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Stories Of Inner Earth Fake or Fact Updated in 2022

All about our Earth Inner Communities and such and new information.


What They Now Think!

Modern science now thinks the Earth's middle is now a huge crystal. Do you know what this implies to the rest of the solar system we live in?

Do you know that the spark of light that goes down into the Earth brightens that area and much more with each crystal in shines upon? Cool!

The Worlds Largest Chrystal Cave

The Worlds Largest Chrystal Cave

Swiss Cheese

Our earth is not solid in no way but more like Swiss Cheese or in the Book of Caves it was called 'spongy". We have been finding more tunnels and living areas under our feet and even further than that. Anyone who thinks all those cities are on the same plain around the earth is delusional. There can be cities In The Earth on many levels and they may never even meet or conglomerate into one big city. Take a good look at re videos I will be adding to this article to get an idea of what I mean.

Those who think and tell you not to believe all this should think that we have only been about 8 miles under the earth and we have never seen of scientifically measured the center of our earth. We should be looking about 50 miles into the earth if not more. These places and cities that we are talking about in this article are not on the same plain but at different levels making our planet like Swiss Cheese.

It has also been said that when the gods were at war in heaven the winners populated the inner earth and we are the descendants of those people.

The Begining From Previous posted article

When I started looking up information for this hub all I could really come up with as a good interpretation were the video's. Sure there are lots of written places all over the internet. What I want to bring here is something different, just like in the other articles in this series.

I do have more information in the updates on this article and many things that are different but brought to you attention.

Now there were lots of video's stating these things as fact and there is the side that always will say that they are false or conspiracy theories. I guess one will have to make up their own minds about this. I am just the messenger of information, as in the other articles in this series.

The first thing I want to bring up is exactly what is this place called Agartha and where they think it is and who found it and when. There are several differing reports on each one of those. I have found names of Cities in some of the reports as well. I will list those two. I find it difficult to just wish this all away as some kind of myth when I get video's like the ones that I have included in this article. For the purpose of self education and not boring you to death I have only included the first video's in the series. You can, however, go to the next video in the series on YouTube for yourself if you so desire to do so.

Admiral Byrd

Admiral Richard E. Byrd found the Inner Earth and yet he is revered as a quack and to be disbelieved. Until you know that he was an outstanding pilot and person, you may not understand that he wouldn't lie and he wouldn't be making up stories. He has several honors and medals in his name through his years in Aviation and Flight. On the right, if you can listen to it, it will describe to you all his achievements and his untimely death. Among his honors are: the Medal Of Honor, Congressional Life Saving Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Navy Cross, Navy Distinguished Service Medal with Gold Star, Navy Commendation Ribbon, Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal, issued in gold (1928 - 1930) , United States Antarctic Expedition Medal (1939 - 1941) and many more.

Admiral Forestal was also a highy esteemed person in Aviation.

Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Earth Theory (Season 10) was looking for the one with William Shatner that played on 10/14/2022

Jules Vern Journey To The Center Of The Earth

I remember seeing and hearing William Shatner say that he wasn't fantasizing when he wrote his book. These must be true accounts from what II am thinking. Here is some background on his book:

French author Jules Verne, published in 1864. It is the second book in his popular series Voyages extraordinaires (1863–1910), which contains novels that combine scientific facts with adventure fiction and laid the groundwork for science fiction.

Edmond Halley and Hollow Earth

Edmund Halley (1656–1742) is best known for having calculated the orbit of a comet that passes by Earth every 76 years. The comet known as Halley's made its first appearance under that name in 1682. During the next decade, Halley turned his attention away from the celestial in favor of the subterranean. He claimed that the Earth was hollow and populated by humans and beasts.

Halley's Hollow Earth idea was developed further during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and sometimes backed by sound scientific reasoning. None of the claims of Hollow Earth proponents have been substantiated, however. Those still holding to the belief in the twenty-first century are part of a long history of people who believe human life exists beneath the surface of the Earth.

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Cities they know of from years ago

There are Cities In the Hollow Earth

Many pyramids are built all over the earth, in deserts, lush green valleys and even in the waters. These cities are under the plates of the earth or supposedly the remnants of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis, which I will be doing hubs on those as well. The video at the right suggests that they are built by an Extraterrestrial society.

There has been a list of Cities that are inside our very own planet. Those cites are the following:

POSID: Located under the Mato Grosso plains region in Brazil. Supposedly is an outpost of the Atlanteans and its Population is just over 1 million.

SHONSHE: Refugees of the Lemurians a Uighur culture who formed their own colonies some 50,000 years ago. The entrance is closely guarded by a Himalayan lamasery. The population of approximately 3/4 million.

RAMA: Located in India near Jaipur. People are known for their classic Hindu looks. The population of approximately 1 million.

SHINGWA: Located on the border of Mongolia and China. with a small secondary city in Mt. Lassen, California. . Population is about 1.5 million.

