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Another Dimension - A secret Path How to Go in That

Walking in another Dimension


What is another Dimension

Well I have been studying about this topic and want to discover it to more closure ways, first of all for all of those who don't know what another dimension or other dimension is here's a quick definition of it;

"Another Dimension or other dimension is the dimension other than we can see walk smell sense hear and feel" quiet hard to understand no-problem let me explain you in more simple way.

Basically the world we are living in has dimensions, not physically proved but scientifically evidenced that our world contain dimension, by which we are separate from the secret layers that are on other dimension of the world, let's take a fictional example to make you understand, like in the movie Harry potter, they move towards wall but they don't collapses with it but they pass through it, that means at the very time of collapsing they change their dimension making them possible to walk inside the terrain and go to another dimension.

That may sound's like childish but read on - you will discover the truth of dimensions, might be possible you have already read much article about dimensions on internet yelling that dimension are basically for time travel but that's all crap, dimensions are not for time travel but they are hiding something you really don't want to know...

As we have discussed the definition of dimension lets discuss some of the proves and scientific reasons and real stories around the world.

Unseen Dimension


Proves of Dimension and My Experiments

Now what I am going to tell you, many people will going to laugh on that, but there are people around you if you notice them, are some what quiet, every time thinking, and telling strange things, normal people often ignore them telling them don't fantasize !.

If you don't feel someone around you is fit for the above description, why not just visit your, nearest mental psychological center, where people are normal, but they have certain kind of phobia, Doctor's often recognize it as chemical dysfunctional in brain. They see strange things they draw strange things, why not just go up there and spend some hours of research.

Even the doctors their will say you, they doubt its not something related to psychology but in fact many doctors believes in these theories of dimension, those you see as psychological patients are basically can sneak through dimensions !.

In the modern world Soon after the bombard success of Hollywood movies, they misconception the dimensions as time travel but that's not the case time travel is almost Impossible. A great theory related to it was given.

If you talk about modern science why they believe in dimension ? the answer is Because of this computer you are sitting on ! Yes that's correct !

When you play a game you see a bird flying in front of you ? don't you ? can you touch it ? can you feel it ? can you hear it ? can you sense it ? even if you switch of the monitor you can't even see it !. but it will remain there where it is, what is this ? do you call it a computer programming yes it is computer programming but the software it self lies in other dimension, that is why you need to get help of the tools like monitor, mouse, speaker and mics to communicate in that dimension.

Just Consider for a while, if you close you speaker, monitor, and plug out the mouse ? does it means the bird in the software will disappear ? No ! that means you cross dimension some how, research are ongoing to convert a human in software to make it real time interactive, but it seem it need quiet decades to achieve this.

But if I say you there are people who have already possess this without any kind of technology ? you will laugh out loud !. let me tell you an interesting fact there are 2 kind of people one who can't understand what power they have is to sneak through dimensions and got mentally ill usually found in mental hospital yelling they are watching something.

2nd type of people, are those who are GOD- gifted with this power from childhood, can manipulate with things and briefly understand what's going on around them, what ability they possess. So you will found them like black-magicians, or normal people telling you randomly to careful at this place, don't sit there, without any reasons, they become normal to these things.

As we have proved by this so cold computer that dimension exist lets talk about some other dimension and their facts.

Dimensiona Pole


Other Dimension and their Proves

As we have discussed about the software dimensions, now what about the real world dimension, there are always people around us, not human but something else, you can feel them when you are in the very quiet dark place, don't tell me you don't ever feel it ? or don't just say what a crap everyone go into psychological effects and start feeling that.

That's not right, when you are alone in a silent place, with no-one else around you, your concentration level is on the peak, your body start emitting rays that are built on your concentration,that rays can slip in dimension giving start giving you strange signals, and you start feeling strange, scare but that's a fact when some one accompany you at the same time your concentration level beaten up to nothing, and probably you end up thinking that's just the psychological effect.

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In my research of dimensions, I openly invited people to my clinic to share their real stories that are very strange, many people come told me different stories I sort down the stories that are heavily connected with dimensions, then I call all of that people and try judging if they are lying or telling me truth, sort out the truth stories very few were lying cause I already told them this is for my research I am not making a film for you !.

