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Agartha Land of Love

Agartha Map

This map shows Agartha in the center with four rivers leading outwards, perhaps the true source of the Garden of Eden.

This map shows Agartha in the center with four rivers leading outwards, perhaps the true source of the Garden of Eden.

Mariana Stjerna


I first wrote about the Hollow Earth subject back in September of 2011, when I wrote the article Hollow Earth Greatest Secret of All Time . . . or is it? (which has garnered 6,043 page views to date). Back then when I Googled the topic I got a little over 3 million hits, this time when I again Googled it I got over 22 million hits. Obviously there is a great deal more interest in the subject in just two years, showing that humanity is warming to the concept. In this article Agartha Land of Love I will explore with my readers what I have learned since then, share with them numerous links, books and videos and describe how the citizens on the surface will benefit from our neighbors down under.

I just finished the book Agartha The Earth's Inner World transcribed (channeled) by Mariana Stjerna in 2013, which it describes in a novel format the experiences of a young man shipwrecked off the coast Seattle, Washington and rescued by an inner Earth inhabitant. The book doesn't go into great detail about Hollow Earth but does cover a lot of ground about the nature of the inner Earth citizens and culture.

While almost everything described in the book could be gleaned from other material on the subject, it does have the ring of truth in it. Certainly it can viewed as just another fantasy novel and yet because of the topic and matter of fact writing style there is an underlying authenticity that is undeniable.

The main character Tim, is taken by boat through a tunnel that eventually leads to the city of Telos, one the main cities in Hollow Earth under Mount Shasta, California. There he stays for three years but because time is perceived differently inside the Earth, it seems like just months to him. After his recovery and initial investigation of his surroundings, he becomes homesick for the surface and his family and returns, after agreeing to become a messenger/diplomat for Agartha.

Upon returning he faces the inevitability of no one believing his tale and the fact that his remaining family has died, leaving him alone and bewildered. He eventually finds his way to his only remaining relative, his grandmother in Sweden whom is much more receptive to his story and there he begins to lecture on his experience. As he gains notoriety, he also garners many critics demanding proof.

After months of lecturing and getting many death threats in the process, he finds his way back to the United States and his home in Seattle, Washington, only to learn that his best friend and one of the only believers of his story has died in a tragic car accident. This leads him inevitably to make contact with his friends from Hollow Earth and return with his friend's family and grandmother in tow.

Amazingly enough his friend's wife and 4 year old daughter do not stay, as they are unable to adjust to the advance spiritual orientation of the inhabitants, food (vegetarian), education, geography and advanced technology, they experience overwhelming culture shock. The rulers of Agartha decide to send her on her way, making her extremely wealthy in the process by giving her many precious gem stones. Tim takes her to the surface, via Mount Shasta and make sure she's gets on a plane home, albeit after some bitter words, then returns to Hollow Earth and an adventure of a lifetime!

Hollow Earth Opening

One of the few photos of the North Pole opening not airbrushed of photoshopped.

One of the few photos of the North Pole opening not airbrushed of photoshopped.

John Uri Lloyd

Dianna Robbins

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

My Visit To Agartha by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa (one of my all time favorite authors) tells the story of his visit to Agartha through the eyes of a somewhat reluctant author and spiritual writer from Tibet. He is taken to Agartha during a spiritual ceremony through a mountain entrance high in the Himalayas and given a message to spread to the people on the surface.

However even before this happens he visits many other historical sites throughout his life time that are connected to Hollow Earth, what he calls the Cave of the Ancients. A vast underground cavern hidden by an invisible force field, filled with ancient technology left behind by the Gardeners of this planet, so that when man has evolved enough spiritually to live in peace the entrance will be revealed and the technology can be used.

Hollow Earth

The concept of Hollow Earth is nothing new and has been described by many ancient cultures throughout the world as we know it. The ancient Sumerians, Chinese, Egyptians, Hindus, American Indians, Aztecs, Incas, Aborigines, Europeans, Celtics, Romans, Greeks, Vikings and even the Eskimos all have tales of Hollow Earth in their history.

Even the Bible which millions of people believe is the gospel truth describes Hollow Earth in the story of Lazarus.

So this concept of our planet being hollow, which maybe new to some readers is not without merit. One of the first 'books' I read on the subject was the famous story entitled Etidorhpa or Aphrodite spelled backwards, a 'book' that can be found online or bought through amazon, however original editions sell for thousands of dollars. Originally this story was censored, ridiculed and scorned but none the less gained wide popularity.

If this subject is fantasy as so many scientist and historians claim why not treat it as such and be done with it, why the mystery and censorship? To me it has the same feel to it of how many people used to believe the Earth was flat, a concept that was proven false only after explorers were 'allowed' to show the absurdity of the notion.