There is a much larger city that has 5 levels of living area and it is located in or about under on in the Mount Shasta Area. The Japanese have known about this type of living center and have already made blueprints for it for many years. The name of the place is Telos means "communication with Spirits. It is supposed to house 1 million people, and have a commerce center, schools, libraries, manufacturing, and the like, just as we do up here on the surface of our planet.

Just wondering if these are still there and if they are even bigger or more as cities tend to grow and disappear up here..

Agartha - Underground City of the Inner Earth (+POSSIBLE ENTRANCES)

What's This About A New Berlin?

New Berlin, was supposed to be but never got done, city made under the surface of our planet by the Nazi's. To cover up the fact that it is there, and also to stir some conspiracy theories, there was also one made on the surface of the Earth. Is it still there or was it ever there. That is up to the individual reader and listener on this article and video.

Biblical Remarks

In the video at the right the narrator uses biblical scripture that points to the inner earth and hollow earth as fact that this phenomenon does indeed exist.

There are 76 Bible results for “"in the earth"”

Some passages used are "As Above, So Below" and the fact that Cain was put in the earth and not on the surface or anywhere else. It is interesting in what they use in the video. Again it is in who is reading the books and stories as to what is understood.

Another one is: Revelation 5:3 (KJV), "And no man in heaven, nor In The Earth. neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to lok thereon'. in the earth, I used Young's Literal Translation and this is what it has in that version:

Genesis 1:22 And God blesseth them, saying, `Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and the fowl let multiply in the earth:'

There are a lot more verses in Genesis that say IN the Earth as well as ON the earth.

There are some verses in Samuel that say IN the Earth and if you look at the verses they do specify whether it says In or On, Above and Below the Earth.

It is even speculated that this is where Jesus went when he went into the Earth (Hell) to get those sinners that he brought up (to the surface).

The Cave of Treasures

This book was taken from the Bible's manuscript It has many other descriptive things in it and is all about where we came from, Hollow Earth.


A summary of Day Four of God (Extraterrestrials) making planet earth

The cases of the sun, moon, and stars were made of aerial material, after the manner of lamps, and God filled them with a mixture of fire, which had no light in it, and with light which had no heat in it. The path of the luminaries is beneath the firmament; they are not fixed, as the ignorant think, but are guided p. 50 in their courses by the angels. The Ethiopians have a tradition that when the sun was first made its light was twelve times as strong as it is to-day. The angels complained that the heat was too strong and that it hampered them in the performance of their duties, whereupon God divided it into twelve parts and took away six of these parts, and out of three of them He made the moon and stars, and the other three He distributed among the waters, the clouds, and the lightning.

... [NOTES.--The Book of Adam (ii. 14) says that Ânôsh was 985 years old when he died and that he was laid on the left-hand side of Adam in the Cave of Treasures.]

...And Yârêd his son rose up and ministered before God [in the Cave of Treasures]

...And God made Adam and Eve to dwell in Paradise. True is this word, and it proclaimeth the truth: That Tree of Life which was in the midst of Paradise prefigured the Redeeming Cross, which is the veritable Tree of Life, and this it was that was fixed in the middle of the earth.

There are many books that include this information on Sacred Texts. The Book Of The Bee is another book that is talked about in this book as well. Very interesting reading if you ask me.

Crystal City Under Antartica

A Timeline of Events

3200 B.C This was close to the time that the Kali Yuga cycle of the Hindus began, The Kali Yuga is much like the Gregorian Calendar of the Earth cycles. At the death of Krishna is about when the Kali Yuga started. It lasts about 432000 years. Then it is said that there is a period of about 10000 years the Golden Age.

Then nothing is mentioned until the year 1725 when a host from Agartha, Sharula Aurora Dux, the daughter of the Ra and Rana Mu of Telos brings about her Ambassadorship to the surface of the Earth. Read about that on Messages From The Hollow Earth

Agartha is mentioned many times by many peoples of the surface, on which we live.

In one article that I read it said something to the fact that those who are living in the Inner Earth are going to be making a trek to the surface in the year 2029. That will be interesting.

Bearing in mind these events that are to occur, I want to bring to your attention all the Earthquakes that have happened in the last few months around the supposedly portal to this Inner Earth. Is that something that is happening there that is causing or will be the cause of the people coming to the surface?

Other People Who Knew About This

I checked most of the links here in this section and they are still there.

The Vikings on Greenland vanished when fishing more north after it was said that they found a vast area of fish and warmer weather. "The Disappearance of a Viking Greenland Colony.
Even the Arctic author Vilhjalmur Stefansson in his book, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF THE ARCTIC, concluded that the disappearance of the lost Viking colony in Greenland was a mystery. (World Top Secret...Our Earth is Hollow .source material)
In 985 A.D., Eric the Red discovered Greenland and subsequently settled it with Viking residents of Iceland. The Greenland colony thrived for several centuries, but then as Europe became embroiled in war and the disease of the plague, the Norwegians lost contact with their Arctic colonies in Iceland and Greenland. The last ship known to have returned from their Arctic colonies to Norway was in 1410. When the Dark Ages had passed and Greenland was once again rediscovered with Hans Egede establishing the first modern settlement there in 1721, all that could be found of the original Viking settlers was their ruins and some of their animals

