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Are You a People Watcher?

Your individual perception is vital to creating peace in your surroundings. As a people watcher, it's a pleasure to give you a perception of events,


People Watchers Have The Best Perception

There are two separate types of people, those who walk through life with blinders and those who walk seeing everything life has to offer. It is easy to say that, because in my life's experience, I've also come to learn that those two types of people can be put into a separate category as well. Those who watch people and those who don't.

Those who do so, get the enrichment of seeing someone and learning from them, without ever meeting them. There are lots of people, who will just sit in a seat, just to watch what happens to be going on around them. This is very smart, if you go to one or two specific places more often than others. Those who don't bother to watch others, walk blind into events or chance meetings with others, without knowing anything about those who are around them normally dismissed.

What many people fail to realize is the risk they are taking with their life. Unlike, people watchers, see things coming and expects anything, at any given point. The reason for that would be because they have discerned the truth about the person, through watching their actions. Do realize: Life is yours to discern truth from, it's your duty to yourself. Thus, you protect your life, in many aspects.

We, as individuals, have the ability to discern truth from our life and with that comes the ability to engage others on an honest level. However, those who watch others, a.k.a. people watchers, are in the best position to see things from an objective stance, unlike those who do not watch others, who have subjective perspective/perception.

The main reasoning behind understanding "people watchers" is to realize that they have the unique ability to pay closer attention to specific details about other people than normal or average people do. It is important to see how that is possible versus your present view.

There really is many differences between those who watch others and the ones who do not bother. Those who do not bother, do not see many subtle hints, for which, could save them time, energy and effort. Not to mention, many abusive people and their intentions. There are many men, unlike women, who are complete sexist arrogant, egotistical rejects. They make society more dangerous than safe.


Protect self by exposing lies!

From a distance, off to the side, people watchers get to learn about people, without those people ever learning that they have learned something about them. An example: I was sitting in a bar and having a drink, after a long day of work.

The bar happen to be quite busy and I was able to see multiple things happening in different areas of the bar. On the back pool table there were four(2-men/2-women) people rotating turns shooting. There wasn't a seat available, anywhere at the main bar, which holds 48 seats. There was a few groups of people sitting together. There were several who were just sitting to drink and play KENO, and watch sports on TV.

These types of people are your individual gamblers and power drinkers. You can see them down drink after drink, after drink, after drink, then watch them as they try to walk away from their seat, when they need to go and relieve themselves, due to drinking too quickly. They walk as if there is nothing wrong, yet you can see as they take each step, it seems like it is a chore.

There were plenty of people surrounding the dance-floor, which was about 25' away from where I was sitting. There were 2 people(both male) playing pool on what is considered the front table. There were about 10-15 people waiting to play pool, I could tell, by the growing list of names on the board for playing.

There were two different people checking IDs at the doors. One at the front entrance and one at the back entrance. There was also a DJ playing music. The only reason for remembering or even noticing many of these people, comes directly from their actions and what affect/effect that occurred. There were at least 20 guys trying to pick up girls. There were at least 3 guys who were trying to be charming, by hitting on the bartenders, who were absolutely hot.


Self teach watching people!

You should make sure to teach yourself how to watch people. I was able to see many different facial expressions. The object is to understand, from a distance, what exactly was being said, even using a very limited ability to read lips. The main idea is to look at the body language, so as to discern their intentions. When you look at someone's eyes, see how they move their eyes and how well they pay attention to their own surroundings.

It's impressive to see how many women talk to a lot of guys, but the guys are not paying attention to them, only making eye contact, at specific points of the conversation, but still look around themselves at others. This simply shows that they really are not interested and it can be seen on the facial expressions of the women who is talking to them in the first place.

I can pick out players out of a crowd, only because I've seen many in action, before-hand and know from personal experience. Some are so smooth, the women are blind-sided without any clue of realizing they are being used, and possibly could be abused. There are a lot of couples who form odd relationships, from a extremely dangerous stand points.

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Trying to form a lasting relationship from finding someone in a bar, is at best a very long shot. However, there are millions of people who drink in bars, including some people who are not drinkers. Yes, people don't only go to a bar and not drink, but they go because they enjoy the atmosphere of the establishment.

This is a form of loyalty that keeps bars alive and running. Otherwise, some naysayers to alcohol, would like bars to go away. Which would hurt a lot of small business entrepenuers and destroy many families. The freedom of choice is always under pressure. That only happens due to other people who think their way of life is best and want to apply it to your life, without you having a choice or say about it.

This way of thinking must fade away. When your eyes are opened, there is much knowledge for you to understand or be aware of naturally. However, there are way too many people who are not using their sense properly and it's now becoming a problem for the overall of society.

Seeking truth - Discern truth!

My point to the article, in case you missed it, is to get you to recognize more. I understand that yes your eyes are open, but what exactly are you learning? It's important to learn whatever you can, so you can better protect yourself against outside threats.

That's just like, you are also to protect your life, via those who choose to abuse you on a mental or emotional level. The easiest way to deal with people like that, is thru the use of your senses and to understand a tool you already use consistently- selective hearing.

Almost every person I've ever run into has selective learning and selective hearing. They do this without even realizing that they are doing it to begin. It's odd, because you cannot stop yourself from doing, because you are unaware it is happening.

My message is one of clarity and understanding. If you make the decision to cut off the learning process to understanding your life, and become content, then you are most likely to also cut yourself off from the rest of the world. There is an understanding to life, but you must be open to it, otherwise, you never accept full control of your life. Thus, you struggle.

Thank you for your time


Raymond D Choiniere (author) from USA on June 20, 2018:

Thank you Ravi for reading and commenting. Much appreciated and I'm grateful that you liked it.

Oye Gifts from Delhi, India on June 20, 2018:

Thanks for this lovely post. I really like it and also a people watchers. I love to analysis people and support them mentally. I love to help all people who are in trouble.

And a big thanks for this post. :)

Raymond D Choiniere (author) from USA on June 07, 2018:

Hey RedElf, long time no see. :) Great to see you though. Yes, you can find all different places to do people watching. You could sit on a park bench or be inside a mall or as article spoke, inside a bar. It doesn't really matter where you are, you can learn about people, just by watching how they move, what they do and say, if you're close enough to hear them or have a limited ability to read lips, as stated. Thank you for taking time to read and comment. Always a pleasure.

RedElf from Canada on June 07, 2018:

Fascinating look at one of my favorite hobbies (people-watching). I agree, you can learn a lot about people observing them over time. Late night supermarket shoppers can be an interesting crowd, too. Thanks for this one.

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