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8 Sites That Sell Aesthetic School Supplies: The Ultimate List


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Where to Find Aesthetic School Supplies

If you're hoping to find the best places and sites to get aesthetic school supplies, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the best places you can look to for super cute and aesthetic school supplies. Whether you're in high school or university (or even working, and want some office supplies!), you're sure to find an online store that'll cater to your needs.

All stores featured below ship in most countries, so you can get these internationally too!

Let's begin!


1. Shein

I've always been a huge fan of Shein's stationery offerings, they provide exceptionally aesthetic stationery and school supplies. I've found that the stationery is quite affordable too, so you should definitely take a look there.They sell all types of kawaii and aesthetic school supplies, including cloud-shaped tape correctors, washi tape, notebooks, clips, and a whole lot more.

To discover more about what you can buy at Shein, I'd definitely recommend taking a look at stationery haul videos on YouTube, and one of them is featured below!

2. Stationery Pal

Stationery Pal are another fantastic online stationery store, which provide a huge variety of stationery for you to choose from, including washi tapes, notebooks, highlighters and so much more.

I discovered Stationery Pal through the various video hauls on YouTube, and have fallen in love with their beautiful packaging! Each package comes wrapped in a beautiful box, along with other cute packaging. Many YouTubers also get sponsored by Stationery Pal, and as a result, will offer coupons and discounts too!

3. Instagram and YouTube Giveaways

You can also get your hands on aesthetic stationery through giveaways! They happen quite regularly, and if you follow smaller stationery accounts, you're likely to spot these giveaways and get to take part in them before they close.

Lots of Instagram and YouTube accounts offer free giveaways from time to time. If you're a fan of stationery, then you'll naturally want to follow these accounts anyway, just like myself! I'd recommend following stationery accounts on YouTube, and you might spot some new giveaways eventually. These accounts also may have discounts for shops, as well as coupon codes. You'll also discover the latest school supplies and stationery there too. However, do remember that the accounts running the giveaways are doing this to foster a community spirit and to give back to their community. If you're a fan of stationery, then make sure to take an interest in their community. It might not increase your chances of winning, but it helps give back to these accounts too!

I'd recommend following EmilyStudying on YouTube, who reviews all sorts of aesthetic school and university supplies!

4. Amazon

Amazon also provide a stellar range of stationery, and I've found so many great school and university supplies here. From journals to note-taking pens and so much more, Amazon provide such a fantastic range from varying brands such as Zebra, Pentel and more.

I'd recommend perusing their sticky notes range too, as they have affordable pricing on sticky notes. As a student, it's always so important to stock up on cute sticky notes, since they're perfect for to-do lists, adding revision plans and so much more.

Online stores such as Amazon and Stationery Pal make it really easy to find aesthetic stationery and cute notebooks!

Online stores such as Amazon and Stationery Pal make it really easy to find aesthetic stationery and cute notebooks!

5. Digital Printables

If you need some cute pastel memopads, you could also print your own with digital printables! There are many sites online which offer free digital printables for you to make use of, including bullet journaling blogs.

Some of the types of printables you can find online include to-do lists, washi tape stickers, planner stickers, plus cute icons and labels to add to your study planner or journal. If you can't get your hands on physical stationery items such as printed stickers and so forth, you could always take this route instead, as you can print out this stationery from home. If you like customizing your stationery too, you could try editing the printables using sites such as Canva.

Here are some example printables you can make use of, which consist of some cute hexagons. These would make fantastic memopads or for adding to-do lists to them, perfect for revision and studying.

Here are some printable hexagons, perfect for adding to-do lists to!

Here are some printable hexagons, perfect for adding to-do lists to!

6. Craftsmile Shop on Etsy

Etsy also offers some amazing stores, which provide all types of cute school supplies and stationery. One of my favourites is Craftsmile Shop on Etsy, which sells all sorts of aesthetic goodies, including washi tapes, notebooks and memo pads, all at affordable prices too!

Another perk is that you can get some great discounts if you buy to a certain value. I've bought from them before, and can't recommend them enough!

7. Giftsmilee Shop on Etsy

I'm a huge fan of Giftsmilee, which is both an Etsy shop and website store that sells cute stationery items. You can also get discounts potentially, it depends on how much you're buying, so make sure to check if discounts are available when you're purchasing!

Their stationey range spans a huge array of cute items, from wooden stamps (which are great for your planner!) to notebooks and adorable washi tapes. Washi and masking tapes are perfect for color coding your study planner; for example, if you plan to study for an hour on Wednesday in the evening, you could add a piece of washi tape during that time in your planner. By adding various pieces of washi tapes to your planner, you can easily view your revision schedule at a glance!

8. Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy is my go-to store for cute notebooks and gel pens, which are perfect for taking notes in school or college! Bullet journaling is also an incredibly popular hobby, and with the rise of pastel highlighters and gel pens being used for note-taking and revision, this shop is definitely worth taking a look at.

They also offer regular discounts, so make sure to check what discounts you can get!

Where to Find Aesthetic School Supplies

Some of the best places to find aesthetic school supplies!



Shein offer affordable and aesthetic stationery, from pastel pens to cute memo pads and so much more.

Stationery Pal

Stationery Pal provide gorgeous stationery, and I adore their packaging also!

CraftsmileShop on Etsy

A lovely Etsy store offering hundreds of cute stationery items at affordable prices.

Giftsmilee on Etsy

One of my favourite school supplies and stationery shops, plus they offer discounts too, depending on the amount you spend!


Amazon offer a wonderful array of aesthetic school supplies for you to choose from; you'll be spoiled for choice!

Notebook Therapy

Cute and functional notebooks and pens are sold here, I'd definitely recommend them!

Thanks for reading!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you've found some great new sites to search for stationery and school supplies! From large stores to smaller, Etsy stores, there are so many online stores that provide cute stationery. I've been a huge fan of these shops for many years now, and would definitely recommend trying them out. If you're interested in stationery in general, then you should definitely explore the stationery community on Instagram and YouTube too!

If you have any comments, make sure to drop them in the comments section below; I would be delighted to read them! What are your favourite stationery shops? Do let me know, as I'd love to discover others!

Thanks again for reading!

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