.. The Eskimos have stories of people going into the North Pole area and vanishing. "The Eskimo tradition is that over the ice towards the northwest, in the direction Admiral Peary sighted Crocker land and Cook sighted Bradley land, is a ..."land that is warm; is clothed in summer verdure the year around; is populated by fat caribou and musk-ox. It lies," they say even to this day, "in the direction of the coastal trail-route north." Lt. Green shows that trail on his map. It is located on the west side of Greenland, and goes up around Ellesmere Island, and out over the pack ice in a northwest direction towards the land he claimed exists in the "Unexplored Area." That is the same area I have estimated the North Polar "

HOLLOW PLANETS is a book written by Jan Lamprecht It answers the question of other plants could also possibly house a hollow world, such as Mercury, Venus, and now Mars.

Ant People Rescued Native Americans

The Ant People (some say they look like the
Grey Aliens) rescued Native Americans not once but twice. This occurred when the earth was destroyed – first by fire and then by ice – and one earth world passed into another. It is told down through the generations, in Native American story, that the Ant People took groups of virtuous humans into their underground homes and protected and taught them until the earth was safe for humans

Wooley Mamoth Skeleton Found

Just One More

The Lacerta Files Transcript

Note of the Editor of Brother Veritus' Website

These English translations were edited to correct English grammatical errors but message and intent were left intact.

The word "Ilojiim" or "Illojim" used extensively in these texts could mean "Elohim", since this is the equivalent traditional word used in Western culture, however, this term may indicate a different galactic race.

The illustrations are not of Lacerta.


I certify that the following text is the absolute truth and no work of fiction. These are parts of a transcript of an interview I've made with a non-human and reptilian being in December 1999.

This female being was already in contact with a friend of mine (whose name is given only with the abbreviation E.F. in the text) since some months. Let me declare, that I was all my life a skeptic about UFOs, aliens and other weird things and I thought that E.F. tells me just dreams or fictitious stories when he talked with me about his First Contact with the non-human being "Lacerta".

I was still a skeptic when I met this being on December 16 last year in that small warm room in the remote house of my friend near to a town in the south of Sweden, despite the fact that I saw now with my own eyes that she was not human. She has told and shown me so many unbelievable things during that meeting that I can't deny the reality and the truth of her words any longer.

This is not another of that wrong UFO papers which claim to tell the truth but tell in fact just fiction, I'm convinced that this transcript contains the only truth and therefore you should read it.

I had talked with her for over 3 hours, so the following transcript shows you only shortened parts of the interview, because she asked me after the interview not to publish everything she had told me already now. The order of the questions in this transcript is not always the same order in which I had asked them, so it may seem sometimes a little bit confusing to you. It was not easy to delete all the important parts she had asked me to delete from the transcript, so I apologize for the maybe unusual order.......

People and the military did try to debunk this answer but it is and has been happening even today.

Answer: Some observed UFOs - as you call them - belong to us, but most not. Most of the "mysterious" flying objects in the sky are not technological devices but mainly misinterpretations of natural phenomena your scientists have not understood (like spontaneous plasma flares in the high atmosphere.)

Nevertheless, some UFOs are real craft belonging either to your own species (especially to your military) or to other alien species or at last to us (but a minority of sighted craft belongs really to us because we are generally very careful with our movements in the atmosphere and we have special ways to hide our ships.)

If you read a report about a sighting of a metallic bright-gray cigar-shaped cylindrical object with a length of - there are different types - let me say between 20 and 260 of your meters and if this object had made a very deep humming sound and if there were 5 bright red lights on the metallic surface of the cigar (one at the top, one in the middle, two at the end) then it's likely that someone of you have seen one of our ships and this means that it was either partly defect or that someone of us was not careful enough.

We have also a very small fleet of disc-shaped craft, but such UFOs belong usually to an alien species. Triangular UFOs belong generally to your own military but they use foreign technology to build them.

If you really want to try to see one of our craft, you should have a look at the skies over the Arctic, the Antarctic and over Inner Asia (especially over the mountains there.

This paper and interview go into a lot of detail about them like what they look like what they eat, and how they reproduce, and then the history of them from the War on up to the end of this interview and it is all true according to many people and things that has happened so far.

There are explanations of the Abductees and the Egg and Sperm usage and another war and many newer things.

I think that I read in that large interview that they were going to return in 2021-2025 or so. As for the last questions and answer session, there were already here in 2000. Please just need to read it and it is very interesting and a lot of questions you have will be answered.


Now that you have read and watched the videos it is up to you to make your own conclusions as to the validity of such a place or places. I brought to light the various people who are/were involved in all this and some other things. In light of the finding of other things such as the Crystal Caves which are the oldest they have found so far in 2000 and many miles deep and I wouldn't doubt there would be lives and new earth's on our planet. Heck we don't even know how deep or what lives in the deepest sea trenches on our earth. Another place that has many stories deep that you may want to take a look at is Dulce NM. There are currently 10 Deepest Caves that you may also want to take a look at.

What do you think?

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