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Beautiful Sanchi A Religious And Historical Place

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The Sanchi A Famous Ancient Place

One of the famous Bhudhriti temples, Sanchi Stupa is known for its ancient art and architecture. It is a small village located in the Sanchi town of the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh and is one of the popular tourist attractions. Sanchi is a famous historical place in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated at a distance of about 52 km from the capital Bhopal and 10 km from Vidisha. Situated on the top of the hill, Sanchi comes across as a religious place with a plethora of religious and historical consequences. Known for its stupas and monasteries, this religious city is quite important for its beautiful works of Buddhist art. Saatchi has many attractions that date back to the 2nd and 1st centuries BC.

Sanchi was the main center of the propagation of Buddhism during the reign of Emperor Ashoka. Due to the proper care and protection of the old heritage here, Sanchi has made its mark at the international level and has attracted domestic and foreign tourists.

Sanchi Attractions

Stupa 1 -

This stupa is a fine example of ancient architecture and craft. Inside this stupa, there is half a stupa on one side. The diameter of this stupa is about 36.60 meters and the height is about 14.5 meters. A circumambulation path has been made around this stupa. It has now become smoother due to the constant movement of tourists.

Four gates-

According to the principles of Buddhism, the depiction of Mercury has been done in the symbolic style on the archways that surround the huge stupa. The tree is the symbol of his Bodhi, the wheel of knowledge indicates his teachings. Footprints and padding indicate their existence. On the inscriptions of these stupas, the names of all those people who had contributed to the construction of the altars and the ground floor are inscribed.

Stupa 2 –

It is built at the foot of the hill. Its biggest feature is the balustrade made of stone. It surrounds it. There is no archway in this stupa. The frescoes of animals, birds, flowers, leaves, snakes, eunuchs, and humans carved on them are visible alive.

Stupa 3 –

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Inside this stupa have been found the remains of two dear disciples of Mahatma Buddha, who were later taken to England where the miracle stone built on the semi-circular dome is worth seeing.

Museum -

For complete information about ancient Indian architecture and architecture, the museum located there is worth visiting. Materials related to Buddha have been deposited in this museum of Indian Archaeology.

Satdhar –

This place is on Bhopal road at a distance of about 10 km from Sanchi. By reaching here, tourists feel that they are in small Sanchi. The stupa located here has been discovered only a few years ago. The stupas here are more beautiful than the stupas at Sanchi.

Mohapatra –

The Mahapatra made by carving a single piece of stone is a wonderful masterpiece of architecture and architecture. The food to be distributed to the monks is kept in this pot.

Udayagiri Caves –

Udayagiri Caves especially attract tourists visiting Sanchi. These caves, located at a distance of four km from Vidisha, were made by artists by cutting sandstone mountain rocks. Tourists who come to see Udayagiri Caves can also enjoy the variety of roses here. Today's Vidisha was known as Bhelsa in the time of Ashoka.

Best time to visit Sanchi

The best time to visit Sanchi is between the months of October and March as the weather remains pleasant. Religious festivals are celebrated here during November and February.


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