Let us take the story of Mr. Peter, 39, He was driving in the find morning on the highway, going to the country side area, to visit his wife's parents, He was with his wife, and 1 son, when he just cross the high way, the farm side road just appear, that are silent and small, He keep his speed constant, according to him, A man just try cross the road, and suddenly come in front of his car, he applied breaks the car, start slips and become horizontal on the road, he said there is no was he can escape now the road was very small a car slipping in horizontal position there is no way for him he can escape, I closed my eyes when our car was stop I open up my eyes my wife and son was crying, I also start feeling the pain, that i might killed that person, when I look back i was expecting the he will be lying on the road with full of blood, but i was just shocked to see he was standing at the mid of the road.

I open up my gate and run towards him to ask if he is save he was breathing high, he was conscious and saying I .i.i..i..i, we gave him some water and ask him what happen, and was shocked to listen, that he was telling us the moment the car get close to him he can barely see anything his vision was all black, moment after 10 sec the black disappeared and he can feel something just pass though him !

Is it because Peter's car was a super dimensional car ? or peter have the power to go to another dimension or just that man have that power ? That's all wrong no one had that power, but the old man was all alone, coming from the field, in the cold these, everything around him was silent, his concentration level was on peak, when he come in the middle of the road, and thinks of an option to evade the car, His silent concentration rays start telling him, the only way to evade that car, he quickly use that rays as the form of dimensional walk that even he will never discover what exactly just happened to him.


Why I am researching this Topic ?

The Answer is simple, I am doing this research because from the very child hood I feel things around me, In the old book of other worlds, I read when I 20 and becoming a researcher, to completely explorer this ability, I come across this book people shared various views , and stories of their own in this book, that they have seen some strange things, randomly, at that time they call it other world.

They thought these things came from other world, but they are co-exist with us, the only different is that we can touch them sens them neither they can do that. but just like some human who unlock the other dimensions, there are those people on other dimension who also unlock and can only be seen by specific dimensional people.

Now you will be saying we are getting bore hearing these strange stories lets bring it some fire stuff, so my dear friend its real life, thing takes too long to achieve the real face its not a movie, that we can skip 100 years after and tell you what exactly that was in 20 minutes.

In my research I met a person that possess a greater ability that of my own, He wasn't lying I research that completely, He can walk in the other dimension if we leave him in silent room for some time, He, told me he can say strange things, fire type clouds, long small strange people, who some, time look at him strangely, as him to return where he was came from.

That was my prove and why shouldn't I don't believe, as for such studies Para-box Psychology is already discovered !. So there's no need of discussion that, such things are impossible. In this world, there are several more things co-exist with us, but we can interact with them with our five sense.

And as for my experience some are good some are bad just like in our world !. in the last para we are going to discuss how we can travel in that dimension.

Dimensional Practice


How to go into another Dimension

well i can only tell you how you can feel the another dimension its not a magic to teleport you to another dimension.

chose a dark silent room ! why dark it rays emits more swiftly in dark, after that tell you friend to not make noise standing out side the room door, I am sure you are not going to do it alone, so just close your eyes lye on the ground, or just sit down, after some time you will start feeling strange, and those strange feeling will convert in to fear that other dimension sensations.

I don't exactly know how hard you have to practice to see the other dimension but that all for now and don't forget to use the comment box below to share your views and tell your stories that are strange.

Thanks for reading y research, and thanks for tony a ( Tampa Short sales ) owner to thought me how to use hub pages.

Give you views please


Bailey on July 14, 2020:

I traveled through into a dimension and look round and saw my crushes naked body

Lucy on April 23, 2020:

I have experienced it. One day, I was in my room. And I felt a weird feeling. And I felt footsteps. I was alone in my room, but I look back. I was Scared, there was someone there....

It only look like a shadow. But It was a boy. He stared. And then desapeard.

Rocca82 on February 22, 2020:

I've experienced the taserac laying on the grass looking into azalea bushes my grandmother planted after my Grandfather Ray Sr was targeted by ET and Lucy for assassination by accidental car accident....

