and a strong work ethic to get what she wants from life and she has paved the way for others to copy her.

Voted up etc etc.

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