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An Amazing Hand-Held Healing Device Developed by Russia for Use in Space and Found to Have Other Incredible Power.

A retired pharmaceutical and industrial chemist, author and historian specialising in military events.

Variation of a Scenar handset

Variation of a Scenar handset

Scenar used in abdominal area

Scenar used in abdominal area

Scenar therapy

Scenar therapy

Veterinary use of Scenar

Veterinary use of Scenar

Article in Daily Mail re Scenar used in space

Article in Daily Mail re Scenar used in space

Complete Scenar kit

Complete Scenar kit

Current device

Current device

Graph of ear treatment using device

Graph of ear treatment using device


Секрет красоты, натуральная косметика, уход, здравоохранения и боль помощи

(The secret of beauty, natural cosmetics, grooming, health and pain relief)

I was going through some old records the other day when I came across some notes, dating back to 1973, about a healing device created by the Russians, in secret, for use in their fledgling space programme and the Cold War. The idea was to devise a single electronic biofeedback instrument to stimulate the body into a radical self-healing sequence. This would be non-invasive and require no drugs, just the body’s own known ability to self-heal.

I have never seen this in operation or read any recent reports of its use, so it seemed worthwhile spending a little time to investigate further. The following is based on information I could find and is rather startling.

It is known as The Kosmed Treatment System, "Kosmed" for short and represents a breakthrough in stimulating non-invasively, the human body into self-healing. The Kosmed is a small hand-held device and is powered by a 9V battery; it has a small bi-polar electrode which contacts the body via the skin. It works by sending low-energy, nerve-like electronic impulses. These impulses are received by the central nervous system, which then releases a variety of neuropeptides, and if there are any problems the skin will react dramatically changing colour or texture which can be interpreted by the operator or from the instruction book that comes with the device.

The device having detected the problem advises the brain via the nervous system and stimulates the body into using its own self-repair system to cure the problem. This is done by stimulating the C-fibres in the neural network which are responsible for maintenance of the cells and releasing the proteins (neuropeptides) that will carry out the healing. The Russians discovered that this special release, once it has carried out the repair will disband and everything returns to normal.

The effects of treatment are rapid and long lasting. They not only deal with the original symptoms, but assist in improving the overall body condition. Strangely a common "side-effect" is that it may also deal with other disorders often bringing about a cure for conditions previously regarded as hopeless and incurable.

The following statistics, provided by Russian practitioners, indicate major positive results using the Kosmed technology in the following categories of disorders (percentages are "absolute recoveries" claimed) - musculo-skeletal (79%); circulatory (82%); respiratory (84%); gastrointestinal (93%); male genitourinary (89%); female genitourinary & obstetrics (78%); central nervous system (81%); ear & mastoid (82%); eye & adnexa (93%); mouth, salivary glands & jaw (91%).

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I am quoting these figures as published and have no verification for them.

In about 1999/2000 the Kosmed device was approved by the UK health authorities but for pain relief only and underwent hospital trials. At this stage it was renamed Scenar (self controlled energo neuro adaptive regulation) and I understand it is now manufactured in Holland. Although for pain relief only, stories circulate of astonishing cures to cysts, blood vessels and even old scars, but, of course, such cures cannot be verified or documented. What is known, however, is that patients can recover up to 70% faster by interacting directly with one of the main control mechanisms of the human body: neural responses by using Scenar technology.

In addition it has been cleared for the management of pain and for muscle relaxation by the FDA Health Canada and CE.

RITM OKB Zao, who are the pioneers of the genuine RITM SCENAR® & Kosmed International devices have introduced the next generation of this electrotherapeutic medical technology. As previously made in the Netherlands since 2001 by Kosmed International and CE cleared - this has been the device of choice for thousands of Health Care Professionals, willing to use the bodies own self heal ability.

Their advertising literature makes the following statement:

The power of Scenar is in its combination of constant, inter-active communication (helping the body to re-examine areas that are out of balance) and its intensity (pushing the body for fresh responses every second). Yet it remains gentle and non-invasive.

If you have symptoms that just won't go away, and your GP (and maybe other therapists) have already tried their best, there is still an excellent chance that Scenar can help you. It is outstanding at removing pain, and restoring lost functions. Even with conditions that started years ago, and at breath-taking speed with recent injuries.”

IMPORTANT NOTE :The machine appears totally safe with no reports of side-effects in over 30 years of use. The only known major contra-indication for Scenar is cardiac pace makers and internal defibrillators and it must not be used if you have one of these fitted.(which I do!)

From its original development by scientists and doctors in Russia, SCENAR is now claimed to be used routinely in Russian hospitals, by doctors and athletes. SCENAR has been proven very effective for relief of pain, including neck/back pain, whiplash, aching joints, sports injuries, fractures, arthritis, RSI, headaches, IBS, and sciatica; as well as for cosmetic treatments. It also can increase energy, aid sleep, improve sense of well-being and support immune function.

The device is available new but is really quite expensive, however look at:

RITM SCENAR (European version) is sold with a Pacific Health Options Certified Training Course, 2 yr warranty, leather case, comprehensive PHO Level 1 manual and comprehensive customer service. As a guide the price in August 2016 is in the region of $4200 (£3205) (although Amazon have it listed in the £2000 area) but I have no connection with the company and must suggest you contact them or their agents directly.

