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Inspirational Stories: A Seemingly Endless Journey

True to life stories are inspiring stories that make us reflect who we are and where we are. May I share a story about my life and the path I journeyed when I was a young girl. Here it goes...

"Would you like to study in Cebu City?" I didn't know at that time that my answer to this simple question would change the course of my life.

Oh boy, would I? Of course, I would. I was so excited I felt like jumping up and down. As a seven-year-old, I was extremely curious about studying in another place. I've seen my cousins board the boat and it made me wonder what exciting things lay in store out there.

But first I had to pass the entrance examination. Mom's instructions were simple. "Before you take the exam, just pray to God for help."

I remembered praying fervently.

I remembered the exhilarated feeling when I got the news that I passed.

I remembered wondering who this God was who had so kindly helped me fulfill my dream.

No this is not a picture of the ship I took when I first left home.  But pictures of ships like this one remind me of my journeys.

No this is not a picture of the ship I took when I first left home. But pictures of ships like this one remind me of my journeys.

How busy we were then as we prepared for the greatest adventure of my life. I was leaving the safety of my nest. My Mom laboriously stitched my initials on my personal things, like on my underwear which she feared might get lost or interchanged with those of my cousins. She prepared all the things that I might need. From blankets to pillowcases to medicines, clothes and uniforms.

The day I was so excited about finally came. I was going to leave Surigao and live in Cebu! As we waited for our turn to board the boat, my heart began to beat fast. I looked at the huge traveling bag that carried all my things. I glanced at my Mom. Then at my Dad. A wave of homesickness washed over me. I felt it creep into my bones and my heart. I couldn't say anything. It was too late to turn back. I was really going away.

My two cousins were already inside the cabin. I plastered a smile on my face as I said good-bye to the people who loved me. The good-byes were pretty longer than usual. Mom and Dad rattled off some last minute instructions.

"Be a good girl," were Dad's parting words as he patted my head. Then they were gone.

Sometimes you want to turn back. Sometimes you fear the unknown. Sometimes all you want is to be where you are, something that is familiar to you.

Sometimes you want to turn back. Sometimes you fear the unknown. Sometimes all you want is to be where you are, something that is familiar to you.

We were now alone in the cabin. I looked at the bed and sighed inwardly. I suddenly felt weary. I sat in the bunk and stared curiously at my cousins. They were turning their backs on me. I could hear some sniffing. I realized they were crying. And I, too, finally lowered my defenses and let the teardrops fall from my eyes.

I realized then that it was not at all the glamorous life it seemed to be. As the boat drifted away, my mind screamed, "Take me back!" How I wished I could go back. But we were relentlessly moving...moving...moving.

Until now I still get scared before embarking on a journey. You see, I've been travelling a lot. This time not from one place to another but from one experience to another. This time the ship is not just any ordinary ship but an amazing ship called LIFE.

As I sailed through different trips in my life, I realized that the feeling seems quite the same. Fear still lurks deep inside. Always there's that fear of leaving the past behind. There's that reluctance to leave the safety and security of the familiar and plunging into the unknown.

But amongst all the travels I've had, I have felt God's comforting presence. When the seas got rough, the storms disturbing and the winds strong, I knew that things will turn out well if I let God be in charge of the controls. I knew He would never let me down. And surely He will take me safely to my destination.

Now as I look back on that first journey I had, I am reminded of how I am still like that little girl inside. Excited but scared. And as life continues, so will my journeys. One thing is for certain though, I may not know where my next stop will be but I sure know I would want to end up going Home.


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Isn't if funny...that which we are most afraid of, is what thrills us the most?


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 30, 2016:

Most people leave home at some point in their lives and it is most always a step into the unknown. Many people can easily relate to the story you told. At least you had some cousins joining you on that path. :)

poetryman6969 on November 10, 2013:

Nice story. Be blessed!

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on September 22, 2011:

I am glad James that it brought you smiles... :D

jamesofaklan on September 21, 2011:

This piece makes me smile!!!. And you made me feel young once again. Though I am not a girl, I too can relate to your story and inspired me to be more open of myself. Yes, everyone has a true story to tell and one's actual experience is the most honest and inspiring true to life stories for young people to emulate. How lucky we are to have found you amidst the noise and haste in this Universe called Earth. Smile . . .

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on May 08, 2010:

Thank you Aley for dropping by. :)

Alice Lee Martin from Sumner, Washington,USA on April 17, 2010:

This is just lovely. Thanks .....

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on March 13, 2010:

Thank you for sharing it with me. :)

samboiam from Texas on March 12, 2010:

ripplemaker, wow another awesome hub. I am near tears. Thanks for sharing this with us on Hubpages.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on May 25, 2009:

Hi Prasetio, life is interesting. You are right it is! :-)

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on May 25, 2009:

It sound interesting. enjoy our life by traveling. looking different place and different people.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on May 23, 2009:

Hahaha okay sis. I think that would be a great idea! :-) And let's drink to connections, friendships and to life's journeys made beautiful!

Dottie1 from MA, USA on May 23, 2009:

I didn't know this was your very first hub, thanks for sharing that with me Michelle.  Both our first hubs were about our own journeys and there was the connection that brought us together.  God gave me a very nice friend,YOU, to share my journey with and I feel very blessed for that! :)

Good idea, lets invite all our friends in.   I think maybe they can get unbusy long enough for a quick cup of tea.  But for Shirley, I will bring her some wine! LOL.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on May 22, 2009:

Hi Dottie, thanks for visiting my very first hub.  Hahaha It was your "Oh My God, that was beautiful" comment that brought me to your hub.  :-)  I guess I felt you connected with me somehow and that got me curious.  

