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Black Beauty ( NWA7034 ) A Meteorite


Black Beauty Came From Mars

At time to time the celestial objects enter the earth atmosphere and sometimes they make a lot of harm. The people also afraid from them, some people understand them the creation of demon. They are not the creation of demon , they are really made up of natural phenomenon. From now about four hundred and fifty million year old meteoroid came to Earth many years ago. The name of the meteoroid is Black Beauty. The planet Mars is the place from where this meteoroid come on our earth. Now the scientists have found it out the location on that Mars planet. Many years ago a Metoroid fell on the earth. Investigation revealed that it came from Mars. Its age is about four hundred and fifty million years. But now scientists have found the exact place of origin of that meteorite on Mars. The name of this meteorite is Black Beauty Meteorite. Now scientists hope that after this revelation, the secrets of the origin of Earth, Mars and other planets of the solar system can be revealed.When the Black Beauty Meteorite is weighted , it is found to be three hundred and twenty grams. This Meteorite is known as "NWA 7034". It was discovered eleven years ago in the year 2011 in Morocco. Along with this Metoroid about three hundred more stones fell from the sky to the ground. But Black Beauty was the only one that came to Earth from Mars. It was separated due to a space collision on Mars. According to the research that was done earlier, Black Beauty Meteorite is the oldest meteorite from Mars present on Earth. It is also an excellent sample of Mars soil on Earth. Inside it there are Angular Fragments. That is, many other types of metals, minerals and stones are included inside this stone. Whereas usually the specialty of the stones of Mars is that they are made of the same mineral.Anthony Lagaine, a scientist at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, and lead author of this study, said that until now no scientist knew from which place it originated on Mars. After analyzing with supercomputers, it was found that his team and he used the crater detection algorithm of Mars. They also measured pits with a diameter of 100 meters. About 9.4 crore photos were collected. Now, when scientists studied the size and location of the pits, it was found that small pits are also present around the big pits. Some of these large craters are 3 km in diameter. Their age is 1 crore years old. These show that the small pits were the result of a collision of the stones emanating from there at the time of the formation of the larger pits. Black Beauty is a stone derived from the Khujirt Crater of 40 km diameter of Mars. It is located in the southern hemisphere of Mars.


There Are Storms Without Air On Mars

The planet Mars is full of great mysteries in itself. Like our earth, there is no wind , but there is a dust storm. A tornado of dust rises. Clouds full of dust are visible. Scientists around the world including NASA, European Space Agency are worried that how is this happening? It is not known whether there is air on Mars or not. But small and big tornadoes of dust have been seen flying there. This swirl of dust was seen in Jezero Crater. That too not one but many. Its picture was taken by the US space agency NASA Mars Perseverance Rover, present in Jezero Crater. During the first hundred days itself, the Perseverance rover took many such pictures, in which many dust tornadoes are seen running from one place to another. NASA scientists call these dust tornadoes Dust Devils. Now scientists are understanding that when there is no such thing as air on Mars, how do these dust tornadoes form? Because for this tornado it is necessary to have wind. The second thing is that it is important to understand these dust tornadoes. Otherwise, they can create problems for robotic and human missions in the future. It is also believed that Jezero crater is a big source of Mars, from where most of the dust comes out. This photo was taken by the Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA) aboard the Perseverance rover. The more we understand about dust storms and tornadoes, the easier it will be for future missions. Three times the rover's camera has seen clouds of large scale dust flying. These are scientifically called gust lifting events. In this the largest cloud of dust was four square kilometers in size. Just scientists are trying to understand how dust in an atmosphere without air travels in the form of tornadoes, thunderstorms or clouds.


NASA's Mission On Mars To Search Human Friendly Environment

NASA is preparing to stop humans on Mars for a month or more. So that astronauts can spend time on the surface of the Red Planet and do research. To submit new information. But before that there is a lot of work to be done. The big issue of discussion between scientists and engineers is that what will the astronauts do for a month? Will the explorers who went to Mars put a flag there? What kind of effort do you have to make to stay alive? Where will the landing take place? There are many types of questions to find answers to. But the name of the base to be built on Mars has been decided. The name of the first human base to be built on Mars is Mars Base 101 Last month NASA called a meeting. In which it was decided what the astronauts present on the first base to be built on Mars would do. How will the human mission go to Mars? What types of operations will take place during the entire mission. What kind of scientific tests will be done? A funny thing came out in the meeting that a robotic mission would be sent before sending the astronauts. So that what kind of equipment will be needed on Mars, they should investigate it. Then such devices will be sent. Which are necessary to keep humans alive on the red planet. Because astronauts will have to work for most of the time on Mars, so that they can stay alive and healthy. Planetary Scientist in the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Division of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston Paul Niles said that astronauts living on Mars for 30 days will have to work more comfortably. His schedule will be very tight. So that we can collect as much information as possible. After the first mission, there will be many more types of research on Mars. Along with this, it will help in establishing human settlement. Niles said that we need many types of research to understand Mars. Which will be completed only after reaching the red planet. In the meeting held in Denver on May 4 and 6, we invited the best scientists from around the world. After this meeting, a Mars Integration Group was formed. Headed by Michelle Rucker. Michel said that we have called people from all over the world working together to establish a human settlement on Mars. Michelerker said that the biggest difficulty of the Mars mission is its distance from Earth. It will take two years or more to send humans to Mars and bring them back. Till date we have not sent anyone to space for so long. For such a long journey, a strong vehicle, complete food and drink, fuel etc. will have to be given. Because sending machines is easy, sending humans would be difficult. Michelerker said that spending a month on Mars is not a long time. But for now, that's all we can think of. can't expect more


A Research For Human Environment On Mars Is Necessary

We have to send some robotic devices and cargo before humans reach Mars. While returning from Mars, humans will leave many things there. Most important is to develop power station, communication infrastructure. in order to be in contact with the earth. NASA has done such missions on the moon before. The Apollo mission has taught NASA scientists a lot. Building the first human base on Mars and staying there for a month will be a new thing for the whole world. It is going to cost a lot. Supersuits have to be made. Pressurized rovers will have to be made, in which humans can sit and walk. Pressurized cabins will have to be made. In which astronauts can live. Mars has fourty percent less gravity than Earth. That is, in such a situation, all things and humans will have to move carefully. Or the designing of the instruments will have to be done according to the gravity. Astronauts have to eat, drink, sleep, talk to their doctor on earth, listen to songs every day. So that they can relax.

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