Alex on November 28, 2018:

Just to add, maybe the dimensions are separate for a reason. Maybe some dimensions are not survivable or even safe or maybe you can even die or be eaten or cannibalized or experimented on or tortured. You never know and what would would you eat and how would you survive and what would you do if all the people you know aren't there to help you or you don't know how they survive or what they do. I don't know, I think maybe someway, our ancestors created this dimension, a dimension where we would be safe and we wouldn't have to worry about those things even though we worry about other things, but there are greater dangers dangers that our ancestors thought we could somehow spiritually separate our selves from, but somehow, they still exist and they show themselves or they take you if only to remind you that the dimension we live in isn't as sure as you think it is.

Alex on November 28, 2018:

Wow, this is crazy reading the comments. I totally agree that yes, another dimension does mean that if you go into that place you will no longer exist physically in this world. So, yes, it is possible for people and objects to disappear and reappear, but I've only expeirence objects doing that. My mom used to have that ability when she was younger. For me, though, yeah, that weird guy got all up into my face and I can still remember his face 35 years later. he can stay in his dimension I don't want to have anything to do with that.

Alex on November 28, 2018:

Yeah, I think there are people in other dimensions and even strange creatures. I have seen an insect as big as a coffee table, but that insect disappeared and I realized later on those things dont exist in our world. I have also seen a strange man who was wearing weird clothes. All happened when I was either half asleep or in a meditative state. Maybe you think I was dreaming, but I wasn't I can tell the difference between a dream and the real thing. These things exist in the same space as us and they may be able to even see us, but we can't see them. That's why I'm scared to meditate because as soon as I do, the people from the other side come out because they are always watching me. I think it runs in my family because mom also tells stories about when she was taken away for a few days to a place that didn't exist.

Svetlana on August 25, 2018:

I think I can astral project because I remember my dreams literally ever night! I too have gone into The Further like on, "Insidious." I've summoned real and fake people into my dreams. I am a real Dalton Lambert!

@Cee on October 24, 2017:

I believe it.For example when I'm all alone in a very dark room I feel that the darkness will engulf me .For some strange reason when I'm alone I always gets creeped out.But maybe I'm just exaggerating

Gautham on September 21, 2017:

I'm Gautham from INDIA. i liked it. but i had an question. if scientifically said that we r living in dimensions! what dimension we r living in? what r the previous dimensions?

shadow on April 21, 2017:

You have terrible grammar and writing. You can't even start a sentence with capital letters. In my opinion your article is not credible because the terrible writing.

Caliboy18 on November 15, 2016:

Hello, I was curious about Dimensions because I could not find an explanation of what happen to me when I was 8 years old.

NOW i Believe!! I will TELL you MY STORY!!

When I was 8 I was coming back from a tournament in which my school was participating. by the way this was in Peru where my mum was a missionary, she was a teacher. It was my mum my sister and my brother, and another family friend. It was about midnight, the moon was full, and we were getting close to our home. we had to walk up the road and go around the corner of the house to get to the door. So the first person that went up was the family friend. As soon as she got up she started screaming, and crying. and my mum told her " stop crying and screaming, you are scaring the kids" so then she said there was something there. At this point I was very curious I was not scared, I always was pretty tough so I told my mum “ oh it can’t be that bad let me see “ and guys I walked up the corner of the house and that’s where I saw it!, It was this glowing tall long being, it was about 15 feet away from me, and i couldn’t see its face, everything was quiet and the moon was bright enough to see the ground and the being would glow even brighter, I then thought to my elf this can’t be real. So i started screaming at it saying “ who are you?, what do you want? Stop making games” I thought it was someone dressed up trying to scared us, but as I stood there i saw it coming closer and then I notice it was taller and its face was just glowing but I could see its mouth. Its arms were long and as he was walking towards me he would stretch his arms and legs to move like a spider and I still couldn’t believe it. So i grab small stones and threw at it, but then it would go right through it! So at this point I was getting scared but refuse to back down, so I told it to stop and kept throwing rocks but nothing would happen. My mum asked me if i was alright and what was happening. So then i looked at my mum to tell her I was fine, and then turned back to the thing, and it was so close to my face and just moved its head and open its mouth as if it wanted to talk, and that is when I turned so cold and got really scared, and ran down to where my mum was and my siblings and family friend and told them to run!! So then we ran screaming for help. It was dark and I turned around and that being was following us. And we saw our neighbor and just knocked on their door we were all scared and i was just shocked and didn’t know what to think. Everything was scared. When everyone got inside the house I was the last one and that being just looked at me and went down the road to the cliff and disappeared. Guys i always thought it was a ghost or maybe and E.T but yeah i dont know, I always think of that moment and want to know what it was. I am 26 now and I want to know who this being was. What did it want. but hope someone has some answers or something. But I truly believe in this article.

