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Become Unstoppable Achiever With 5X Reading Speed

Kiran Khannas a Nuclear Engineer, a die-hard blogger, and writes an article on personality/skills development for the leadership roles.

Image by Thought Catalog from Pixabay

Image by Thought Catalog from Pixabay

For results, transformation, and for bringing change in your life, you need to learn new habits and skills. Imagine you read 1 book in a month and if you transform yourself to read 5 books in a month and 60 in a year.

Imagine the transformation and results if you could read 5 books at the same time that you read only one book.

I want you to become unstoppable, achieve with 5X reading speed.

This story will help you in two ways –

· Build your Reading Habit

· Improve your reading speed up to 5X faster


Dutch saying goes well here, “We are too soon old, too late smart” — When you read a book or blog or stories of others, you read the 20–40 years of the experience (depending on the age of the writer).

Steve Jobs said, “I do not want to be the richest man in the graveyard.” So, now DO today and bring this positive change-My writer’s friends.

As Picasso said, “Good Artists Copy, but Eminent Artists Steal.” To create content, look for 10X times successful people in the niche you are working. Look for 33% rule of finding people from whom you can learn new skills and make them a mentor.

Start following great mentors in the Medium. This is the smartest way and read stories at 5X speed. Look for what is important.

If you want to earn 1 million, you need to see the footsteps of what 10 Million earners have done with life.

Books are the hidden treasure.

Stop seeing a book as a one-time event, treat as your friend, you come back repeatedly to this friend. Remember, most books have one or two take away hidden inside, and you need to learn the art to extract these from the table of content and by the art of skimming through.

You should read at least one book a week. Everyone wants a good life, but not willing to spend time to read enough to know how to get this kind of life. Toughened yourself and to read through. Medium is a good repository, but ask yourself how many stories you read per day — max 10–15, why not 100?

100 new ideas coming your way. Think stories as new ideas and start craving for it every day.

Speed reading is not a superpower which very few can have. It is a skill you can learn. Now the question is how. First, you need an open mindset. There is no such thing as a poor reader, but an unpleasant habit. All you want to know what is holding you back to gain your reading speed, you can work on it. That will make it a lot easier to make it happen. The problem is information overload. Avoid unnecessary social media Facebook post-reading.

Image by Katrina_S from Pixabay

Image by Katrina_S from Pixabay

Proven 8 Techniques For 5X Speed

1) Select the right books — choose the book you love and writers match your taste. Look for the areas you want to learn. Liking is very important. Shift from a book, you are not interested.

2) Use a Visual Pacer — Bookmarker, Pen, or your finger. This improves your concentration and focus.

3) Read when you are most alert and active — We often read books as secondary and use it to spend time while travelling or going to bed or when we are not active. This habit, change immediately. Take Action.

4) Avoid below 3 bad habits

Bad Habit 1 — Sub-vocalisation

It is a little voice in your head; you are used to doing, while you read or moving your lips. When we are young, we have been told to read aloud and as we progressed; we switch to reading in our head. Average talking speed is 200–250 WPM. So, your reading speed will be close to it.

The average reader can read as fast as they talk. If we want to read faster, we need to see the word, as supposed to hear them. For example, if you see this sign STOP, you don’t read aloud, since you know the meaning. So now how we can stop some vocalization by instructing the brain by using small destruction.

Why does the coffee shop is apt for reading, it is because of the optimum environment with a mix of destruction and focus? This helps your brain not to wander.

Bad Habit 2 — Regression

Avoid going backwards and adopt reading in a flow. This is the reason you should read in the active/alert state. This is where when we are at end of the page, and you go back to the top to read again. This also goes back to pages or sentences. We try hard to get all the information that goes inside our brain, without filtering what is important. This is not because of lack of information, but because of concentration. You can improve the concentration by becoming an active reader. When our brain wanders, we became passive. The way to help with, use your bookmarker glide, to instruct your mind not to go back.

Bad Habit 3 — Fixation

Image by Myriam's-Fotos from Pixabay

Image by Myriam's-Fotos from Pixabay

Too many fixations on a page. On average, an untrained reader uses 10 to 15 fixations per line as their eyes bounce from word to word. Use pacer to speed up your speed. Often we do not know how slow we are reading unless we do a reality check. See at the end simple technique to measure your speed. Avoid this is to learn the bouncing technique, divide your page into 3 columns (see illustrations above), and read the middle word of each column using peripheral vision.

Speed reading is the superpower, with having control and you know when to stop and when to turn this on. Avg reader finishes a book in a month, but with turning this superpower ON, you can do this in one day.

5. Make Notes — Goal is not to read faster, but also to comprehend and keep important notes. Making notes is a good way to do this.

6. Plan to teach someone, you are learning — This changes your perspective. Try to summarize to your near one while having lunch or dinner together.

7. Take a quick break of 2–5 mins after 30 mins reading — 3 things to do in the break- Deep Breathing, Hydrate and Move. This will reset you and re-charge.

8. Final Ultimate Things

1. Front and Back Cover — This will give you good content about the book

2. Table Of Content — Use 80/20 read. Distinguish what is important to you.

3. Use skimming technique — Spending a second per page looking out the topics are of your interest and building curiosity.

4. Scanning — Now take 30 seconds per topic and use the keyword you want that is of your interest. This will make you familiar with the content.

5. Speed Reading- Using the pacer technique.

By this technique, your comprehension is much higher since you know what is coming up by using 1 to 4 technique above.

4 Steps to Calculate Your Reading Speed?

1) Set a 2 min timer and read for 2 mins.

2) Count the number of lines you have read and divide by 2. This is your lines per minute.

3) Count number of words in the first four lines. Divide it by 4. This is words per lines.

4) Lines per minutes * Words Per lines = Words Per Minutes.

If your current spend is 250 WPM, check your speed after adopting the above technique, it should reach 5X times with practice.

In Conclusion

Be humble. Persevere, Read more. Toughen up.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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