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Human Resilience

My people are strong, dedicated, brave Americans who fought for freedom and won.

United States of America in 2022 Might be in Jeopardy

Our country's issues began with the pandemic that spread around the world and back. Fingers began to point to China, as the instigator. However, this is old news and if you were not living in a cave in the mountains--you need not recall this subject.

Americans have lost respect and a feeling of security as our leadership seems to lean far away from running our country by the Constitution of our forefathers.

The world leaders---so we read on the Internet, the news media are saying our president is ill. And I refuse to repeat what they are saying about our President Biden. He seems to make his train of thought fade as he is speaking.

I see him trying very hard--but a president needs people who will back him. However, I have not seen that lately, with the exception of his wife and family.

I pray that our leaders will vote in office to keep America and Americans safe. If things do not improve, I am sorely afraid we are headed for big trouble.

Our Ancestors from Other Countries Made America Their Home


Our Ancestors Died So We Can Live Free

Our country is not just the land of fields of wheat swaying in the breeze. Mountains are majestically beautiful. Pristine mountain rivers, with oceans surrounding us on three sides. Our forests are thick and green with the sweetest smell of freshness after it rains. It is the people who live here.

We are the descendants of the strong pioneers—men and women who travelled here from across the oceans—from other countries to start a new life in a new and undeveloped land.

The Heart of Our Freedom are Our Ancestors

We all walk around talking on our cellphones. With iPods in our hands, we cannot begin to envision the horror and hardships our ancestors endured. It's just to step on this soil for the first time.

Many came as indentured servants or became one in order to get off the ships that landed for various reasons---most of us will never know.

Thanks to Native Americans and Our Ancestors-- America is Resilient

Ancestors who were blacksmiths, clergy, teachers, traders, doctors, farmers, carpenters, and visionaries, all had a hand in making this a place for us. Many died during the first winters until they learned from the Native American Indians how to plant and harvest their crops for the winter months. They built smoke houses for their meat from wild hogs and deer venison. Little steps of determination—John Wayne called it grit. This is what they did for us and more.

We are not descendants of the weak who will flee from the horror of the times we live in. There are insane predators who hate us for no valid reason. Demented predators that have evil minds---and are constantly scheming to destroy Americans. It is simply because we do not believe as they do.

Most of Our Ancestors Went Through Ellis Island

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Free Thinkers--Don't Push Americans

We are a nation of free thinkers and believers who revere our ancestors. We will not become a faultier nation---but a nation that will stand up and protect our country and fight back any enemy who tries to overtake or destroy our heritage. Don’t push Americans---we stand together as a nation---men, women, and children.

Our genes are from the strongest and the bravest---we will overcome any aggressors that are unwise enough to take us on. Our spirit will live on to a new and different time for all our children and grandchildren who carry the genes of our superior ancestors.

God Bless the United States of America

We are the resilient and courageous Americans who have proved it every time we face a conflict on our shores. Americans who are of different races and cultures all join together during times of crisis---we are the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of our nation. Our spirit will not be crushed, nor will it give an inch to evil doers. Americans' resilient spirits will live long after this earth is dust particles in space.

America The Beautiful-Whitney Houston

My Family Tree and its Roots

Years ago, I decided to do my family tree, and I did this by researching so many hours in so many books. I spent a few months in the beginning on, and this gave me my start. I preferred to search on my own—and so I did.

My ancestors came from Germany, Switzerland, and Scotland, with two Native American chiefs thrown in for good measure. Some came in the 1600s through different ports of entry. And many came in the 1700s and crossed America in covered wagons into North and South Carolina.

I am strongly thinking about doing a DNA test sometime in the near future.

I enjoyed doing this and I would recommend it to everyone. I will write more about my ancestors in the future.

The Pilgrims--The American Experience

Do You Know Your Roots?

Finding out your family tree is worthwhile. I found it fascinating, and it answered many questions I wondered about.

I found I have the same birthday as some of my ancestors, and I have a great-great grandmother, and her last name is Valentine. I have written about her many times.

What will you find out? Good Luck!

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