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Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon Man


Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon Man

Probably the most attention seeking Aquarius. These men are very charming, and are usually flirty with a bad boy look. These men can naturally attract the opposite gender like a magnet, and usually have a lot of woman crushing on them. These individuals are very sociable and friendly, they also talk really fast and loud, and certainly are opinionated and outspoken. They do take things personally if something mean is said. These men will talk for hours about anything, and usually tries to make out that he knows EVERYTHING. Even if that means telling a few lies.

These men often have extreme swings in there emotions in complete contrast to the females with this combo. Surprisingly these men are actually one of the most emotional air sun/moon combos, no matter how calm they seem, and maybe even the most emotional Aquarians, especially if they have either a Mercury in Pisces or Cancer Rising. We’ll keep that secret because he doesn’t want people to know that. These men will become extremely expressive in a sad or angry mood. Some people might not be able to understand how these men go from being really outgoing and social, then in a second become emotionally intensive. When in a depressed mood, you can easily tell because they won’t talk or be socialising at all. This combination also has a tendency to become addicted to alcohol/drugs and should seek help if they are.


This combination produces a very friendly man, who usually has a lot of friends from all across the world, and will have a small circle of close friends particularly woman. These men can get on with just about anyone, and respect kindhearted people. These men love being in the centre of attention in there friends circle, and usually always have antics to naturally make them the centre of attention. These men are also very fun minded, and will be wanted at parties and would always socialise. He would hate being isolated, so friends are very important to these men, and usually have lucky friends who can help them reach the top in there chosen field.

At Work

These men at work are easily distracted by anything and anyone. He always believes he has all the answers and don’t like people who disagree with him. These men can go from one job to the other, without finishing the last one. This may cause friction in there work environment, and trouble with authority figures. This individual is likely to fall out with co-workers, and generally be disliked by workmates because of his attitude. These men go from job to job, until they have found the right one for them. The men do have the capability to achieve massive success in their job, if they would lose the egotistical behaviour, and listen to others and they’re given gift of intuition. Jobs that suited for these men are something in the creative arts and can excel in acting or writing.

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This man is usually the centre off attention in his family as well which he loves. He is usually close with his family members, but can annoy them with his sometimes annoying behaviour. These men will at some point be good parents, but can sometimes criticise his children and spouse which can be annoying and will not always be there for his kids because he loves to socialise and meet new people.


Dominating in relationships, these men can usually get any woman they want, because woman usually fall for these men in a heartbeat, because he’s a natural charmer, and usually very good looking. He can be easily bored in some relationships, until he finds the right woman who he will be devoted to unconditionally. Till then he’s usually a womaniser, going from one woman to another, leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake. This man does have a nasty habit of braking promises, which can be an issue in a marriage, but be sure if he loves you he will be devoted to you, he may become controlling and very possessive if he has a Mars in Scorpio.


Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Gemini or another Aquarius


Siya on July 15, 2020:

This described me very well Many of us Aquarius sun Gemini moon men especially those with Heavy air placements live too much in our own heads.

Very cloudy get bored quite easily can like one thing get obsessed then move on fast. Even worse with those of us with moon in 11th house . Most of the Friends I have are female .

My rising sign is cancer many of us who have that caring and nurturing as well as have a femenine appearence.

My intuition is razor sharp jupiter in Piscies and also in my eighth house. I spot lies and pretense easily

Very good job there

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