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The Teaching Profession

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An Apple and pencil on book

Apple and pencil on book

Apple and pencil on book

Effective teaching practices

1 The teacher should be well organized; this includes work schedule, curriculum, assignments and class work.

2 Preparation is very important, the notes and chapters to be tough or reviewed should be prepared before each class room session.

3 Elucidate topics for the students so it is easy to understand

4 Establish contextual material and make clear the course objective

5 Contrast various theories and explain ideas, concepts and reason behind a subject matter

6 The teacher should be dynamic on hands and approachable

7 Personality counts in the teaching profession

8 Show excitement on the subject matter, this could infuse a sense of curiosity in the students

9 Encourage independent thought and help brilliant students excel

10 A teacher must be a good public speaker in order to effectively communicate with the pupils

11 A good teacher should leave room for personal self development, improvement and greater knowledge of the subject he teaches

12 A teacher can be witty humorous, eager to teach and effective

13 Constant evaluation of his students is very important

All about the Teaching profession

Teaching profession

Teachers are the windows to the world by preparing their students through learning for greater achievement; they equip the student so they are able to function in a fast changing world. Because of the lessons they learn they are guided throughout their lives either directly or indirectly thereby emphasizing the general impotence of the teaching profession. For Teachers to be successful in their profession they need to imbibe some of the characteristics and practices highlighted bellow.


A good teacher should have an engaging personality; he should be able to impact knowledge on his pupils with the minimum of effort. Having good interpersonal trust with his students goes a long way in building the students confidence, allowing them the need to ask questions and grow academically, being attentive to the needs aspirations and questions about a subject matter helps the teacher asses each students strengths and weaknesses. By organizing discussion groups the teacher successfully engages the student through interactive participation.

The teacher should have good communication with his students without communication and feedback the teacher may find it difficult assess the students, by personally taking interest in each student understanding their problems would help them perform better in the chosen subject.

Having a clear objective

The teacher should have a clear objective of what he wants to achieve during the term, how much of the syllabus, work material can be covered effectively with certain periods, by establishing priorities the curriculum could be covered effectively to the benefit of his class. Working hard to cover the curriculum through set lessons, tests and assignments will help the student excel in the subject matter.

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The class room is not a theater but a serious learning environment so teachers most instill discipline in his wards so as to work together towards better knowledge, the teacher should be an example for the student through disciplined behavior so students can emulate such character in their daily lives.

Classroom management

To impact knowledge the hall or class room should be properly organized and managed, having good classroom management skills is important for effective learning, student behavior antecedents and character should be properly managed. Inculcate effective work ethics in the students, discipline and a sense of respect to the teacher’s authority. Troublesome students should be properly sanctioned and disciplined so as to control the balance of the teacher’s leadership.


The teacher should view each student as great potential, learning is about knowledge and the way the knowledge is explained to students- almost every student has the capacity to learn so the challenge for the teacher is finding each students capacity and encouraging them to success. Having high expectations from your class and encouraging the work with positive reinforcement can produce good grades so the students get the best out of the class.

Pass Any Certification Exam


The teacher as said above should endeavor to effectively cover the curriculum in other to give the student a great advantage of passing any provisional examination, the curriculum is there as a guide to pinpoint the study areas needed to understand the subject effectively, the teacher should have a thorough knowledge of the curriculum, the subject with well explained lessons complete with homework revisions, tests, assignments and discussion groups. Regular assessment would pinpoint students that need extra work.

Having adequate knowledge of the subject matter is necessary if the subject is to be understood by the pupils, using teaching aids, pictures, graphs and charts would further elucidate the subject matter to the students, so a good grasp of the subject by the teacher is of utmost importance.

A teacher and students

A teacher and her students

A teacher and her students

Down side of teaching

Teachers work in a stressful environment that requires constant preparation of lessons, grading, time keeping and public speaking, some go through periods of depression due to the demands of their job, other grapple with poor wages, inadequate healthcare and long distances to work place. They share in the agony, failure of students after major examinations, and could even have there competence under scrutiny.

Teaching is an importance service to humanity, without teachers mankind would be unable to advance by sharing knowledge to new generations. It can be a lonely occupation but the reward for teachers is the success of the young minds they are able to build.

Mistakes teachers make

In an interactive classroom setting allowing responses to questions by the same individuals should be discouraged, the class as a whole should participate in the question and answered session, for the teacher to pinpoint those who haven’t gotten a grasp of the subject. Lesson notes are important for effective learning, reducing visual presentations to the minimum is advisable.

Providing the student a variety of platforms where interactions are needed is very important, presentation can be done in multimedia, graphs, slides, discussions, group work, Mistakes teachers make is to dwell only on the written word without using other also effective teaching aids. Another pitfall for teachers is when they fail to establish relevance is unable to motivate without reference to individual students experiences, interests, desires and academic goals.

Using the same technique of teaching year in year out can be really boring, teachers should always try to reinvent themselves in order to get the best out of their students, continuously challenging oneself leaves room for improvement.

Teachers should plan their lessons

A lesson plan is a guide to better manage the study environment, taking account of the dynamic of change in each lecture or classroom, it ensures that adequate preparation organization and thought has gone into each lesson, the strategy and methods employed in the class works well when the teacher has a lesson plan


The plan is guided by content which is written in a way students can easily understand the lecture, the content should be factual, to the point interesting engaging and accurate, there is everything wrong in serving up a half cocked meal.


