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The Code of Carl Munck - True or False?

Mario Buildreps is a graduate engineer. Become aware of topics in a way you have never heard before.

Is The Code of Carl Munck a real code incripted in ancient monuments around the world?

Is The Code of Carl Munck a real code incripted in ancient monuments around the world?

What Do You Think

Magic or Trick?

Just a few days ago, something new arrived at my desk: The Code of Carl Munck.

I watched the first 15 minutes of the video and analysed the claims Munck makes.

Carl Munck uses similar tactics as magicians: psychology and deception. People are craving to learn secret codes, no matter what.

Not only the calculations are based on false assumptions, the outcomes are incorrect as well. Why do so less people verify anything? We all should be worried about that...yes, you too.

The Video of Carl Munck: "The Code"

Tragedy for Truth Seekers

Millions of "seekers" seem to be fascinated by Munck's theory.

The mainstream sciences are discredited by the conspiracist community for numerous of reasons, and they are maybe rightly so. Conspiracists don’t trust science as part of an alleged global mind control system, while the group of spiritual awakening people, who sit close to the conspiracist groups, reject mainstream science because they reject the Soul. Part of that is even true.

After all, the Soul is untestable for the atheist empiricists, and therefore rejected as real. But because of that are these groups sensitive to all kind of swindlers like Carl Munck. In fact any theory that tears down the mainstream ideas is welcomed, but therefore not automatically true. Beware of the false prophets.

What Munck in fact does is guiding a large group of awakening people into a new, false paradigm.

Moving the Prime Meridian to Giza

The first grandiose assumption is made by moving the prime meridian of Greenwich to the pyramid of Khufu. Most people will swallow this first step easily.

The first grandiose assumption is made by moving the prime meridian of Greenwich to the pyramid of Khufu. Most people will swallow this first step easily.

Pyramids of Giza

Munck goes to the pyramid of Khufu, the magical, mystical pyramid. It is a fact that these pyramids are a mystery to everyone, and therefore easy to use for any purpose.

He then moves the prime meridian to the center of Khufu without a single logic, but many people swallow that step without giving it a single thought. Munck calls it: “we must make an adjustment in our thinking, once made, we achieve a fine-tuning necessary for the decoding process”.

Many people will be afraid to fall behind on that part, and will “adjust” their thinking. After all, we are all programmed. They have given away their critical mind and will swallow everything which comes after.

Most people are too lazy or maybe even incompetent to check, recalculate, and verify the claims Munck is making. The mathematics of Munck is false in every step and he manipulates his numbers constantly. I will show you where he makes false jumps.

Munck sweeps all structures around the world onto the same pile, suggesting that this lost civilization was connected to each other all around the world. That sounds great for anyone in the New Age movement. But there is not a single real connection between the claims he makes.

The Incorrect Amount of Stones

Stonehenge consists, according to Munck, of 75 stones, while in fact it are 93 stones. Why he leaves out some stones is clear of course.

Stonehenge consists, according to Munck, of 75 stones, while in fact it are 93 stones. Why he leaves out some stones is clear of course.

#1 – Stonehenge

Carl Munck says about Stonehenge that it comprises of 60 stones at the outer circle and 15 stones in the center. There are today 93 stones, not counting the missing ones. He neglects the other stones or doesn’t even show them in his own made drawing.

He continues by stating that the 60 stones are arranged in a circle, which is true, and then asks if they might knew about 360 degrees. We don’t know that, it could be so, it could not be so. But he then makes a huge jump by making the equation of 360 × 60 = 21,600 without any further knowledge. It is the second grandiose assumption in Munck's theory, but most people might not even recognize it as unrelated assumptions, because they are mathematically ignorant.

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Munck then picks the rough latitude of Stonehenge 51°10', which is only correct within one nautical mile.

He makes the division 21,600 ÷ 51 ÷ 10 = 42.35. This division is completely unrelated, but that is masked behind the empty phrase that the ancients spoke a mathematical language, and hints to the idea that we are ignorant. Of course.

The outcome of this division is 42.35". With that he constructs the center latitude of Stonehenge to be 51°10'42.35", which is false. It is 51°10'44". So, he is lying. It’s in fact 51 meters wrong. Munck's "magical" formula is wrong. Already in the first few minutes of the video.

