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Bigfoot Below Us? Part 1

Promise broken and Lessons taught

One thing I promised myself when I started this blog is that I would try to never tell anyone to believe in anything I write about; but that I would present as much evidence as I could and let people make up their own mind. Afterall, you cannot really change someone’s thinking, all you can do is present information and let them choose to believe it or not. I am about to break that rule and put forth information that I believe to be accurate based on my experiences as facts.

I realize that I write a lot about stuff that’s “out there” and mainstream science does not recognize a lot of the creatures I write about. I‘m ok with that; I still believe in Science and support the scientific study of things beyond my understanding. There are times though, I think, that scientists become so laser focused on what is known there isn’t always consideration given to other areas that might need it.

Personally, I believe in 90% of what I take the time to research about and write about. When I read an account of someone seeing a 9-foot hairy creature or a slithering creature in the water I believe that they did see something they cannot explain. I think sometimes due to adrenaline and fear the story can change from what the person saw to what they thought they saw but I still believe they saw something. I think that is more the exception than the rule.

I also grew up in a small town in Central CA called Fiddletown, when I was there it was a population of about 212. If you ever get curious, I encourage you to Google Fiddletown and see how spread out the town is, and how far away people are from each other. I can remember laying in bed at night listening to the sounds of crickets, birds, and the wind dancing through the trees thinking I was in heaven. Now all I hear at night is cars speeding and sirens going out on any number of emergencies all night.

As any kid does given the right situation, I spent a lot of time playing outside and with my dad who taught us to survive, camp, shoot guns (safely), and how to take care of ourselves if we ever got lost or into trouble while we were outside. He instilled the right amount of fear and respect for the woods and how quickly things can turn sour if you do not hold onto that respect and listen to what he was telling us. He also took us for drives around our home, so we knew the trails that surrounded our house and if we ever did get lost how to find our way home.

Thanks to his lessons I have only been in two situations in the woods where I was fearful, lost, and what I felt like as in danger enough I had to bail or I was going to be someone’s afternoon snack, and not in a good way.

Fiddletown Community Center

Fiddletown Community Center

First experience

When I was about 7 or 8 I had been out on a hike with my friends heading down to an abandoned house by a creek that was about 6-7 miles from the nearest living person and in a canyon that was overgrown with weeds and trees overhead. I can remember playing in the creek and looking at the sun coming down between the leaves of the trees. We had fun but I remember feeling apprehensive after we got there thinking we were being watched, but as much as I looked around, I could never identify what was giving off the creepy vibe.

Since we were in a canyon it got dark sooner than the rest of the valley so for safety sake we decided to start hiking back to our homes. However, we decided to take a second trail out of the area that lead to the back of almost all our parent’s properties and it was an overall prettier hike.

About halfway up the train the group decided to break up as the older kids decided they wanted to go back to the river and hang out a little longer. Myself, fearing that I would be in trouble if my parents got home before I did, decided to press on and I would take one of the other trails that connected to the one we were on and head home. Big mistake.

What I’d forgotten is I hadn’t been on the trail I was aiming for in years so I when I reached the point where I needed to take it I didn’t recognize it because of the vines and trees that had over-grown the trail head. One thing I think anyone could claim if they grew up in a rural setting is your sense of direction is sharp. I may not always be able to the directions without a compass, but I can follow my gut and usually end up where I need to be.

I realized pretty quickly that I was lost and had missed my trail, I knew if I stayed on the trail I was on I would be ok eventually but my gut was telling me that I was moving away from my house. I decided to backtrack a little and see if I could find my trail, I had only backtracked around 100 feet when I heard something off to my left in the brush. That feeling I had back at the creek of being watched pounded into my chest and I knew I was in trouble. I turned around and started running until I got tired and tried to keep moving as quickly as my legs would move me.

Whatever was off to my left never lost pace with me, continued to make itself heard including growling at me when I got tired and almost fell as my legs were starting to give out. As an adult as much as I play this scene in my mind, I never hear what I can attribute to two feet but more of movement of something big. Pretty quickly I became scared and started crying, yelling for my brother to save me.

Eventually I ran into a neighbor’s house who knew my parents and drove me home to the scared arms of all my friends who had of course beaten me back to our house.

When I told my parents, what had happened they were pretty sure that I had been stalked by a big cat, which almost all our neighbors had spotted, and we knew was in the area. As an adult I play this in my mind over-and-over again and I do not agree. Big cats are masters at surprise attacks and generally do not like to make themselves known as they go on about their day.

Whatever was with me, I never saw what was stalking me, was making effort to make sure I knew it was there. The sound stopped as soon as my saving neighbor started to yell back to my calls for them to please save me. As an adult I realize I was being herded; towards what I do not know, maybe it was pushing me towards safety, but there was something there pushing me to keep going.

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Close to what the trail looked like. But it was wider as neighbors liked to go four wheeling along it

Close to what the trail looked like. But it was wider as neighbors liked to go four wheeling along it

A second encounter and a question for the future

Fast-forward about 18 or so years and my father and I are completely taken with the idea of Bigfoot, we went on a few overnights and day trips to a remote area we knew and tried our hand at Bigfoot hunting. Note: I would never make a good caste mate for Finding Bigfoot, apparently I’m a giant chicken in the woods.