I suspect that very soon, certainly within our life times, humanity will look back on this concept and wonder how we could've been deceived so easily.

Etidorhpa is the tale of William Morgan, although he is not named in the book, whom disappeared in the United States in the 1830s after being arrested, (whom many believed was kidnapped and murdered) during the Anti-Freemason movement. Upon claiming to expose the inner workings of the Freemasons, Morgan disappears, only to be guided through Mammoth Cave in Kentucky on a journey to Hollow Earth, as way of showing him why it is important that the Freemasons inner workings must remain secret.

Along the way everything he has ever been taught about the true nature of humanity and the planet they 'live on', as opposed to inside, is shown to be false, even the nature of gravity itself. The tale is described along the lines of Alice in Wonderland, as Morgan enters a world too fantastic to believe. Over and over again his view of the world, logic and reasoning is proved to be false as he winds his way deeper into the Earth with his inner Earth guide.

I won't ruin the ending for you, which requires 'literally' a leap of faith but it is perhaps the greatest book on the subject of Hollow Earth of which there are many. This book introduced me to many like it and how the Hollow Earth concept is even possible.

Soon after Etidorhpa was published Marshall B. Gardener wrote Journey To The Earth's Interior (1915) which was also censored, ridiculed and scorned. This book describes in lay men's terms, as Gardener was not a scientist, how planets are formed using the Nebulae Hypothesis, which is widely accepted by today's scientist but was considered nonsense back then.

This theory shows exactly how all planets are hollow with a power source or heart at their center, even giving credence to the concept that planets are their own inherent life forms. It describes how, what scientist know today, that Nebulae are formed around a star. It goes on to show that the Earth's crust is 400 to 800 miles thick and has two polar openings. That what we are taught in school that the center of the Earth is a molten core is nonsense and that indeed the inside is just as inhabitable as the outside, perhaps even more so as there is no adverse weather.

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As the Earth is 8,000 miles wide and the inner Sun or heart of the planet is 600 miles across, this leaves roughly around 3,500 miles on either side. It shows that zero gravity is achieved halfway through the Earth's crust, not at the center, which is widely believed and taught in our schools. Journey To The Earth's Interior gives the reader a plausible explanation for how the Hollow Earth theory works and what is even more amazing is that it was written almost 100 years ago.

The next book that gives even more credence to the Hollow Earth theory is the groundbreaking online book (publishers won't touch it) Genesis For The New Space Age by John B. Leith. This book describes the invention of the round wing aircraft even before World War Two, what governments world wide already know about the inner workings of Hollow Earth and extraterrestrials inside our Earth as well, from distant stars.

All of the sources for this book are from government insiders (whistleblowers), the Freedom of Information Act and documents published by our own government and other nations. All of the eyewitness testimony speaks about Hollow Earth as it is a well known fact and not speculation. This book goes into great detail on the subject and confirms the channeling of many other authors, whose books are often labelled fantasy.

It describes the many diplomatic relationships that have been garnered over the years with the Hollow Earth government, treaties that have been signed and broken and technology that was shared. It shows why their is a no fly zone over the poles of our planet, how most photographs of our planet are manipulated (airbrushed) to cover the openings, history is rewritten to cover up the Hollow Earth theory and even how scientific theories such as Newton's Gravitational Theory have been altered so that the average citizen won't catch on.

It explains why so many scientist, aviators (airline pilots), archeologists and historians go along with the ruse and how the cover up is achieved and for what purpose. These three books alone describe a wide variety of knowledge on the Hollow Earth theory and lend an air of truth that is far reaching beyond just speculation. What they lack in terms of the history of the continent of Agartha and how it has evolved they more than make up for through sheer believability.

Just consider how far along our surface civilization would be if we had not endured thousands of years of enslavement by the Annunaki (reptilians) and their ruler Anu, the years of warfare encouraged and manipulated by them, the suppression of knowledge and invention, disease, starvation and economic competition. The Dark Ages alone set our surface civilization back 400 years, would we not be much further along technologically without it or even the Crusades for that matter.

Now that all the reptilians have been forcible removed from our planet (see The New Scriptures) we have nothing to prevent us from overcoming our own fears and beginning to create a new paradigm closer to the heart.

Hollow Earth Video with Rodney Cluff

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  • The Hollow Earth
    A website dedicated to all knowledge about Hollow Earth by a former US Intelligence employee.

Agartha Land of Love

For this author to attempt to explain how a civilization can exist for over 12,000 years without warfare, disease, pestilence, starvation, money, hatred, greed, competition for resources and do it while living on/in the planet Earth would be difficult, without having first hand knowledge. Suffice to say all of these things are what is described in the many stories of Hollow Earth, Agartha and our fellow humans that live there.