The assignments or subject matter should be delivered to the students in a predetermined manner, the sequence of teaching the subject is very important you can jump to the real technical aspect without going through the foundation levels first, proper sequencing gives the student a good grasp of what is taught.


The teacher should fashion the lesson plan to make adequate use of the time allotted to each subject, without planning the course properly the teacher is unable to deliver effective material to his students, time management is very important.


Evaluating the class through targeted tasks reveal the deficiency or week areas of each individual or the class as a whole, regular assignments and homework, developing a highly structured lesson plan take into consideration other important elements. An effective lesson plan should be objective, have well researched material, should be presented in a sequential way, be time conscious and have regular assessment and evaluation of the students.

A normal Classroom Setting

A normal classroom setting

A normal classroom setting

How to develop teaching skills

Teaching is a noble profession and anyone that professes the love for the art should strive to improve on his teaching skill daily, regular self analysis, review of subject and discipline will enhance the teacher’s skill. The use of props, teaching aids and deep knowledge of the subject will easily translate to effective dissemination and understanding of the subject by the students.

Some teachers have been blessed with natural ability that complements their work, natural ability is not enough without developing the technique, delivery and well put together assignments. Being updated regularly with current practices and techniques can only help improve on the teacher’s method of communication which in turn translates to higher grades of the pupils.

Some other factors that contribute to success as teachers are using repetition, regular tests proper interaction, others are appearance, patience, method of delivery, a comprehensive interpretation of the syllabus and encouragement of students showing them their full potential.

Problems associated with hiring unqualified teacher

Using unqualified teaching staff can cause serious problems for an institution and is a great disservice to the students who need tutoring, in most countries there are very strict regulations guide the hiring of teachers. Where under qualified staff are used the school would be faced with several negative effect that arise form taking on such teachers, some of the problems are;

1 The teachers would have difficulty organizing the subject syllabus

2 Limited experience narrows the teaching skill

3 Lacking knowledge and techniques to properly evaluation students

4 The teacher would probably have poor grasp of the subject matter

5 The teacher may be lacking in confidence

6 Would probably make avoidable errors

7 The academic standard would be greatly inadequate


Teaching is a tough profession that requires a lot of investment in time and preparation, the goal of the teacher is to pass on knowledge to the students to help them expand their knowledge of the world around them. The qualities of a good teacher is good knowledge of the subject taught which must be complemented with regular training, without which the knowledge passed on to the students is inadequate and substandard.

The teacher should be a good manager of the classroom environment, managing the classroom does not have to do with only teaching but could involve other things like proper hygiene, punctuality both on the side of teacher and student and proper reprimand of erring student. The teachers should ensure that the students at the right time cover the syllabus effectively before any major or national examination; the teacher although strict should also have a listening ear and encourage his wards to greater heights.

Making lectures interesting interactive and fun would get the best out of the students. The teaching profession is not for everyone it takes time discipline, long hours and average paychecks but the greatest satisfaction to a true teacher is seeing the student attain great heights of achievement in the society.

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Mohamed on February 23, 2015:

We dispersed Toshiba Portege M200's to about 20 tecahers last year. Those batteries last about 2-3 hrs. This year, we're going to be using Fujitsu LifeBook Tablet PC which we got with an extra battery and a CD/DVD drive. I used it at NECC for a 1/2 day workshop + and it lasted the 6 hours. Great solution for use in very old buildings w/o elec. 2 grades or 175 students will be using them in Sept. They don't get too hot.It's just amazing what you can do with the tablet PC - very much everything you can with an interactive whiteboard. We have some wireless projectors as well which allow the teacher to show a student's work on the screen as well as the teacher's. Students love to be in the spotlight and they strive to excel. We have at least 1 projector and a pulldown screen in each classroom - some are connected to a DVD/VCR. Wireless access points are in the many buildings thruout the campus k-12. More than 50 tecahers now have tablet PCs with CD/DVD drives so they don't need a separate player. We have 4 computer labs - 1 used primarily for a language lab both via tape recorders and computers w CDs. We are training the tecahers on how to use the Tablets (and this sometimes means very basic use) but they come away from the 3 1/2-days of training with excitement and confidence that they know how to use the Tablet and now are ready to prepare their lessons. Several new digital cameras and older Compaq tablets are available for checkout from the library primarily for use on campus but sometimes the students take it to a Watershed site to take pictures for their projects etc. We also have a help desk - mostly me - who is available to answer their questions right then and there. Or they can come to the Computer Room, where I walk them thru the solution. New technology is great, but there has to be support behind it.

femi (author) from Nigeria on February 27, 2014:

Thanks ChitrangadaSharan for the comment both parents were teachers and principles for several years and i observed how much they loved the profession.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on February 27, 2014:

This is such an impressive hub and you have pointed out the qualities, a teacher should possess really well. It is a profession, which needs lot of dedication, commitment and patience. I can relate to it, being myself from the same profession.

Thanks and well done! Voted up as useful!

Al Wordlaw from Chicago on December 01, 2013:

This is a very great hub. This deserves very high accolades. Thank you

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