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Basics About Ielts Test

IELTS trainer for more than 10 years with PEARSON certification as a trainer for PTE.


It has been almost 10 years!

Dear readers,

I am a person who loves to express his views on different subjects and share the knowledge with the society as much as possible. With the same perspective in mind, I have prepared a video for the candidates from non English speaking countries, who are planning to shift to English Speaking countries for further education or permanent residence.

Such candidates are required to prove their English language proficiency through internationally recognized English language test. IELTS, abbreviation of International English Language Testing System, is one of the most appreciated test for the above stated purposes. I, from past 6 plus years, am providing training to the candidates and thereby helping them to prepare and achieve the scores required.

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After all these years, every other day new candidates come up to me to inquire about the basic details regarding IELTS test. Hence I decided to prepare a brief presentation to help them understand it from their couch itself, so that they can think further regarding their future which is rather more important as compared to this stepping stone.

Basics about IELTS Test

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