The ancient Lemurians and Atlantians are said to have retreated to Hollow Earth after their civilizations were destroyed on the surface. The 13 Lost Tribes of Israel were said to have found their way to Hollow Earth, even German Pilgrims along the Amazon in the 1500s were said to have started a New Germany inside the Earth.

This German colony is why Hitler was so interested in Antarctica and Hollow Earth as it is believed that some of these colonist returned to Bavaria and started the Illuminati movement.

All of these stories share two common denominators, peace and love!

Because they have lived isolated from the surface for so long is no accident, they have developed not only technologically but spiritually as well and this has prevented them from interfering with surface affairs. Higher spiritual beings are forbidden from interfering with the development of lower dimensional beings. Because they pose no threat to visiting Alien species they have long standing peaceful relations with our star brothers and sisters.

Their lifestyles, eating habits, structures and technology is all geared to protecting and nurturing the planet. The animals that live there, some that have been extinct on the surface for thousands of years have no fear of humans because they are not hunted. It is said that because these animals no longer live in fear they no longer even eat each other and are vegetarians as well.

The inhabitants even have learned to levitate to avoid walking on the grass and other plants, they are so conscious of nurturing life.

  • Their society doesn't use drugs, although wine is allowed in moderation.
  • They don't allow negative thoughts and meditate daily.
  • They work only fours hours a day and everyone has a job.
  • No one starves and food (no additives) is supplied for everyone.
  • They live incredibly long lives and diseases are almost completely eradicated.
  • Education is free but not mandatory.
  • Transportation is by hovercraft and in some cases teleportation.
  • Communication is done by telepathy.
  • Clothing and other goods are created by hand or thought alone.
  • Houses are round with no roofs.
  • The weather is the same year round, balmy and sunny.
  • There is no night or day, just continuous light.
  • There are no set sleeping patterns.
  • The government is by spiritual masters, a council of twelve and elected officials.
  • There is no pollution and everything is recycled.
  • There are no prisons or the need for police.
  • There isn't any military.
  • There are no borders or fences.

According to the book I just read, many of the citizens have ascended to the fifth dimension where they live in Shamballa (the capitol city) and are helping the Earth to do the same.

They expect the Earth to go through a cleansing like process, which will rearrange the continents and unfortunately cause a lot of deaths on the surface but afterwards they will help the survivors to redefine their spiritual paradigm and way of life without the need for an oil based economy, warfare or nations.



According to the many books I read on the subject of Hollow Earth, I am a believer beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is too much history from a wide variety of ancient cultures for this concept to be just the wild imagination or wishful thinking of a few people here and there throughout time.

The United States during Operation High Jump learned of the existence of Hollow Earth from their very own decorated officer in charge of the mission, Admiral Byrd. This man was not prone to flights of fancy but was a decorated WWII hero with an outstanding service record.

He actually tells the story of flying into a Polar opening (so large he couldn't distinguish the boundaries) being escorted by advanced aircraft to a city inside the Earth and talking to the leader of Hollow Earth. According to his own diary he was told in no uncertain terms that mankind must learn to live peacefully or suffer the consequences.

However every book I have read on the subject describes an event that will take place in the near future over the entire surface of the planet that will in affect cleanse it of the pollution and other harmful toxins (nuclear energy and weapons), which will allow the planet to move into the next dimension unencumbered by those causing the pollution.

The Council of Twelve in Hollow Earth and the Council of Worlds that control this part of our Galaxy have been manipulating events on Earth and preparing those on the surface through a spiritual awakening process so that many can be saved during this cleansing process.

This process, perhaps a Polar Shift, will not affect the entire globe but many deaths will unavoidable. The Council of Worlds and those working from Hollow Earth will arrive in huge Mother ships to transport all that are willing from the surface to allow the purification process to begin, of course many will chose to remain on the surface and may or may not survive.

Once the purification process is complete and the Earth has moved into the fifth dimension then the wheat will be separated from the chaff and those that have ascended spiritually will be allowed to return and those that haven't will be moved to other planets to continue their third dimensional lives.

The citizens of Hollow Earth will then be able to share technology, knowledge and wisdom with the refugees and help them to rebuild, after all they have 12,000 years of experience.


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 12, 2016:

Have you written a Hub about it that I could read, I would be very interested to know your experience.

As you may know I would not make a good diplomat or ambassador but what I am good at is being the common denominator for many people from all walks of life. Since I have been to the bottom and the top my experiences allow me to communicate on many levels and I always seem to pull folks together.

