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Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon Woman


Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon Woman

Young at heart, woman of this combination are very independent woman, and rely on no-one in there life, these woman are quite different from the men of this combination, who are not as independent as these woman. Like the men with this combo they are still attention seeking but only to people who they don’t know. Egotistical is how some would describe this woman, and yes, she is not your typical Aquarius.

These woman are detached, in a sense, and are not usually romantic at all, unless they are very much in love. They can also be communicative, with a good sense of humour to go with it. These woman are fun to hang out with, but will not really have any close friends, due to the fact that other people will not understand this woman. This woman is quite masculine, and if she has some friends they are likely to be men. She’s usually a natural at writing, and can achieve success through such occupations involving writing.


This combination produces a friendly woman, who usually has a very small circle of friends. If any at all, these woman don’t really need friends in there life, because they are so independent that they can manage on there own. That’s not to say this woman might not enjoy having a friend, particularly a male friend, but they can live without them, and will usually forget about there friends anyway.

At Work

Woman with this combination tend to be workaholics. Even although this woman tries to be organised, it never seems to work out that way. She’s the co-worker with the messy desk, stacked high with paperwork from weeks ago. Some bosses will not like the fact that she is so disorganised. She doesn’t mean to be disorganised, but if you let that slide, she is a dedicated worker that will work for hours past home-time. Then buy her co-workers a drink for putting up with her for the day.


Her family may actually question if she cares about them at all. She hasn’t been in contact for weeks, and has forgotten to wish her dad a happy birthday. Then you finally get a hold of her, her excuse is “I, was busy with work”. She does care about her family but she is so forgetful, that she gives the impression she doesn’t care. Dad would probably still be waiting for his present till his next birthday.


Woman of this combination are surprisingly quite romantic, when they give there potential lover a chance to get to know them. These woman forget past relationships so easily, and are not usually hurt by the break ups with other men, again completely different to the men with this combo. If her man is fun-loving she will be devoted and will have found her companion.


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