If you refuse to see through these kinds of tricks, you are selling your Soul. Do you want to belong to the ignorant hordes? If you have turned your back to science, because you don't trust them anymore, and turned your face to irrationality instead towards divine reason, you're lost. Do you also believe the Earth is flat? If that is so, you have set your consciousness back some 500 years.

Wrong Perspective

The claim that a and b intersect at c appears true to our senses, but the claim is made on an assumption.

The claim that a and b intersect at c appears true to our senses, but the claim is made on an assumption.

Another Perspective Gives Clarity

The claim appeared to be false when we look from another perspective. We had too little information and made therefore an assumption to get to our so coveted goal.

The claim appeared to be false when we look from another perspective. We had too little information and made therefore an assumption to get to our so coveted goal.

An Example of Number Tricking

The World Trade Center had 21,800 windows. It’s just a number that comes in handy, similar as the amount of stones at the outer circle of Stonehenge times 360 degrees. You need a large number to find your way to your goal, which is a fake goal. The WTC was not round, it was square. We give that the number: 4. The WTC’s center location was at 40°42'41.57" N, 74°00'47.78" W.

We now do the same as Munck does: the division trick. 21,800 × 4 ÷ 40° ÷ 42' = 51.905”. I then say this is the dead center of the WTC, which is a lie, but since no one checks it I get away with it. The public is mellow of all the data poured over them.

Is this about the truth? Of course not! It has nothing to do with the truth.

#2 – Earthwork at Newark

The next ancient monument Munck guides us to is the Newark Earthwork. He says the ancients knew a decimal system. Again an assumption which he will "prove" by his number manipulations.

He comes there by claiming the ancients used a decimal system based on Stonehenge's number 21,600. He shows the numbers 2,160 and 216,000. These two new numbers are, according to Munck, magically related to this Earthwork at Newark.

Munck says the Earthwork at Newark is at 40°02’27.000", which is wrong. But he needed that false latitude to calculate to the magical number 2,160 by doing his magicians' trick: 40×2×27=2,160. "Awww!", says the public.

But the center is at 40°02’27.7", closer to 40°02’28" than to 40°02’27.000". 40×2×27.7=2,216 but that truth wouldn't fit Munck's ruthless goal.

Munck implies with his 27.000" to be capable of finding the center of this Earthwork with an accuracy of about one inch. The diameter is also presented wrong. We have here three false statements in one slide.

Munck then states that: "there are those who want to write this off as mere coincidence". This was an empty phrase, since his data was corrupt. But his followers believe that coincidence doesn't exist, so he now surely must be right.

Then he says the following: "the distance from Giza to Newark is 113°34'56.2207"". That is wrong, it is 113°33'54". Again, his start is slightly off, but that is necessary to make the next fit. The digits after the dot (.2207) imply that Munck is able to "calculate" the distance between Giza and Newark up to one tenth of an inch (!). Nonsense of course, he uses these last digits to manipulate his outcomes, which is now 216,000. The correct calculation would be: 113×33×54=201,366. That number has nothing to do with 216,000.

Why does he now suddenly jumps to 216,000? Because 113×34=3,842 which is larger than 2,160. So he needs a higher number, and hides it behind the statement that the ancients used a decimal system. But because the final equation is also larger than 21,600, he needs an even higher number. That's why he now goes to the next "magical" number 216,000, and to get there he needs the additional, false numbers: 56.2207.

Again, the work of a false prophet.

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance

— George Bernard Shaw

#3 – Goloring in Germany

Munck jumps from Newark to Germany. But the latitude of the Goloring in Germany is not at 50°20'27.000" like he claims. That's the latitude of the highway situated to the North. The latitude of the center of the Goloring is at 50°20'23". Remember that Munck derived this wrong number, 27.000”, by dividing the self made number 216,000 by the 8 openings in the octagon of Newark.

This number of the 8 openings came in handy to make the next division. Again, 27.000" is a bullshit number. He implies an accuracy of one inch while he’s more than 400 feet off. So, the start was false and the end is false.

