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Albert, Wernher and Joe, Not My Favorite Guys, And Reasons Why

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

The late Albert Einstein, the Father of The Theory of Relativity.

The late Albert Einstein, the Father of The Theory of Relativity.

Let’s Talk Super Brain Power

We can start the talk with Albert Einstein a German-born theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest andmost influential physicists of all time. Einstein is best known for developing the theory of relativity, (E = mc2) and he also made important contributions to the development of the theory of quantum mechanics. Einstein’s I.Q. was 160. No wonder that he was so intelligent.

Then came Warner von Braun. What does he contribute to this conversation? Wernher von Braun’s IQ was180. He designed the V-2 rockets, the missiles Nazi Germany launched toward England during World War II. Then in 1969, a rocket designed by von Braun carried American astronauts to the Moon. Again, no wonder that he was so smart. And with all probability, he was best friends with Einstein. I know that if I had lived in this era with such wisdom, I would want to associate with every intelligent person on the block.

This is not a very long hub. No reason to be lengthy when the sum of the hub can be read in two sections. I’ve already worked on the hard part of compiling the brief history of Einstein and von Braun. Still, I am so in awe of these men who still impress numerous mindsets of upper-thinking about things only Einstein and von Braun can comprehend.

There is no factual list of accomplishments Einstein and von Braun enjoyed in this life. Both were driven to be the best at their chosen fields of study. And there to solidity all of the facts about these very intelligent men, I can stand on faith and share that I have admired these guys for years. But it’s a matter of envy, not admiration that much. I gauge myself and my I.Q. against these two men of genius-I.Q.’s and then I hang my head in shame. Then I let-out a laugh that only a hyena could love. Why? Well if you inspected my life closely, on every detail, then you would understand.

Einstein Talks Theory of Relativity.

I do not, and did not, possess such an I.Q. as Einstein and von Braun did. Yes, this was a big point of envy for me when I was finishing my 12 years of high school, and the more I studied these men, the more inadequate I became. I also fell into a serious level of depression and I also knew that I was not the only one who shared this affliction. It’s rampant even in 2022.

Experts say that there are ways to “cure” us of this “black monster” who has no heart, but we can deal with it and live normal lives, but honestly, I have not found it. Obviously, Einstein and von Braun never met such a monster as I have described. Of course I am guessing, but what reason does these great thinkers have to be depressed about?

The two of them, and more like them, could have conquered the world of afforded the chance. Fact: Adolph Hitler almost conquered the world and he did not have such a sparkling I.Q. So that tells me that Einstein and von Braun were blessed. Really blessed with the gift of high intelligence. There is no proof that this statement is not true.

Now to cross that bridge from admiration to reality and I suppose that the one burning question might be: Ken, why didn’t you want to meet Einstein and von Braun? Easy to answer. And may I add that this question and answer includes thousands, maybe millions, who share my pain. I did not want to meet these movers and shakers of our world is simple: I did not fit into their circles of wisdom. There is no way that I could have stood on my feet and been considered their equal. NO! And while this may be sad, still it is the truth.

Imagine if you will, how it would have felt to stand in my shoes and be in the company of these special guys while attending a social get-together to mesh with other men and women with superior I.Q,’s and no one dared to speak to you? This, my friends, is the truth and it this event had happened, it would have not been recorded in the annals of human history, but it would have been burned into my memory. Yes, sir.

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When you are not included with any group of people, average, above average and superior minds, you cannot offer any sensible statement or question that would validate your presence in their company. Briefly and sadly, I like you, would be thought of and treated like an outcast. Oh, not in the poetic sense, but a quietly-truth shared with other folks with a genius mind. I wonder which is more depressed.

I have loved to be included. So have you. Included to me means you are thought of as a viable, living human species and a breathing life form that eats, moves and talks like other humans.

Wernher von Braun, creator of the Saturn V Rocket.

Wernher von Braun, creator of the Saturn V Rocket.

Joseph “”Willie,” William Namath born May 31, 1943 was a former American football quarterback who played in the American Football League (AFL) and National Football League (NFL) for 13 seasons, first with the New York Jets. His contract (at the time was $600,000 per year and the biggest contract also at the time). He played college football at Alabama, the Crimson Tide, where he won the national championship as a senior, and was selected by the Jets first overall in the 1965 AFL Draft. During his five AFL seasons, he was a two-time MVP and twice led the league in passing yards, while leading the Jets to win one AFL championship and one Super Bowl. Both victories remain the Jets' only championships. Following the 1970 AFL–NFL merger, Namath joined the NFL with the Jets, where he was the league's passing yards and touchdowns leader during the 1972 season. The main reason that I would not have liked or admired him is the fact that some people are just too cool for their own good. Namath fits that perfectly.

And if I were to meet him at a popular, swinging party, he would not talk to a rural simp like me, born and raised in rural northwest Alabama. And Namath’s cool, intimidating, and limited speech, would only say, “Heyyy, what log did you roll out from? Haw haw?” Or, “Are you the waiter or just trying to sell something here? Haw! Haw!”

Namath could cut you with his sharp words while smiling his cheesy smile.

And as for these THREE men and their I.Q.’s and world-wide popularity . . .

Would I ever be considered intelligent as Einstein and von Braun and cool as Namath? Well, here we are in 2022 . . . and I am still trying to find these answers to the two questions.

Wernher Shares His Wisdom About Outer Space.

I sure couldn't overlook Joe Namath.

I sure couldn't overlook Joe Namath.

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