My point is I would really like to visit Hollow Earth or Telos and then be kind of a catalyst to get some communication and open dialogue going.

My thoughts about popular caves is that by making them tourist attractions the Government has then set up control mechanisms to prevent further exploration. They control where you go and what you see and can always seal off areas as 'too dangerous' to prevent people from discovering the truth.

Do you know that it is a Federal Offense to explore a cave without a Government official present, now why do you suppose they made that law?

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on February 12, 2016:

SB I'm getting around to reading your hubs on Hollow Earth little by little. Something you brought our makes me curious. You know how we've taken certain caves and made tourist attractions out of them: Mammoth Cave, KY; Carlesbad Caverns, NM, Blanchard Springs Caverns, AR, to name a few. If any of these caves have been openings to Hollow Earth, I wonder how making them tourist traps has affected the inhabitants. BTW, I may have told you that I have met the Talosians. You only feel their presence. They don't let you see them, but they let you imagine what they may look like. My impression was very interesting, and I think it was influenced by TV shows that I've seen.

bad flower on July 08, 2015:

That's right...and nobody want the shaft!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 08, 2015:

But they are only losing because us slave are waking up to the fact that we are even slaves. The SSPs and Sphere Alliance is what is really doing the damage to the Cabal, without their influence we would still be getting the shaft.

378q 0 on July 08, 2015:

the shadow government is losing power to control us all

gaia on June 17, 2015:

the agarthians will only show up if all the people on earth dont have hatred just love emotion feelings

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on June 14, 2014:

Oh but I will as it is one of my favorite subjects, speaking of which did you see the Yahoo article about the discovery of an ocean three times the size of all the oceans on the surface near the Earth's core?

It won't be long before the truth will be exposed, I would really love to immigrate to Hollow Earth, even just for a visit, of course once there you would have to drag me away from the Library of Porthologis.

Lindsey N from Western New York on June 14, 2014:

This is another great hub article. We are currently surrounded by high dimensional beings of light that are of the love vibration. There are many assisting in the ascension of this planet and it's inhabitants.

The darkness that has had a hold of our planet for many eons have lost their foothold and it's only a matter of time before all mysteries will be revealed. The crafts will not land until the collective consciousness is at a critical mass. There are many awakening to this now, but still far more holding back out of fear of the unknown. That's why it's important for somethgblue and others like us to spread consciousness and love outward so that it may spark and awaken those who are open to it.

This needs to happen for very real reasons. We have been controlled by fear for long enough, it's time to break free of these lower vibrations and elevate the human condition. There is no reason to fear. There is reason to create. Change thought patterns to shift to joy, love, and tranquility. Then the universe will allow you to draw to you what you need.

When the crafts land, just listen to your heart and you'll know what to do.

If you want to check out something really cool about Agartha, there is a youtube video by Sheldan Nidle about Galactic Humans. It's an hour and a half long, but VERY INTERESTING. :)

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on November 06, 2013:

The song Auld Lang Syne which was made popular by the Irish was the last song the Lemurians heard as there continent sank beneath the waves 12,000 years ago, the words may have been slightly different but the melody was the same.

OM MANI PADME HUM is something you may want to chant to yourself as you meditate. But just find an inner peace within yourself and do not fear what you do not understand, instead turn that feeling into the desire to seek and learn, embrace it.

Also I find breathing exercises to help tremendously, I don't know about boarding any ship either an feel that we can stay here if we learn to live without fear with love in our hearts.

. on November 06, 2013:

I just read this entire article and the Zoroaster End of Time article to my kids. I wanted them to hear about these ideas and to try to help them begin to trust their hearts too. I wish I had been able to know some of this at their ages. If only I had known that what I was remembering was indeed this place you are describing here in this article. I just now realized this. I don't really know what to do with that information, but it is very exciting to realize it. I had been uncertain about boarding any ship that might show up in the skies since learning of the 'project blue beam' and worrying that it might be a trap of some kind, but this article is helping with some of that thought. I would still be interested to know of any certain meditations you may recommend, please. Thanks for all your wonderful writing. I think a lot of you.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on November 06, 2013:

thanks Beth, I thought you would enjoy that piece. I would really love to visit Agartha, they say in the book that they allow visitors to stay for a couple of days, of course getting in is the difficult part.

I suspect that most people that do get in do not want to leave and probable beg to stay, after all the average lifespan is 900 years, everyone has a job, don't have to buy anything (no money), no war, no poverty, no prisons, no crime, no way I would want to leave!

Beth J. Benson from Richmond, Va. on November 06, 2013:

Great article, I think that this possibility is so much fun. I have spoken to others about it and they look at me like I'm crazy. Keep rockin' Blue! Love and Light, Beth

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