I'm now intrigued whether this guy, who's a former defense contractor (why do conspiracists even trust him because of his past, maybe he's hired to create a false paradigm, a false trap for awakening people, paid by the government), is completely ignorant of what he is doing or has only evil intentions.

Do You Still Think

#4 – Back to Stonehenge

Like a magician asks Munck his listeners: “Before Stonehenge fell into ruins, when a visitor approached Stonehenge, what is the first number to come in mind?”

Of course, everyone would say something different, but Munck says: “yes, 2. Lintels and supporting rocks.” I would say 3, one lintel and two supporting rocks, but that number wouldn’t fit his goal of course. Or I would maybe say 20 or 24 when I would see the large amount of stones.

Once, inside, he says we find the numbers 60, 15, and 2. He then constructs a number, 1800, which he divides by the self invented number 5, and finds 360. "Awwww", says the large majority "amazing". But that, of course, comes because he worked to his goal like a grand manipulator does. It was never about the truth, it is only about money.

He then asks: “did they leave us something at 360?”, and shows the image of the pyramids of Giza. The number 360 was completely self constructed, it were not the stones which were speaking.

Truth Counter After 15 Minutes

Nr.ClaimTrue or False?


Calculated latitude of Stonehenge



Calculated latitude of Newark Earthwork



Calculated distance Newark Earthwork-Giza



Calculated latitude of Goloring



Calculated relation between Stonehenge and Giza



After 15 minutes of watching are all 5 from the 5 major claims false. That's a score of 100% falsity.

You need to feel a deep love for truth to find it. Do you love the truth? Carl Munck doesn't love the truth, no, he only seems to care about selling his ideas.

We're after 15 minutes sitting on a massive database of false numbers, and we still have some 2.5 hours of watching to go. What a mess, and what a waste of your time, my time, and Munck's time.

If the calculations Munck shows seem true to you, it's because you're mathematical illiterate. That might sound harsh but it's the naked truth. Munck manipulates non-stop numbers which has nothing to do with any truth. The easy path of lazy watching to bullshit leads via-via from the one level of ignorance to the other level of ignorance.

Most people are completely ignorant as to what mathematics actually is and how it's able to lure the human psyche into one of its countless traps. This is just one of them: deception.

If you really deeply believe Munck is right, you're lost. You have been lured into a false paradigm, from the one into the next. But don't worry, you will have a second chance in a next life.

Only if you feel a deep love for the truth, you will find it. The sooner, the better.

© 2017 by Mario Buildreps


Buildreps (author) from Europe on February 10, 2018:

d43, because there was in my opinion actually nothing worth to look at I started my own quest some 3 years ago. You can find it on:

I am not promoting my own thing, I haven't earned a single penny with, I don't care about that either, except my love for the truth. A paradigm shift happens usually only once in people's lives, and when that happens it better happens in the right direction. There are already too many flat earthers out there who consider Mars to be a sphere, while they believe Earth is flat. They're sucking too many irrationals into their sphere of self delusion these days. For me, Munck belongs to the same group of people who think to perform math while in fact it complete rubbish they're doing.

d43 on February 10, 2018:

Buildreps, thank you very much for your reply. Can you recommend some sources or works you would consider as reputable in the field? It's a fascinating topic and I'd like to look into it further.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on February 10, 2018:

d43, true. But most people are completely unaware of these things you're mentioning when they're intimidated with the "mathematics" of Munck. Munck has done an incredible amount of harm to the field of archaeochryptography. Why? Because it has turned this wonderful fully rational discipline into a battlefield full of fraudsters and believers, who agressively defend Munck's ideas. That's why it has to be debunked as clearly as words can be.

d43 on February 10, 2018:

Some things to consider:

1) Earth's magnetic poles shift over time

2) Continental Drift moves land over time

To assert fraud outright based on the assumption that structures or the prime meridian are in the exact same position now that they were thousands of or over ten thousand years ago is unconvincing by itself.