I also see Violetsun is here LOL And of course, Dayzeebee! Should I invite Shirley, Compu-Smart and our other hubber friends in too? Hahaha But those 3 are quite busy nowadays and I'm happy for them! LOL Keep the projects coming in!!!

Dottie1 from MA, USA on May 22, 2009:

Had to come back and check my comment because of a comment you left in my comments, haha...are you following?  LOL.  So this is where our journey began 17 months ago.  Facinating and I'm still glad I found my way to your hub sis, I believe our journeys have been worthwhile, hugs.... :)

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on January 27, 2009:

Hi ajcor, in chapter 3 yet. LOL cheers too my friend. :-) By the way, you are making me wonder what your journey in life is too. I'm off to read your hubs.

ajcor from NSW. Australia on January 25, 2009:

a beautiful piece of writing ripplemaker - where are you up to with "raised by my father?" ...go well....cheers

In The Doghouse from California on April 27, 2008:


Great title and I am sure the book will be awesome... let me know when you publish. Have a great day.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on April 27, 2008:


I was a very (as in very) fearful child. I was crying a lot. But that was how I found God. I was extremely lonely and that was when I started talking to Him. And He "talked" back. I don't know how I would have gotten through those tough times without Him. I dreamt of being able to write a book about this someday :-) I have a title already, "Raised by My Father." Many thanks for sharing your experience.

In The Doghouse from California on April 26, 2008:


I can't imagine ever going away from your parents at 7 years old! Oh my Heavens... how on earth did you manage? I can't even begin to imagine the fear you must have felt at that departure, so foreign from my own journeys. Life is also a journey, and faith is the replacement of fear,as you have most certainly needed to learn to survive. Thank goodness that no matter where we go, we have a loving Father to watch over us, guide us, and help us make it safely home. On the other hand, I can only imagine the reluctance upon the part of your parents to let you go...surely they knew you would learn and grow and return more experienced. This must be the same feelings our Father has when we leave his presence temporarily. I can only understand in part because of the feelings I felt sending my son away for two years as he served the Lord, by serving a mission for our church. It was hard, but his own development was incredible. Alas, I can only say....7 years old! YIKES.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on March 13, 2008:

Hi VioletSun, thanks so much.

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on January 20, 2008:

Oh, how beautiful, my type of inspirational writing. You write beautifully. Thank you!

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on January 11, 2008:

Thanks Research Analyst. Bubbly is good too :-) hahaha It's a sure ripplemaker!

Research Analyst on January 11, 2008:

I really enjoy reading your hubs, because they are so inspirational. Good Work.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on January 03, 2008:

Dottie, as you embark in your journey know he is with you. :-) Thanks for warming my heart.

Dottie1 from MA, USA on December 28, 2007:

Oh my God, that was beautiful. I'm glad I found my way to your hub.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 21, 2007:

Thanks Mark :-) I wish the same for you.

Mark Knowles on December 21, 2007:

What a great story. I wish you many safe and enlightening journeys.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 20, 2007:

I guess this experience and reflection taught me that indeed all journeys are worthwhile. Thanks so much for all your comments. You have been all part of my journey and I have been so blessed. Kenny, you are so right, like you I too feel secure and comforted knowing we are never alone. God bless you too.

Ashok Rajagopalan from Chennai on December 20, 2007:

I was moved, not only by the story, but by your insights, also. I'm a little boy, too, inside and if I just slip my hand in God's and let Him take me through life, I feel secure.

Thank you very much, and God bless you. 

Khatigo on August 30, 2007:

As always, I pray for you and I am happy to see a more confident person because of decisions you have made in His guidance. Know that he is always just right beside you. As you take your steps in life, know this, he is just a whisper away :) so have no fear. It is our minds that we fear, of the expectations that we have put on our shoulders. Take away the fear and a wonder of surprises await you everytime you take the STEP of life with Him :) Love you! :)

dayzeebee from Cebu, Philippines on August 29, 2007:

I believe this story captures the journey all of us take in this life time. You have a way of expressing thoughts and feelings through a child's eye that is able to tug the heart without trying. The honesty and sincerity comes across in gentle waves. May we journey this earth creating more ripples of change. Godbless!

Rosemary McDougal on August 10, 2007:

Michelle, you have really come a long way. You were once a shy, bashful little girl. Nervous about venturing into things. And look at you now. Prettier than ever, confident and you have found your calling inside. It was really great to see you at the reunion. I wish we had more time. I know our paths will cross again. Enjoy your journey.....

allan on August 10, 2007:

Nice piece! I don’t remember much during my first years in life except three events – the funeral rites of Grandfather Jose Chua Kiang when I was five, my surgery when I was six (Cebu Community Hospital), and my visit to the eye doctor (Cebu) when I was seven, and have been wearing glasses ever since.

Maybe one of these days I will have the time and the drive to write my memoirs. Who knows it might be in the bestsellers list .

alvin on August 09, 2007:

Beautiful story... Beautiful writing. Yes, we are all aboard in this "ship" called life... and yes, we will all go home. God bless your life-journey, Sis. He is always with you through smooth and rough sailing. Enjoy the trip!

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