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Bats that Bite, Blood Sucking Vampire Bat & Poisonous Bats

Count Dracula in Getaway Costume

Count Dracula in Getaway Costume

Bats that Bite, Blood Sucking Vampire Bat & Poisonous Bats

Do bats bite? Very difficult question. Bats that bite are very rare, and bats will only bite if they are trapped or attacked. other than that, they do not usually bite, unless it is a Vampire Bat.

It is a false old wives tale that says if a bat touches your head, you will go bald.

Bats around the world have been unfairly treated thanks to Vampire movies for decades. Then jolly old Count Dracula or Count Alucard would fill the silver screens with blood sucking antics, preying on semi naked women, drinking their life juice.

He would then turn into a bat to make his speedy getaway, and nearly always through a window which has been left open, even in the height of winter.

Bats were then blamed for many attacks on people, as fear spread about biting bats, but the bats did not bite, they just fly around the night sky and on occasions accidentally bumped into people, that is it.


Blood Drinking Vampire Bat

Blood Drinking Vampire Bat

The Common Vampire Bats

These cute little critters do bite, but the do not suck the blood, they lap it up once it is flowing from its victim, although that does not really make to much of a difference. Common Vampire Bats prey, is warm-blooded mammals, including us humans, but mainly cattle, and once they have located their prey, they will land close by and then walk the rest of the way to its meal, sneaking up to it.

Common Vampire Bats can walk very fast and have been monitored running at speeds near 8 km per hour, using their infrared sensors, they locate a good biting spot, then sink their teeth into the mammal, allowing the blood to begin to flow, then start drinking it as it comes out. If the animal the bat is going to drink from is hairy, the bat will use its cheek teeth to scrape away the hair before they begin to feed, just like humans, apparently bats do not like hair in their food.

White Winged Vampire Bats

White Winged Vampire Bats

White Winged Vampire Bats

How can anything as cute as these bats when they are born be a serious threat to mankind, look how cute they are. like mini George Clunes or strange Pokémon. The White Winged Vampire Bats prey is birds blood, they do not drink the blood of mammals. A bat needs a blood meal every two days, or it may die, and these bats will regurgitate a little bit of blood and give it to another bat in the colony, ( The group name of a lots of bats living together ) if that bat has not eaten.

These bats have also been known to adopt younger bats if something has happened to its mother, and once they have begun to feed, they will start to urinate within two minutes, that is how fast their metabolism is.


 The Hairy Legged Vampire Bat

Not a Bat to be mixed up with the mother-in-law of the same leg condition. Like the White Winged Bat, this bat also only drinks the blood of birds, and only when the birds are alive. An average female bat can weigh in at only 40 grams, just over the weight of a packet of crisps, and can consume 1 gram of blood in a twenty minute drinking session. The Vampire Bats are usually only out of their dwelling for about two hours in the dead of night, after they have fed they will return home to rest and let their meal digest.

Vampire Bats off for their Evening Meal

Vampire Bats off for their Evening Meal

Vampire Bats and Rabies

Vampire Bat Bites are responsible for most of the detected rabies cases in America and over the last ten years have killed 24 people, and out of those 24 deaths, only two of those people new that they had been bitten by a bat. The other twenty two people did not even know that they had been bitten, as Vampire Bats have very small teeth, and when they bite, it can hardly be felt.

Health Watchdogs declare that if any person wakes up and there is a bat in the room, they should check their body for signs of a bite such as dried blood, and seek medical attention. You cannot catch rabies by holding or stroking the bat, rabies can be contracted if you have an open wound and some of the bats saliva has entered, or you may get rabies if any of the bats juices enter your mouth, so biting the heads off of bats is not recommended, as Meatloaf should of known.

Vampire Bats

Nearly all vampire bats are found in South America, in Places like Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Columbia. They will live in any dark places well out of the reach of sunshine, and can live in caves, houses and hollow trees. Vampire Bats do not just live in colonies, they can be found in small family groups or even alone, and are very small in stature with a body of about 9 cm long and a wingspan of 18 cm.

Once they have found a prey to drink from, they will return nearly every night to the same animal, often just scraping away the scab from the bite they made the night before. Many pets such as cats and dogs have got rabies due to bat bits, and this can be spread to humans by the animals licking the faces of anyone they meet.


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