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Traits of a Good Teacher

The writer intends to share her teaching experiences through this article.


Traits of a Good Teacher

Teaching can be described as engagements with learners to enable their understanding and application of knowledge, concepts and processes. The person who teaches or educates is called a teacher. A teacher is always a familiar figure in our society who is rendering a virtuous service to us. Teaching is a noble profession where teachers produce our future generation. Tomorrow’s country holders are under today’s teachers. This represents how important the teaching profession is and how much qualities these teachers should possess. A good teacher is one who is able to explain and demonstrate concepts in a variety of ways for a variety of different learners and learning styles. A good teacher is also a good learner, they learn from how their students learn and modify their teaching accordingly. Certain specific traits are explaining bellow:

1. Well prepared: Good teachers are always well prepared. They study enough on their course materials so that they won’t face any difficulties while taking the class. They also think about the next lesson and always focus to a continuous state of preparation and planning on their upcoming sessions. Thoughtfully prepared lessons are easy to spot where as amputate teaching seems disorganized and unimpressive. When a teacher is carefully prepared to take the class it ensures students’ time in the classroom is worthwhile which is very important in quality teaching.
2. Enthusiastic: A good teacher is always very enthusiastic. An enthusiastic teacher often spices the class with excitement, enjoyment and anticipation; engages students to participate; and stimulate them to explore. Thus, teacher enthusiasm sparks the curiosity of students and jumpstarts their motivation to learn.
3. Makes the learning goal oriented: A good teacher will always make the learning goal oriented for students. Goal orientation in learning refers to students’ reasons for engaging in various achievement behaviours in particular situation. These reasons may be to learn, to do better than others, or to avoid failure. Learning goals give students a way to think and talk about what they have learned. They make it easier for students to “know what they know” and give students a language to communicate about what they know to others. Such awareness is considered as central to learning that really lasts.
4. Keeps patience: A good teacher will always try his best to keep patience at the highest level. Patience may be the most important characteristic of all. A great teacher is very patient with their students and their parents to deal with the same questions and problems over and over again. They never give up on students and always try out new ways to help them succeed in all manners.
5. Shows empathy: A good teacher is always empathetic to his students. Empathy requires active listening. That means a teacher is giving his full attention and listening to both a student’s words and tone of voice. An empathetic teacher uses teachable moments in class to explain how one student or even a character in a story might be feeling during a certain situation. This will get students thinking about things from the perspective of others, emphasizing their shared values and common interests.

6. Adaptability and flexibility: Adaptability and flexibility in the classroom are two of most important qualities that every teacher must possess. Adaptability is the ability to adapt to change, being able to acclimate a teacher to changing roles, job responsibilities, material and schedules. Adaptability has been highlighted as essential for teachers, given the constantly changing demands of teaching works. Effective teachers are great at being flexible, which means they can balance several responsibilities at once and still make students smile and feel appreciated.
7. Acts as a role model: Good teachers are like role models. They influence the attitudes, values and behaviours of their pupils. A positive role model serves as an example, inspire children to live meaningful lives. Teachers are the constant presence in a child’s life. They have the ability to govern their students even more than their parents.
8. Strong communication skills: A good teacher must have solid communication skill. Communication is both receptive and expressive. Teachers must be skilled at listening to their students as well as explaining things clearly. They need clarity of thought to present the material. They must be able to break down complex ideas into simpler parts and smaller steps to transmit to their students in order to make the subject material easier for them.
9. Discipled and professional: Enforcement of discipline is very important to achieve an effective and efficient learning process. A disciplined teacher can guarantee the maintenance of school rules and the smooth implementation of school management. Professional teacher refers to the status of a person who is paid to teach, who has a firm grasp of the subjects they teach and are the true to the intellectual demands of their disciplines. They are able to analyze the needs of the students for whom they are responsible.

10. Creates love for learning: A great teacher has his own love of learning and inspires students with his passion for education and for the course material. Once he creates the love inside the students as a thirst to know more, they start enjoying what they read and move on. People learn better when they are interested in the topic at hand. Interest helps students to think more clearly, allows them to build a deeper understanding of new material. It even helps students to remember more of what they learned over the long term.

11. Instills a growth mindset: When teachers approach teaching and learning with a growth mindset, they enable their students to grow and become deeper learners. Good teachers help each students to grow as a learner by understanding them with effort and perseverance where all students can succeed.

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12. Managing the classroom effectively: Classroom management is a prominent trait of a good teacher. It refers to the wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive during a class.

13. Shares effective real life experiences: A good teacher will always share relevant real life events and experiences to his students, where students would get the real spirit of learning inside them. The ability of relating bookish wisdom with actual living is a great skill of a teacher which allows students to dive in ocean of knowledge and make themselves smarter with a perfect perception.

Teachers are the builders of our future generation. Their qualities and traits are always very important for any nation. They presents the quality of education in job fields, higher studies and overseas as well. A good teacher can gift a precious generation to a country opening the door of optimistic horizons before the world.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Benazir Marjan

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