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Anandibai Joshi Is the First Woman Doctor in India


This is unique article based on greatest personality i.e. Anandbai Jashi. She carried out her life for medical and social service.

Dr. Anandibai Joshi

Kadambini became the first women graduates in 1883.

Kadambini became the first women graduates in 1883.

About Her Early Life

Kadambini was born on 31st March, 1865 at Bhagalpur in the then Bengal province. Her father name was Brajkishore Basu. He was the headmaster of progressive thought, learned about his daughter's intelligence. She dreamed of becoming a doctor as a child. He used to tell her, 'Learn to be a great doctor and try to cure women's ailments'.

Kadambini has been interested in patient care since childhood. At that time, women were not ready to be examined by a male doctor. They were not ready to take medicine. At the time of the epidemic, the Kadambini woman was going to serve the patient. She used to arrange their diet and medicines. According to the Brahmo community, Brajkishore did not believe in discrimination based on religion, caste, caste, gender.

He believed in the equality of all human beings. He also instilled in the mind of the Kadambini. When Kadambini was ten years old, her father wanted her to be sent to Kolkata for higher education. But there was a question of money. Kadambini's cousin Banerjee Manmohan Ghosh solved it. With his help, Kadambini entered the Hindu Mahila Vidyalaya run by the Brahmo community in Calcutta. The school had Miss Akride, a resident headmistress from England, and Dwarkanath Ganguly as its teachers. At Dwarkanath's urging, girls were given equal education with men.

That education included mathematics and science. It was there that Kadambini was introduced to Dwarkanatha as a Guru. The school life was not easy. At that time, students studying in hostels far from home had to face public slander. At one point, there was even an attempt to poison the food. Kadambini was instrumental in finding a way out of all these difficulties. Since there was no facility for women admission in Kolkata Medical College at that time, Kadambini first decided to get a degree from Calcutta University. Kadambini and Chandramukhi Basu became the first women graduates in 1883.

Kandmbini was opposed by the community and the people.

Kandmbini was opposed by the community and the people.

Kandmbini Was Opposed By The Community.

Kandmbini was opposed by the community and the people.

On the one hand, efforts are underway to get admission in a medical college. With his success, Kadambini was admitted there in 1883. This opened the door to medical education for other students. In the same year, Kadambini married Dwarkanath Ganguly in a Brahmo manner and a unique coexistence began. Her father dreamed of becoming a doctor, while her husband Dwarkanath guided and encouraged her to pursue her dream. Kadambini started getting a scholarship of Rs 20 per month from the government.

Some professors and many students felt insulted by the fact that a woman was given a place equal to theirs. They didn't like the idea of ​​women to become a doctor, so they kept harassing her. But Kadambini never thought of that. While studying, she became a mother of two. But Kandmbini did not allow education to be neglected.

She had the full support of Kadambini's husband Dwarkanath and Professor Dr. Hawk. Kadambini, who got the first number in the school, was deliberately failed in the last exam by a professor in the oral exam. Doctor Hawk was also unable to intervene in the matter. As a result, Kadambini was unable to obtain a medical degree. However, in order to enable Kadambini to pursue a medical career, Dr. Hawk conferred a diploma on him in 1886 at the hands of Ishwarchand Vidyasagar. Kadambini thus became the first female doctor to practice medicine in the whole of Asia.

Anandibai Joshee graduated from Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMCP) in 1886. Seen here with Kei Okami (center) and Sabat Islambooly (right). All three completed their medical studies.

Anandibai Joshee graduated from Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMCP) in 1886. Seen here with Kei Okami (center) and Sabat Islambooly (right). All three completed their medical studies.

Kadambini Devoted Herself To Medical And Social Work.

Kadambini devoted herself to social work.

Before the Consent Age Act was enacted, the government had appointed a committee in 1891 under the chairmanship of Kadambini. She submitted a detailed report to the government based on her business experience and new research. Kadambini decided to go to England to get a degree after realizing that she had to do low quality work just because she didn't have a degree. In 1893, she went to England alone and came to India with three medical degrees.

Kadambini's fame skyrocketed in 1894 after her treatment of the Queen Mother of Nepal. She used to treat many poor patients for free. Her work of medical treatment continued for three decades. The first Mahila members to address the Kolkata Congress convention were the same. She also did remarkable work for hardworking women.

Dwarkanath and Kadambini had eight children, besides Dwarkanath had two children from his first wife. Dwarkanath died in 1898 at the age of 54. Fifteen years of coexistence between Dwarkanath and Kadambini came to an end. She was left alone by the death of her husband. But she continued her work in the medical field. Even on the day of her husband's death, her medical care continued, which is important.

Kadambini's last life:

In the life of Kadambini, Dwarkanath had a place of Guru, Friend and Husband. Their love, respect, sensitivity and intellectual support was their foundation. Death was just as different to this unique woman. On 26th February 1887, she returned home in the evening after a successful operation. She then took a bath and sat on a chair in front of Dwarkanath's photo and died of a heart attack there. She was 62 years old at the time. That day, it got only 20 Rs. from her bag. Thus she spent her entire life in medical as well as social service.

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