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America’s Education System and Poor Government Response to Covid-19 Has Failed Millions of Students Across the Nation

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America’s education system and poor government response to Covid-19 has failed millions of students across the nation. Without context, it sounds like a talking point by government officials at the highest echelons of government. But then reality hits when you see your straight A students report card now failing every class since remote learning had started shattering your beliefs and expectations.

What you thought was working, is indeed not. You thought your student was working diligently each day as you put your trust in them to complete their work, only to then see countless missing assignments since the school year had started.

Technological Struggles

As tech savvy as you are, you struggle juggling all the technology and different processes for each app. Apps for busses, payments, lunch, meetings, homework, grades, notifications, messages, logins that require more logins from other apps only to then remember that last year you deleted your Facebook making "Connectivity" that much more difficult.

You think is this really the new normal? Are my coworkers really having to use their sick time to stay at home with their children only for them to be silently failing? And to think, we’re not better off now than we were 8 months ago. And it is you that feels like a failure, when the reality is, the system has failed you.

A Failed System

You search the Internet overwhelmed for answers coming to the realization that parents across various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds are being met with the same fate; America, has failed its students. And as the end of the semester, trimester, quarter etc. comes to a close it’s not hard to see into the future to see how devastating these implications are on all of us.

If you find yourself in my shoes, just have you know you’re not alone. It’s a topic, in my opinion, that has not gained enough attention and as shocked as I am, I shouldn’t be. As a result, I felt compelled to bring more attention to an issue that really seems buried among the millions of issues we're currently facing today. However, if we don't focus on our future, the days of tomorrow will be that much harder.

Your Not Alone

It certainly may feel that way, that your alone in your struggle to juggle all of your children's educational needs. But, as remote learning continues these issues will continue to be documented and hopefully addressed. I think each city and school district going alone has negatively impacted children across the board, but, those who are more economically disadvantaged will see the greatest declines in educational attainment both now and long term. Our government officials need to create a comprehensive plan on meeting students needs across the spectrum so that all children are able to have their needs met. These are years that kids will never get back, and it's up to us to ensure that we are making the most of a bad situation. Please feel free to share your experience with your child's education since Covid-19 has started below in the comments and the poll below.

Has your family been struggling with remote learning?

Has technology made things easier?

Life since Covid-19

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