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An Ancient Helicopter Found in Pyramids

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Ancient Plane?



Estimated to be from a period 500 – 800 BC and found in Pre-Inca archeological sights, gold figurines have been found. These figurines seem to resemble airplanes.

In 1997 researchers built models of some of these figurines. Using exact scales and only adding an engine and propeller, these researchers built remote controlled planes. These models could not only take off and land but could also do aerobatic maneuvers such as: turns, rolls and loops.

In a tomb in Saqquara,Egypt and dating back to about 200BC, a wooden object was found. This object was about 7 inches in length and had what now appears to be swept down wings and a tail.

This object was found in 1898 and as planes did not come into existence until 1903, it was catalogued and stored as a bird.

Many years later, this object was rediscovered in the basement of the Cairo Museum by Dr. Khalil Messiha. Now on closer inspection, the object seems to have, what are now known as, reverse dihedral wings, similar to that of the Concord aircraft and capable of getting tremendous lift.

Ancient Helicopter?



Although some say that this must be proof of alien visitations, others say that perhaps our ancestors new how to build planes. Others of course, the skeptics, say that these mean nothing. They could just be representations of flying animals, such as birds.

Above is a photograph taken in a Temple in Abydos,Egypt. This panel came into view when a newer panel covering it crumbled away.

In the center of the panel can be seen, what appears to be a plane dropping something, a bomb or package.

Just above the plane and to the left, is what appears to be a modern day helicopter.

I now ask the skeptics to enlighten me.

What flying animal does that depict?

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Luke on November 22, 2013:

I believe that this just proves that in the future the ability of time travel is possible. Maybe people in the future are curious about how the pyramids were built and traveled back in time to see how the egyptians did it. The egyptians drew what they saw, maybe it is possible that one or two egyptians saw these aircraft and because not all egyptians saw it they only drew it in small scale and not as larger pictures

Judith L. King on January 15, 2012:

So enlightening...Yes, "extraterrestrials" have and still do visit, and yes, the ancients had technology we could only dream of...All is not what it seems in this world, knowledge exists in grand cycles...Those who skepticize will ALWAYS find a way to explain things away, "cause that's what they do...

natures47friend from Sunny Art Deco Napier, New Zealand. on January 08, 2012:


Makes you think. Up and interesting.

kentuckyslone on July 19, 2011:

Very interesting topic. I believe it is very likely that our "ancient" ancestors knew quite a bit more than we might give them credit for.

froch from Tychy on July 18, 2011:

Huh, It is so amazing! Vote up! ;-)

rafken (author) from The worlds my oyster on July 18, 2011:

A very valid point, some insects are fascinating, do you think that is a tank to the right of the helicopter? Glad to have your comment, I look forward to more, thanks.

Lisa HW from Massachusetts on July 18, 2011:

Interesting Hub. My immediate reaction to the picture was to wonder if the object was modeled after an insect. So many modern-day inventions (or at least aspects of them) have essentially been modeled after the way things work/are in Nature. So many insects and underwater creatures have characteristics/behaviors/abilities that are either exclusive to them, oddly complex for otherwise seemingly simpler life forms, or sometimes just kind of uniquely amazing.

What some insects and underwater creatures can do is, I think, in a lot of ways far more fascinating that what some of the more "usual" creatures of the planet do; so maybe people back then were more inclined to study/model their own creations after the more fascinating creatures. :)

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