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Achievements And Death Of Alexander The Great

Between the age of 13 and 16, Aristotle who was Alexander the Great's teacher began to teach him in areas of medicine, scientific investigat

When you hear of Alexander the Great, his did, and his achievements, you equally imagine his physical appearance.

Also called Alexander of Macedonia or Alexander III, Alexander the Great was born in 356 BCE. When he overthrew the Persian Kingdom, he moved the Macedonian arms to India where he began to build kingdoms.

The 5-feet tall Alexander the Great was frightened when he met 7-feet Indian King Porus. Being average in height, Alexander the Great referred to some taller people he had met as giants.

Between the age of 13 and 16, Aristotle who was Alexander the Great's teacher began to teach him in areas of medicine, scientific investigation, and philosophy.


As time went on, Alexander the Great widened the scope of learning, looking beyond his teacher's view which centered on the teaching that non-Greeks should be seen as slaves.

He was left to take charge of Macedonia in 340, when his father, Philip II went to war with Byzantium. During that period, Alexander defeated the Thracian people of Maedi. Alexander the Great also led the battle of Chaeronea, in which Philip conquered the allied Greek states.

When his parents divorced, Alexander, had a problem with Philip, his father, and chose to path with his, mother, Olympias to Epirus. Later on, he reconciled with his father and made it home, though he lost his position as heir.

After his assassination, Alexander the Great revenged the death of his father. He executed those who were fingered to be responsible for the murder of his father including the princes of Lyncestis.

He did not stop there. He saved Thessaly from collapse and was later appointed the generalissimo for the invasion of Asia. An idea introduced by Philip.

What Made Alexander Great

  • He was groomed and lectured by Aristotle.
  • He towed the path of his father as his father was also great.
  • He was a great warrior. He knew how to attack and subdue the enemy.
  • He took over the Persian Empire.
  • It was his efforts that made Alexandria the Intellectual Capital of the World.
  • For over a decade, he had not lost a fight.

The Achievements of Alexander The Great

The great warrior, Alexander the Great, while expanding his kingdom, conquered and took over the eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, the Middle East, and some parts of Asia. He introduced reasonable Macedonia culture in the conquered region. An act that equally affected the historical course of those regions.

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As a military general who conquered many countries, Alexander established a large empire, beginning from Macedonia to Egypt, and from Greece to some parts of India.

Death Of Alexander The Great

The ailment that took the life of Alexander the Great was a mystery. No one could tell if the ailment that came overnight was a natural occurrence, or if he was assassinated by his subjects, who were not happy with his dictatorship.

The secret of the cause of the sickness that resulted in the death of the 33-year-old king lay with all who were present and witnessed his slump at that party.

The prominent ones who were with him never opened up as to what happened to the king. Though, there were conflicting accounts regarding his sickness and death.

These conflicting accounts have made it impossible for one to draw a distinct conclusion on the cause of his death. Though autopsy would have played a significant role but it was not conducted. The only investigation that may expose the cause of Alexander's death is to as some relevant questions:

  • Who and who was with him at that party when he slumped?
  • What was the reaction of Medius, his Thessalian friend, who invited him to the party?
  • Who were the real friends and enemies of Alexander the Great?
  • What did his friends/enemies say about him?
  • Had Alexander made any serious accusations against any of his officers?
  • Was there any divided loyalty?

Medius, a Thessalian friend, invited King Alexander to a night party, which he did. The next day, he felt feverish, though it didn't stop him from drinking alcohol. In fact, he went into a drinking competition with a guest. After the first round of the competition, the guest whom he competed with counter-challenged him, to repeat the trick he used to defeat him.

While on the second round of the competition, he felt a sharp stab of pain in his back. The pain was as if someone pierced his back with a spear. He screamed and fell back to his cushion.


He immediately left the party and proceeded to his palace. The fever became obvious. He took his bath and fell asleep, right inside the bathroom.

Day by day, Alexander's ailment increased. It was clear to his officials that his health condition was deteriorating. They were certain that king Alexander would not make it.

At the height of his ailment, Alexander lost the power of speech, and temporarily handed over power to Perdiccas, his second in command.

Alexander later died on 11th June, between the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon.

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