My dad and I decided to go Bigfoot hunting into an area that we knew, and it had a few reports of creatures being seen. Also, there are farmers who run their cattle through the area, so we knew there was plenty of food for Bigfoot to eat if they were around. We took the basics with us, flashlights, knives, food, and side arms as a back up since we knew there were big cats in the area also. Not that we wanted to shoot anything but reasoning we would rather have something to scare and distract the predator if we ran into one to give us a chance to get away. Our plan was to not stay the night but rather stay as long as we could stand then come home.

I decided to not post a picture of the site as it is dangerous and hard to get to, I do not want anyone to get hurt trying to find it themselves. The area we were was a little clearing on a semi flat hill, with a line of trees behind that on top of the hill and a meadow behind the trees. I backed my SUV onto the semi flat area, so I was facing the road and we could book it out of there is need be. When we got there my dad sent me to the meadow and asked me to cut down a couple green tree branch sticks, we could use to cook our sausages on. Side note: If you decide to do that just shave the bark, run the stick through the fire to seal it and then cook away; it adds a lot of flavor!

Anyway, I headed up the hill, through the trees and into the meadow where I promptly ran into the Wolf from little Red Riding hood. Just kidding, sort of. Since we had just arrived and for safeties sake, I put my gun belt on and took a large flashlight with me. As I was walking to the tree I wanted to cut my branches off I scanned the meadow and could see it empty but two animal trails off to my left and head of where I was facing but no sign of recent animal activity. I walked over to the tree I had picked out and set the flashlight on the ground so I could have free use of my hand. As I’m cutting I heard the most intense growl I have ever heard in my life. It was deep, guttural, and sounded like it was right behind me.

Trying to stay calm I reached down to grab my light and while doing so pulled my gun out of its holster and got ready to defend myself from the predator that I knew was going to kill me. Slowly I took the flashlight and scanned both the lower portion of the meadow and the upper part of the trees thinking whatever it was got scared and climbed a tree; odd behavior but I could buy it from a wild animal. I never saw a thing, not a branch moving from something brushing past, not eye shine not even another sound until I heard my dad calling for me. I asked him about it when I came down and he said he had heard something but did not see anything to make the noise.

We decided that it had to have been a cat I had scared off when I turned around and let it go for the rest of the night. As it got darker, we decided to try wood knocking along with call blasting. I had gotten some reported Bigfoot sounds off the internet, so we decided to use them and see what happened. There was a fallen log that was just off the side of my SUV that we were using as we did not want to go to the tree line to knock and break our legs in the low light trying to come down the hill.

We had a small fire going we were burning some green tree branches in as we had read online stuff like that would draw a creature in for sure. As all this is going on, we decided to stop call blasting since it was making it hard to hear any responses and it was a pain walking from the truck to the log on the slanted hill.

As we were knocking, I realized my knocks were being answered by a woodpecker. Being animal lovers, my dad and I thought it cute and started to play a little, when I did 3 knocks, he would respond, and if I did 5 or 6 he would respond with some variation. When he stopped responding the hairs on my back stood on end and I remember my dad having an uncomfortable look on his face too.

Our momentary uncomfortableness was broken when we heard a ~BAM~ and one of our chairs we had been sitting on went about 5 feet down the hill. When I went over to it I found a rock that had recently been pulled out of the ground, it was still wet and dark brown where the dirt had stained it, sitting above the chair. Something had thrown a rock from the meadow hitting the chair and never made a sound.

I say never made a sound as we never heard it come to our area or walk away. That tree line I mentioned earlier; the ground was covered in leaves and so was the portion of the meadow next to it and we never saw a light coming or going. To be fair it was a semi bright night from the moon, however it was still low so it was not giving off great light and it was throwing a lot of shadows from the trees. I grabbed the flashlight and tried my best to shine it into the trees to see if we could see something but since we were on a semi downward slant it wasn’t doing me much good. Needless to say, I chickened out pretty quickly and began throwing stuff in my truck pretty fast while my dad kept watch. While doing so he said he heard something moving around ahead of us on the road, our way out, and moving up the hill but he never saw what was making the noise. I drove us out of there a lot faster than I should have but considering what I heard earlier and then the rock I was ready to go home to the bright lights of the city.

The next day, emboldened by the Sun being out since nothing bad ever happens during the day, we went back to the spot to see what we could find. When we got there and stepped out of the SUV we heard a big baby kitten meowing and decided it would be better to stay in the vehicle. We did nothing but sit in the car and hop out every few minutes to see if we could hear anything more and decide if either of us was brave enough to get back into the meadow to see what we could see.

This time we did no call blasting or wood knocking, it was scarier than the night before. As we sat there, we could hear no sound, other than something big moving around, that we couldn’t identify. We did keep hearing the kitten every time we tried to get out of the car but when that happened that was all we heard. The sound of whatever it was moving around would stop when we stepped out.

There was a moment where I looked in my rear view mirror and thought I saw something gray with long hair move like it was moving down the hill and look back at my as it did so but it was gone the when I turned around to look where it should have been. I don’t know if this was a trick of my mind since I was getting nervous again or I really saw something. But all this got me thinking, I have no idea if either of these instances are Bigfoot related, I’d like to think the first one is. But I have no proof either way so I can’t present it as anything more than weird encounters with something that scared the hell out of me and I can’t explain. I spent as much time in the woods as I could growing up and I never had another encounter like either of these before or since, though I go into the rock throwing area often. I also never had that feeling of panic or dread; only in those two instances. But if Bigfoot is real, where does he live?

To be continued…..

© 2020 Chosen Shades

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