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Real History

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The Clue

Reading West African history the name "Mansa Musa" , the Emperor of Mali, is mentioned. It has to be mentioned as there are references to him in diverse sources. He can not be omitted.

How he gained the throne is skipped in a sentence. His predecessor, often named as 'Abubakari II', resigned to travel to the West. This is dealt with as an aside.

If one deals with logic, how is it possible the Emperor of such a rich and powerful nation would abandon to go on a quest to find the 'end of the Ocean' with two thousand ships?

It is a question that can not be shrugged away.

Why would he leave wealth and power to go on a dangerous journey to an unknown destination?

One could comprehend him sending two thousand ships full of his subjects, to explore, but to leave unlimited power and wealth to go himself? Go on a voyage to unknown regions to see the end of an ocean?

The story given, by Mansa Musa, suggests Abubakari was lost at sea. This story ends the investigation, and history flows over this remarkable event.

Recently, due to questions, asked over seven hundred years since the event, there has been some minor anthropological studies to cast doubt on whether or not Africans reached the 'New World' before Columbus.

That Christopher Columbus stopped in the Canary Islands to take on an African navigator is slapped away, often hidden.

All the evidence, even that of Columbus himself, that Black Skinned people had visited the 'New World' before he arrived is hidden. Save the fact that analysis has proven that the gold found in the 'New World', came from Africa.


Who Controls the Present

In George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty Four" the slogan; "Who Controls the Present Controls the Past" is often repeated. How many people read that sentence and stop and analyse?

The reality of that seemingly tossed away statement can not be under played. History has always been manipulated by those in power who seek to create the most useful platform for their interests.

The public is to believe what they are told by those in authority. "Official" history is taught and few bother to do their own research. Hence, a European discovered the Western Hemisphere.

Forget it was already populated, forget that there is evidence he was not the first to arrive from the "Old World", simply accept that Europeans 'conquered the world'.

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Most people do not do their own investigation. Even though the Internet exists and one can scour all sorts of sites for information, most do not. Most will read a Wikipedia entry or some 'authorised' text, and consider the subject closed.

Few think about what they have read. Few question.

If one were researching why Lloyds of London was established, unless they did a tad of research they would never realise how powerful 'the Moors' were.

They would assume the 'Corsairs' were white men.

The idea that white people were captured by Africans and enslaved, unless a ransom was paid, might be suppressed today, but was a serious issue in the 1700s.

Millions of Europeans were captured by Africans, and ransom demanded. If not paid, the European was enslaved.

Thousands of European ships were attacked by Africans. If the owners had a policy with Lloyd's they would receive an Insurance payment. If they did not, they took the loss.

Yet, history ignores this.

Facts which elevate Africa are ignored, obliterated, for it doesn't fit the 'narrative'. Learning how to do research, how to go to indirect sources, how to read between the words and search other areas for information is necessary to gain a truer version of the past.

It is not done in schools in Western nations because it is necessary to teach non-whites that they are inferior.

By simply focusing on the Exploration by White Men, the Empires ruled by White Men, the power of White Men, causes the non-white child to inculcate a sense of Inferiority.

The teacher may behave as the most unbiased person on the planet but the text book, the lesson shouts that White Men Rule! White Men Have Always Ruled!


Schools must teach true history. Not cut and paste what fits the current 'narrative' but what really happened.

Hence, the story of Columbus needs to be inoculated with truth and the reality that he did not 'Discover' anything, that he was not 'The First' to do anything, but that he opened a new area to be exploited by Spain and the other Europeans.

School Children need to know of the power of the Africans.

Not just the Black child, but all children. All children need to be taught what really happened, how it happened.

There is no sense in letting the white child grow up thinking that all Empires were ruled by White Men. The White Child needs to learn of the Mongols, of the Africans, of the Empires that existed in the past which were non-European.

The average child is taught how Europeans conquered the World. The fact that Spain was under the control of an African Empire for eight hundred years needs to be emphasised.

Africans controlled the Mediterranean for centuries. The reason most European capitals are inland was to prevent the Invasion by the Africans. This is not hidden, any map reveals it, and the reason why is admitted.

Yet, it passes unnoticed, because it does not suit the European to admit the power that Africans possessed.


qeyler on April 21, 2021:

Thank you for reading and commenting.

qeyler (author) on April 21, 2021:

There is a great deal omitted and we have to do our own research to insure we aren't spreading fabrications

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 20, 2021:

This is a very interesting article. You are right that we often accept history as taught without questioning. It is becoming increasingly evident that much of it was manipulated to suit certain agendas, and we need to question and research everything. Thank you for sharing.

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