Bhanu pratap 911 on November 15, 2016:

Hi! This is the answer to the questions of Pranjal Mishra , Sukh , Samantha Nzimande that why you belive that some events had already happened to you before. It happens to every person,not only you but it happens to me also. This is because due to time. Time is just an illusion of god. When we go to sleep our subconscious mind become active and he makes us see breaking this illusion in dreams. As we are not able to completely remember our dreams so we often able to see future events while dreaming , we forget them in the morning or when we wake up . But when we witnesses these events we think "Huh... Is this already happened to me before."

## You can find me on facebook by typing my numbers on search box -8802596870&9650360633.##

Justbored on October 12, 2016:

I see the silhouette of objects that's don't really exist around me in the dark..I always thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me

Curvyflame on September 30, 2016:

Like I remember when I was a kid I was in my room and I was angry and I always liked the dark but my door opened and I'm not lying guys and then a black figure who has ever seen Harry Potter like the dementors was standing right there and walking towards and then I found myself walking towards it until my mom came in to see what I was doing and it dissappeared rigt away does anybody believe and what do you think it was trying to do it had his hang out and I was about to touch it? I have been wondering for 6 years anybody I'm open to suggestions.

Ethan on August 08, 2016:

This is cool. Lots of Typos, but Very cool. I am too scared to try this so..

Justsumguy on May 17, 2016:

I'm interested in your article, but the sheer amount of grammatical errors and your lack of getting to the point make it extremely difficult to read, and also takes away from your credibility as anyone other than a regular person with access to his own website. I suggest correcting the errors are rewrite your article in a more...user friendly manner. Thanks.

erik on May 07, 2016:

Interesting topic. But, you should strengthen your spelling and grammar.

HH on February 24, 2016:

If you no what i no. This anaother dimension is just like a drup in the ocean. The reality of things is far more mind blowing then the most realising. If i tell you that there are beings far more greater and bigger than ower on universe. The most wont believe me. We think it is just what we see. But what we see compare of the unseen is like grain of sand in a dessert.

HH on February 24, 2016:

What you seen is the real of de djinns. They life unmong us. They see us. But we don't see them in ther nature form

MAwesome on January 15, 2016:

I do believe because 3 years ago when I was alone some times I've heard some strage whispers but I wasn't laying in a dark room; it was freaky but interesting.

Tara on December 30, 2015:

How can you go to a dimension that has magic and fairies in it?

subrata mondal on December 05, 2015:

Thanks friend. I am going to writedown my own experiences. I am a real time meditator I use ancient Indian meditation techniques Swami Vivekananda used to meditate in those techniques. Like gazing between eyebrows and receive sensations only from there. I was interested in meditation from my childhood I cant remember when I started it. I have some minor perfections like knowing one's mental structure by looking at one's face, noticing very little changes. See colourful dreams and can create and manipulate dreams as I wish. For some time I am seeing white lights in bright and colourful lights in dark. A feeling that everything exists because of me I am the only witness the whole nature is actually my nature. But my mind cant continue to be concentrated after a certain degree of realization it scatters soddenly like a bomb and I return to normal body. But I am continuing and the time is increasing little by little.

Sam on October 20, 2015:

Type-O's are interesting.

Priynshu on September 05, 2015:

I feel one can switch dimensions more easily during sleep, if wo hipnotised him. .

Felicia rona on August 12, 2015:

ITs easy you visit the spirit world when you sleep in a deep sleep some people have gifts to do that want to know more email me at Felicia to nap I've been there plenty times since I was a kid and remember everything I'm so used to it I do it everyday they place looks like are world just different email me I can help

alexandra on June 29, 2015:

I've seen it please believe me I seen the flaming clouds and the tall long people too I didn't understand what the hell it was until I read this it all happened one day I was in my room the sun had started rising and I my vision became different it was like I couldn't feel my body anymore I looked threw and it was lot and lots of flaming clouds then it was a long tall person thing I'm not lying I was stuck there for a few minutes but when I snapped out of it my mom said it was an old theory that when the sun rise you can see into different demonsions finally someone who said the exact same thing I saw