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America and its Alliances: A History of Betrayal

MG is a senior air warrior who is an alumnus of the Staff College and a notable writer on military history.

Betrayal of Chiang

Betrayal of Chiang


The End Of World War 2 saw the rise of the United States as a superpower. This was on the back of the Soviet Army in Europe and the dropping of two atomic bombs and killing over 200000 defenseless civilians in Japan. A brief analysis of the victory in Europe needs a mention for people who are not aware of the facts. The Americans and their allies when they landed at Normandy, faced only sub-standard German divisions numbering just about 150 while the elite German divisions numbering 350 faced the Russians. The victory was on the back of the Russian Army but the Americans benefited. Similarly in the Eastern theatre America won by dropping two atomic bombs. They followed up by applying the justice of the victor and executed the Japanese leadership as war criminals while the American generals who dropped the atomic bombs were not touched.

This was brought out by the Indian member of the Tokyo Tribunal justice Vinod Paul who disagreed with the verdict and demanded that the American generals also be put on trial for war crimes along with the Japanese.

All this is past now and is just a footnote in world history. The important point is that America became the number one power in the world but a series of blunders happened and these have reduced American prestige in the 21st century. It is now facing an economic crisis because of relentless wars and flagrant expenditure in fighting wars all over the globe. The ostensible reason given is that it's a battle for democracy but the purpose is to create vassal states. The Americans forgot that as per Hindu philosophy the god of wealth Kuber also at one time had empty coffers and this could happen to America also as it has not relented from its past mistakes and continues to spend billions of dollars in supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia.

It is worthwhile to discuss the conduct of the American army and political leadership after 1945.

The man who betrayed the Shah

The man who betrayed the Shah

The twentieth century

China was the first Nation where the Americans had to eat humble pie. Throughout the war(1939-45), the Americans supported the Nationalist government led by General Chiang Kai Shek and poured in millions of dollars of weaponry and supplies to bolster the Chiang regime. President Roosevelt always had a representative in China and he authorized a nonstop airlift to the Nationalist army over the Himalayas from airfields in India.

After the defeat of Japan, a civil war began between the Communists led by Mao Tse Tung and the nationalist led by General Chiang. The Americans were on the side of General Chiang, who also had an American wife and they bolstered him with weapons and money. The Civil War lasted four years and General Chiang was defeated and along with his American advisors escaped to Formosa.

The mainland was occupied by the Communists but America refused to recognize the Communists under Mao as the de facto ruler of China and for the next 27 years persisted in the fantasy that there was only one China and that was China led by General Chiang. The Americans had a military alliance with Chiang but in 1972 in what has been called the 'week that shook the world, American President Richard Nixon dumped the Nationalist government and Chiang and reversed their policy. They made overtures to China and accepted the communist regime as the legal government of China and also expelled the nationalist government from the Security Council and replaced it with communist China. They accepted the one-China policy and signed on the dotted line that the communist regime in China was the de facto ruler of China and also accepted that Formosa now called Taiwan is a part of China.

The next battleground is Vietnam where the French had been decisively defeated despite American help. The Americans stepped in and under Eisenhower and Johnson came to the aid of the South Vietnamese. The battle lasted nine years and at one time the Americans had almost 550,000 troops in Vietnam victory eluded them but in a desperate attempt an incident called the Tonkin Gulf incident was engineered with the approval of President Johnson and the Americas began a systematic bombing of North Vietnam. iI lasted for 4 to 5 years and the B-52 long-range strike bombers were used to bomb Vietnam.

A cease-fire was hammered out and America signed a defense pact with South Vietnam to defend them against the North. the American people varied by continuing fruitless war and when North Vietnam finally launched their offensive against south Vietnam the Americans never returned and at the critical moment, South Vietnam was left at the mercy of the North Vietnamese who gobbled it up.

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Then came the 1971 war between India and Pakistan and the Indian army began to make relentless advances against the Pakistan army in East Pakistan. President Yahiya Khan invoked the mutual defense pact with America and asked for American troops and help to stop the Indian advance. Richard Nixon sat on the request for days together and after consultation with the American general staff decided not to physically intervene in East Pakistan. This was also because the Russian nuclear submarines had tacked the long American fleet and the total of all this was that America did nothing to help Pakistan and the country broke into two.

One cannot forget the fate of the Shah of Iran who was left in the lurch. The true story is that declassified documents show that Carter's administration secretly conspired with US military officials to oust Shah at the time. He was not even allowed to come to the USA and the poor man died in Egypt.

Paris agitation o leave NATO

Paris agitation o leave NATO

21st Century

The Americans next fought a long war of almost 19 years in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, all the events are well documented and the Americans under Joe Biden finally retreated from Afghanistan which is often referred to as the mother of all retreats.

They left behind the government and fled with just their uniforms which they were wearing. Millions of dollars worth of military equipment were left in the hands of the Taliban which they are using today. In Iraq and Libya, the Americans fought and removed two men Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, who were bulwarks against Islamic extremism and Al-Qaeda. The purpose of removing these two readers boomeranged badly on the Americans and led to the rise of ISIS. The situation in these countries is extremely unstable and America is a persona non-grata in both Iraq and Libya. No American can walk the streets of Baghdad alone for fear of being stabbed and killed.

The Americans have now turned their attention to Ukraine and Russia. Despite promises to the Russians not to expand NATO eastwards, the Americans from the time of Bill Clinton started doing precisely the same thing. The aim was once again to create vassal states in Europe and keep Russia perpetually weak for the next hundred years.

The result is that Russia invaded Ukraine and Americans are flying weapons and equipment and feeding the flames but despite all talk and bravado, Ukrainians have lost 20% of the territory and as per the reports are facing a barrage of missiles and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities.

It is a matter of time before the final battle is fought. The situation is very bad because in case there is a Russian nuclear strike and the West responds it could well be Armageddon which has been mentioned in the Bible and will lead to the destruction of the West and America.

As it is, the western countries are in dire economic straits because of self-inflicted injury by trying to contain Russia. The Russians have stopped the supply of gas and oil and there's inflation and rising prices all over Western Europe.

Last word

The British economy has tanked and violent agitations in France are ongoing to withdraw from NATO as reported in the press. In Italy, a right-wing government also wants to be out of NATO. In America, there is inflation and rising prices of gas and I don't think the American people are happy. All this has happened because the Americans are funding the war in Ukraine with millions of dollars. Will the Americans stand by Ukraine and fight? your guess is as good as mine but history shows that America has betrayed every country and I do not expect that Ukraine will be any different.

In the long pantheon of American presidents after 1945, the only man who showed realism was Donald Trump and he has unfortunately been defeated by a combination of circumstances and fraud and voted out of power. The only saving grace is in case he returns back in 2024 but that's another story.

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