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Advantages of Aerial Photographs

aerial photograph of sanfrancisco

aerial photograph of sanfrancisco


Most of us are very much aware about the photographs. As we know there are many tools for capturing these photographs. These tools essentially include various types of cameras which include film based cameras and digital cameras. Now a days digital cameras are very widely used to produce high quality photographs. And compared to the film based cameras the quality of the photographs obtained with the help of digital cameras is higher. And however even in the digital cameras the quality of the photographs varies according to the quality and properties of the lens used and its pixel dimension properties. In general with the increase in the pixel properties the quality of photographs captured is increased i.e., even the smallest details captured can be clearly seen by developing the photograph.


What is an Aerial Photograph?

The object that is used for holding the camera to take the photographs is called platform.In the other sense we can say that these platforms are essentially used for holding the sensors in the camera and hence we can substitute the word camera with the sensor. There are various types of platforms. These include hand held sensor platforms that is photography performed individually. And others are truck mounted sensors, balloon mounted sensors, aeroplane or helicopter mounted sensors and also satellites etc. All these trucks, planes, choppers, balloons, satellites are the platforms for the sensors.

And an AERIAL PHOTOGRAPH is the photograph taken form a height either vertically or at an angle to capture various details on the ground. these aerial photographs are generally taken using the balloon mounted or flight mounted or satellite mounted sensors. And hence in other words we can say that photographs taken while sensor is present in the air.

And various aerial aerial photographs include the following types.

  • Vertical photographs
  • Oblique photographs

Vertical photographs are taken using the sensors placed vertically over an area on a platform at an elevation. And the oblique photographs are taken using the sensors placed on platform at an elevation with some angle to the area to be captured.

And aerial photographs are of extreme use as they can cover large details on the earth surface. And also these photographs are useful in actual representation of the terrain.

Melbourne aerial view

Melbourne aerial view

Advantages of Aerial photographs

Compared to the general photographs aerial photographs have lot of advantages and uses. Some of these are as follows.

1. Birds Eye view : As we are taking the photographs from an elevated point we can view the ground location in the perspective the birds eye view. And it facilitates us to view the large picture in which the objects of users interest will reside. It is useful in instances when it is not possible to take the pictures of objects from a ground based platform. Using the objects present in the aerial photographs users can use them in different ways for different purposes. For example a geologist may use aerial photographs for observing the rock patterns and bed formations, and an engineer can use aerial photographs for observing the town pattern to plan a proper road network for the town, and forests , floods also can be captured. Thus aerial photographs have various advantages.

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2. Instantaneous View : With the help of aerial photographs we can observe the static views of the rapid actions. For example floods, moving population, vehicles etc., all these are dynamic in their activities with the help of aerial photographs we can capture the action of these components at a particular point of time. This nature helps during the calculation of the wildlife population and also for taking the mitigation measures during the floods, forest fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

3. Permanent Recording : These photographs provide a permanent recording of the existing conditions. And this helps us to study these recorded data at a later time during the leisure or under the office conditions. And also a single image can be studied by a large no of users. And also it facilitates us to compare the past data with the present data.

4. Humans eye is capable of viewing the objects in the spectral range of 0.4 to 0.7 micro meters. But with the help of sensors aerial photographs are capable of recording the objects in the spectral range of 0.3 to 0.9 micro meters. Thus a variety of details can be recorded which is not possible with naked eye.

5. We can prepare the planimetric and topographic maps with the help of aerial photographs.

6. Aerial photographs as mentioned earlier can capture a large area. And hence the resolution of the photographs taken will be high. And also this helps to record numerous details.

7. Aerial photographs forms an important basis in the town planning and city planning and also during the construction of any major water resources project or thermal project.

Hence aerial photographs are of extreme use in the field of remote sensing for extracting information from raw data and also there are so many other advantages.


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