Without assigning any truth to Munck's claims, historically when there are two opposing sides to a debate, generally it is the side which acts offended or derisive that tends to have an agenda.

tripleED on November 03, 2017:

You're completely wrong about Carl Munck being a fraudster determined to con the masses. 'The Code' is number crunching nonsense but Carl Muck was genuine in his presentation. What you failed to notice and what you perhaps could never possibly have known is that Munck suffered from moderate retardation and developed a pattern forming obsession which is not uncommon.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on October 21, 2017:

Sure Will0s, virtually everything can be used to concoct numerical tricks. But the more myth around the subject the easier it is to lure an ignorant audience into a trick.

The main problem is this: there's a huge gap between Munck's audience who are mathematically ignorant and believe everything he says and mathematicians who don't even look at what Munck is doing because they know it's bullshit. This latter group don't spent a single breath on his work to debunk it.

Maybe I will do in the future what you're suggesting when I have some more time left. Thanks for dropping by!

Will0s on October 21, 2017:

Very interesting... I figured there was some magic trick to it, but my math skills are extremely lacking (as is patience when it comes to something as convoluted as presentations like Munck).

I have a couple questions. 1, do you think some people may be out of touch enough to use these magician's methods without realizing it, sincerely thinking they found some sort of code? Or do you think it is pure fraud, and that his makeshift drawn our 4-5 hours of mind-numbing presentations were just a bad attempt to bait people in?

And second, could a person easily just throw out ten different random mundane structures/locations/coordinates at someone like Munck (or his debunkers) and concoct the same numerical significance in and between these random structures? (Say an audience member at a magic show picked out a Walmart in Texas, a church in France, a castle in the Netherlands, and Mount Rushmore or some such nonsense. Could you conjure up the same type of links that Munck did and woo the audience in a debunked magic trick of sorts? I've always been curious, but lack the skills/energy/motivation but I think Carl Munck would be a perfect subject for debunkers to actually demonstrate his trickery to bring a gullible public back to earth... being able to see it done in the same way, anywhere, since it is all magic square type tricks, scattered in with a little math, and a proven method that the debunkers fully understand.

Thanks for your post, and thanks for reading!

Besarien from South Florida on August 21, 2017:

Great hub, Buildreps! If not for keen skeptics, all would be darkness.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on August 21, 2017:

I'm not sure what the motives are of people like Munck. Some people are so eager to find something that everything seems to be allowed. Thanks for your comment, Besarien!

Besarien from South Florida on August 20, 2017:

The world is amazing enough without lying about it. I had never heard of Munck specifically but recognize his shell game. Draw a line on a map if all the objects don't line up then find another map, or another set of objects. A scientist looks at a bunch of observations and finds a logical hypothesis to test. A fraud goes in search of evidence to support a preconceived notion that will then be passed off as Truth. I do often wonder if the tricksters set out to defraud or if they have convinced themselves somehow. Perhaps they have goals beyond personal enrichment?

Buildreps (author) from Europe on March 23, 2017:

Thank you very much, Larry my friend. Hope you're doing well.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on March 23, 2017:

Always interesting, friend.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on March 23, 2017:

Thank you, john. I wish it was otherwise and we could learn something magnificent but that isn't the case, unfortunately.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 23, 2017:

Buildreps, I think you have exposed Munck for the true fraud he is. Thank you for sharing this and enlightening us all. people can be very gullible and easily led to follow alternative theories like this.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on March 22, 2017:

Thank you for your kind comment, Alicia. I think truth, if that even exists in the way we hope, is already obscured enough.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on March 21, 2017:

This is interesting and very thought provoking, as always, Buildreps. I appreciate your emphasis on the search for truth, which I think is very important.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on March 21, 2017:

That true, my friend. A growing number of people is looking for answers to many questions. Magicians are of all times. Just for the entertainment, not for the truth. Thanks for your comment, Bill.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 21, 2017:

We've seen people like this throughout history, and amazingly they always garner a huge following. I'm afraid there are millions of people out there, looking for answers to life, and willing to follow anyone who can dazzle them with false premises. Very interesting article, my friend.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on March 20, 2017:

Thanks, jgshorebird. I think that most archaeocryptographs don't use the mathematics as it should be, that is to say, they degrade it to something that's subjective to their whims.

jgshorebird on March 20, 2017:

Interesting information. Is this akin to numerology of structures then, when Archaeocryptography is not utilized correctly?

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