There is documentary patient history of successful use in the following conditions:

Parkinson's Disease, Treatment of scar tissue, Bronchial asthma, Bilateral purulent maxillary sinusitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cerebellar Ataxia, Chronic lower back pain, Peptic Duodenal ulcer, Chronic pain, Acute gastritis, Osteoarthritis, Lacunar tonsillitis, Catarrhal otitis, Anxiety and digestive conditions, Muscular Dystrophy, Pain in legs and lower back, Pain in neck, shoulder, arm, Acute post-traumatic pain in shoulder, Glaucoma, thyroidectomy, fatigue, Cancer, Facial paralysis, eczema, arthritis, Fall / Bruised and cut hands, 11 month old child with eye condition, Trophic ulcer, Infertility, Burns, Neck, laryngitis, Animal treatment (dog leg), Hepatitis C, Insomnia, allergic rhinitis, Muscle spasm, Injury to the lip, teeth, gums and jawbone, Back sports injury, Shoulder sports injury, loss of mobility, Broken wrist, Chest infection, cold, Shortness of breath, coughing, Postoperative treatment (cataract removal), Poisoning, Repetitive Strain Injury, Chemical burn of the eye, Chorea, Benign growth and uterine problems, Acne, Foot pain, Broken ankle, Acute allergic reaction, Rheumatoid arthritis with complications, Problems and treatment of diabetes, Cranio cerebral injury: brain contusion, Hyperplasia of thyroid gland, Chronic pyelonephritis, acute condition.

If half of what is claimed is true then the saving to the nation in monetary terms alone would be measured in billions but, more importantly, health and welfare would be dramatically improved. I will continue to research this apparently amazing device and write further reports as the information arises.

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© 2012 Peter Geekie


Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on July 14, 2017:

Dear Trevor

Scenar is now widely used in pain clinic although its other benefits are still acknowledged. It can now be used effectively by people with no medical training. The wider use has resulted in a reduction in price and various models range from us$900 to 1250.

Mostly Scenar is used in clinics rather than at home to avoid the large cost outlay.

kind regards Peter

Trevor on July 12, 2017:

Any further news on this device and its uses, price and availability?

Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on May 01, 2015:

Dear Gavrilescu

I don't know which country you live in but treatment using the Scenar is available at certain clinics in the USA and Europe. The machines are expensive to buy but a course of treatment should be affordable.

kind regards Peter

Gavrilescu Antonie on May 01, 2015:

Shop Devices

  what should I do?

Zapper_Dave on November 02, 2013:

Another form of pulsed electric field device is the ParaZapper. information is at and zappers are at

Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on November 01, 2012:

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for your comments. Sounds like the Acutron works on a similar but more simplified principle and would be great for a specific purpose such as whiplash. I will have a look at the spec.

kind regards Peter

Cynthia Zirkwitz from Vancouver Island, Canada on October 31, 2012:

Thank you for reviewing this Peter. For many years we have been using a little gadget called an Acutron that I came across when I had insufferable whiplash and nothing else helped to assuage the pain. It sends an electronic pulse along the meridians, as I understand it, and 'unblocks' them. You apply the point to the various acupressure points (shown in a book) and do a regular pulse of electricity. This machine has been very helpful to us for a number of ailments, particularly pain. Thank you for your review-- marking you up and tweeting! ~Cynthia

Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on October 14, 2012:

Dear Sue,

They seem to be a fantastic machine, in the right hands. I understand there are clinics in the USA and Europe that can offer healing sessions using one.

Kind regards Peter

Susan Bailey from South Yorkshire, UK on October 14, 2012:

Wow! I think I need one of these for so many reasons.

marina091 from Delaware, USA on July 22, 2012:

Improved version of Russian healing device available in American market, and it is covered by insurance in qualified cases with chronic pain: Cancer patients, people with arthritis, etc. use it at home, not only in medical offices. I'll be glad if this information hepl somebody. I'll write a post.

Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on June 21, 2012:

Dear Bedbugabscond

As I mentioned in the article the Russians have been developing this since the early 1970s and use it quite routinely in their hospitals. I'm sure the version that has been released is probably several generations old and the current machines capabilities are even greater than we suspect. In the UK we only know, officially, of how well it works as a pain killer but I'm quite sure the "grey men" have tested it much further and undoubtedly it's all hidden under the official secrets act !!

Kind regards Peter

Melody Collins from United States on June 12, 2012:

Hrm, well if they could develop this and it has the potential to do what they say, then why couldn't it become a medical specialty. I am going to be a radiographer, that is a specialty. You have to get more training to do ct and MRI. Pulmonary can be a specialty. They could make a specialty like those where a person could get educated on how to use it. I really wish they would develop this fully!

Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on June 11, 2012:

Thanks Bedbugabscond

Yes I'm turning up more info and as you have seen from ads on this hub you can buy one for home use (albeit fairly expensive). My concern here is that from the original Russian research back in the 1970s it requires quite a degree of expertise to interpret the readings and move the stimulating contacts to exactly where they are needed.

Russia and Czech Republic have this off to a fine art but the UK still only licences it for pain relief via our NHS.

Kind regards Peter

Melody Collins from United States on June 11, 2012:

Wow, that is pretty incredible. Tapping in to the bodies self healing mechanisms is a fantastic idea. I am surprised something like this is not more well known. I did a few Google searches, and it looks like they have a Scenar for zoo animals, too.

Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on June 10, 2012:

Dear Lipnancy

Yes I find it very interesting also and am gradually putting more info together. Because it is only licenced for pain relief in UK health service any other info tends to be anecdotal but from what I can glean it's like the article there seems to be other startling unexplained positive effects also.

I will update as I get info.

kind regards peter

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on June 10, 2012:

As a practicing healer, I found your article very interesting. Please keep us updated.

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