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Advantages and Disadvantages of Administration Tribunals


Administration Tribunals Explained

There are over 75 types of Tribunal and Administration Tribunals are used more frequently than most others. Nearly all Administration Tribunals are created by statute and are the enforcement of social and welfare rights. There are 3 main types of administration tribunal, including Social Security, Immigration and Employment and a panel of 3 is usually required to commence.

What are the advantages of an Administration Tribunal?

  • Because the court is not required in most cases, you will find that the speed of the tribunals is much quicker and more to the point. There is no waiting around for court dates and it is more time efficient.
  • Due to the courts not being required the overall cost of the tribunal is considerably less. In fact - in some cases there are no fees whatsoever, which makes administrative tribunals accessible for all, regardless of wealth.
  • Simple and Cost Effective. Because of the simplicity involved and the costs saved many people find this a really quick and pleasing option.
  • Informal Style. One scary factor for most people is the language and text that is used in all the court paperworks - due to most of us struggling to understand it all! One of the beautiful things about administration tribunals is that the discussions and writings are kept relatively informal and do not therefore single out people with a lesser education.
  • Hearings are kept private and do not ned to be announced for all to hear. However this works slightly differently with employment tribunals as these need to be heard publicly - so be aware of this.
  • Mental Health government funding is available.
  • Very specific panels are set up to deal with many types of case, therefore you can be confident that you have specialists dealing with yours.

Summary Administration Tribunals are a more cost effective and less informal way of tribunal. It appeals to many and can is great option for people from all different types of backgrounds - diversity.

What are the disadvantages of an Administration Tribunal?

  • Some regulations can be complex and difficult to understand and therefore you may find yourself wanting some legal advice just to help you through an appeal. However for most people there is no government funding available - but not in all cases. You should consider getting yourself a lawyer even though it is not a needed requirement. (see bullet point 3).
  • It can be difficult to make appeals if you fail to give reasons for the decisions that you make.
  • Inbalance of power is also a disadvantage. You have to remember that you are likely to be fighting a business or a government lead department, which means that they are likely to have their own highly paid lawyers who know how to worm their way in and out of very small holes. If your case is strong enough then you should be able to beat most lawyers but it will be made as difficult as possible for you to win.

Summary It is hard to decide whether the con's outweigh the pro's, or perhaps the other way around. If you have a solid case then this is a great way to go because it is not going to cost you a great deal and will not require too much of your time and effort. If you have no other means of appeal and cannot afford to appeal then this is a great option that is available for people from all different backgrounds and diversities. Another option is the Domestic Tribunal.

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