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Powerful Positive and Negative Characteristic Traits

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Belief and faith are a 2-in-1 characteristic, but a feature that is critical to the success of any person desiring success on a major scale. To develop belief and faith on an everyday basis, unknowingly, takes daily practice. Webster’s Fourth Edition Dictionary defines BELIEF as “…a conviction, faith, trust, and opinion.” Webster’s Fourth Edition Dictionary defines BELIEVING as “…to take as right, have faith (in), and suppose, guess.” To look further, Webster’s fourth edition dictionary defines FAITH as “…unquestioning belief; especially in religion, particular religion.” There are many dictionaries and translations of these words; but to sum all those translations, BELIEVING is the state of mind that you can choose to live your life day in and day out until you no longer exist on Earth. Believing and faith are intertwined and does influence each other because of a combination of your thoughts and actions. When you apply belief and faith, an active course of action is the result you produce. You must believe in your thinking, abilities, talents, and trust that your thoughts and actions will lead to successful conclusions. Without faith, there is no belief; and without belief, there is no faith. You cannot have faith without belief and belief without faith. Your beliefs are a combination of thoughts you implant in your mind to be the absolute truth. From those ideas, you speak the words to confirm those facts. From those words, you take action to prove those words. From those actions you conduct over time, you confirm them into habits. Then those patterns create the life you live until your death. You develop a state of mind of believing and that state of believing forms the person you see when you look into a mirror. What you believe and have faith in is crucial to you because the combination of your beliefs creates the person you eventually become. People use this power of believing with good and not-so-good intentions, but it is the good intentions that prevail more than the not-so-good intentions. Employ yourself to only use your power of belief and faith for the good intentions of my life, so it will affect your life in an active nature that will carry on to change the world positively. Simply having belief and faith will not get the riches, spouse/significant other, material things, or life in which you desire; but it is the starting point of your success journey. To magnify your belief and faith, you have to conquer having a lack of FAITH and much FEAR when you experience circumstances and situations. You must build on your DESIRE to an unwaverable state, despite the trials and tribulations you encounter. A lack of desire and faith will feed and breed more FEAR in you than anything else. You cannot fail when you ultimately BELIEVE and have FAITH.


F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Does fear give a power trait? It is when you learn to turn fear into fuel. Fear is the #1 enemy of my believing. Fear is the by-product of a lack of faith and belief. Fear lives in quitters. Fear surrounds misery and feeds off the destruction of my faith. Every time you are afraid of failure, you breed fear. It grows stronger in you and consumes your mind like a parasite consuming its host. Where do you get fear? Fear is the false evidence that comes from people that you believe is telling you the truth. These people could be anybody in your family, a best friend, a teacher, the church (keep an open mind), your religion, and your environment. A very supportive family, education, and spiritual environment is a big plus to conquering fear, so if you do not have it; GO out and find these conditions fast! Fear can be implanted in you from birth by the people (your environment) that surround you. Unfortunately, as an infant and toddler, you have no control over your mind implantation. As you grow into a teenager, you can start choosing what programmed believe in, but will more than likely cling to what is familiar to you; even if you do not believe in it. You will hold faithful to that familiarity because of who taught it to you, instead of evaluating the content of the lessons. By holding to that familiarity, you breed content into your life. You are taught fear from birth, but you never blessed with fear because of your birth. Fear is FALSE EVIDENCE that you make real in your mind. Fear grows from the negativity people experience in their life, and they feel the need to pass their negativity to you to protect you; out of love for you. Many people pass fear to you without ill intent. They believe they are helping you by telling stories of their demise, failure, and negativity they experienced in their lives. What they fail to realize is they are planting seeds of fear into your undeveloped, young active mind. With time, you take care of those seeds like a farmer tends to their garden. Fear comes in the form of statements such as these:

  • I tried that
  • I lost money doing that
  • You cannot do that
  • It is not in you
  • It sounds too hard
  • That is hard
  • If only
  • Any statement programed or designed to deter you from your dreams, goals, etc.

Fear has many supporters from every aspect of language and life. Skepticism and doubt are strong proponents of fear. Quitters are people consumed with uncertainty and doubt. They are lobbyists of fear. Quitters are people that FEAR works as a puppet to recruit more quitters. Fear is very smart entity. Fear knows that strangers do not influence you like your family does, so fear will attack me through the love you have for your family. Because you might consider your parents as great people with education and life experience, FEAR will use that when your father tells you that your business in not a good idea to pursue because a good friend of his just lost all his money doing business. FEAR will have your mother and aunts tell you that getting married is a bad idea because all men cheat; and to avoid the headache, just stay single. FEAR uses other people’s failures as a conduit to alter your belief and faith; therefore, changing your state of mind in believing you can accomplish whatever you set my mind on. You create your own fear in your life. You bring the false evidence into a real state based on the belief you have in fear. 99% of the things you are afraid of, never comes pass. 99% of the things you worry about, never even happens. When you worry about situations and circumstances, you are feeding into your state of fear. Worry is a fearful state of mind. You control the amount of fear you have in your life. You bring your fear into a real state when you are afraid of possibly failing at accomplishing a task, or goal. Fear smashes the ability of Go Out And Live! Fear is a tormented lie that was believed into a false truth. Fear is your enemy and every time you give into fear, are open the door for your enemies to work in destroying your life. It plays on your emotions by using the past as a precursor to your future. Biblical scripture in Isaiah 43:18 says “forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” Fear uses your past to weigh you down and hold you back from developing a stronger state of believing. The fear you breed will not have mercy on you at all; produce BELIEF and FAITH instead!


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