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Agricultural Education Is Important and Necessary in Modern Times.

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I am an English Writer. Today we are focusing some light on agriculture knowledge because we are celebrating 1st July as Agricultural Day.

The Pioneer Of Agricultural Revolution Is Vasantraoji Naik,

Vasantraoji Naik was the forerunner of the agricultural revolution and the father of the Panchayat Raj.

Vasantraoji Naik was the forerunner of the agricultural revolution and the father of the Panchayat Raj.

Today we are celebrating Vasantrao Naik's Jayanti. Vasantraoji Naik was the forerunner of the agricultural revolution and the father of the Panchayat Raj. He has made incomparable contribution in the field of agriculture. Therefore, today is celebrated as 'Maharashtra Agriculture Day'. Maharashtra got the longest leadership of Vasantrao Naik. He was an excellent administrator, popular leader, savior of the underprivileged, and a champion of the peasantry. He was also the pioneer of the Maharashtra Agro-Industrial Revolution. 'Krishi Din' is celebrated all over India on 1st July to commemorate the work of Vasantrao Naik.

His work was to inspire the younger generation. Vasantrao Naik was influenced by the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, Jyotirao Phule, Babasaheb Ambedkar. His role models were Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri. He was always concerned about the progress of the farmers. He thought that the country would prosper only if farmer made progress.

All of you know that, water and electricity are very important for the agricultural industry. Large scale projects need to be set up for the overall development of agriculture. Vasantraoji Naik made invaluable contribution by considering water and electricity as the source of development in the field. He made many important decisions with the common farmers at the center of the country. Vasantraoji Naik worked hard on how to increase farm production.

Everyone knows this, India is an agricultural country. Even today, about 60 to 65% of the people in the country and in Maharashtra depend on agriculture. The livelihood of the people in the rural areas depends on agriculture and field. About 67 lakh farming families in Maharashtra have only one hectare of land. There are forty lakh farming families have an area of ​​one to two hectares of land. There are about 22 lakh farmers with an area of ​​two to four hectares. There are seven lakh farmers have an area of ​​4 to 10 hectares and very few farmers have more than 10 hectares of land. Much of this area is dependent on rainwater. So there is no guarantee of getting a guaranteed product from the field. Due to limited land area and lack of irrigation facilities, it is necessary to consider how to get more production from this area. It is possible to increase agricultural production through the joint efforts of farmers and the government.

Every business requires the necessary scientific knowledge about that business.

Every business requires the necessary scientific knowledge about that business.

Agricultural Knowledge Is Most Important

Most of the agricultural production depends on the required cultivation of the farm, proper and timely use of various inputs. Capital, irrigation system and other agricultural inputs are important for increasing agricultural production. Therefore, improved seeds, fertilizers, crop pests and pesticides can be made available for sowing. But, apart from the above agricultural inputs, important and necessary agricultural inputs are agricultural technology. Agricultural researchers in the country as well as in Maharashtra have made it possible through study and special efforts to make available improved agricultural technology in various fields. It is improved varieties of crops, fertilizer quantities, sowing methods, irrigation systems, water management, indoor cultivation, crop protection, land cultivation, improved tools and machinery and other agricultural related technology have been made available through research. Also, a large number of useful agricultural technologies are available today for various crops, vegetables, fruits, floriculture, animal husbandry, fodder crops and mechanical farming.

Maharashtra University of Agriculture is constantly researching on improved agricultural technology. Universities and agricultural colleges are being promoted and disseminated by the Department of Agriculture to make farmers aware of agricultural technology and to use agricultural products using the available agricultural technology. There are various mediums being used for this. Efforts are underway to train farmers in agricultural technology. If children who want to get education in rural areas get agricultural education, it will definitely benefit them.

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Every business requires the necessary scientific knowledge about that business. It has been proven that the knowledge and information gained through education is definitely used for success. Today education facilities are available in various fields like medical, engineering, animal husbandry. The knowledge gained in this field as well as the technology is being used successfully. Technology in every field is based on science. Science and technology are intertwined. Knowledge and scientific knowledge related to that field is important when using technology. The agribusiness is based on science and art. Therefore, it is very important for the farmer to know the science of agriculture and its skills.

Every farmer should have crop planning for growing highest production.

Every farmer should have crop planning for growing highest production.

Crop Planning Is Necessary

Through scientific knowledge we explore the relationship between cause and effect. If a person has an illness, doctors find out the cause of the illness and treat it. There are a number of factors in the agribusiness that can be addressed by considering the causes and effects.

Agricultural production depends on the nutrients in the soil. When fertilizers are applied, the required components are given to the crop keeping in view the quantity available. The amount of fertilizer is fixed. Crop planning needs to be done by studying the type of soil. It is necessary to irrigate the crops by studying the water requirement of the crops. It is important to protect the crop from pests and diseases by observing the symptoms. All of this requires knowledge of the agricultural branch. For this, students from farming families need to be educated about agriculture. So there will definitely be an increase in agricultural production.

Generally, a village with a population of 1000 to 1500 needs 2 to 3 highly educated doctors for health. Also, if three to four agricultural graduates are farming on their own, their knowledge and experience will definitely benefit the farmers in the village. Farming needs to be planned according to the season. Because today's climate has changed so much. This requires knowledge of agriculture. Farmers will definitely benefit in their business if the agronomist works as an agricultural guide and consultant in rural areas.

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