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Acellus Power Homeschool : Electronic Devices That Can Be Used

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An instructor during an Acellus lecture.

An instructor during an Acellus lecture.

Addressing Technological Issues for Acellus

This guide is to help parents answer some commonly asked questions in regards to technology issues and Acellus. Sometimes technological issues may encourage a family look elsewhere in regards to homeschooling curriculum, but they will be missing out on the positive aspects of Acellus. Acellus, after the initial learning curve, is easy to use. Technological issues can be easily remedied or understood.

Sound Missing from Acellus

What happens if an X appears whenever the student tries to press an answer, and the sound has suddenly disappeared? Sometimes Acellus may experience a 'system glitch.' If the child has unfortunately received a low grade due to the system glitch, email Acellus right away with this information and with any possible screenshots of a system glitch. A parent may try restarting their phone, tablet or device. If the problem persists, it would be wise to reach out for support during business hours on Live Chat or send out an email requesting more information after hours.

Electronic Devices that Can Be Used with Acellus

The following can be used for Acellus: Chromebooks, Kindle HD 10 (Acellus App is Available at the Kindle Store), Kindle Fire, IPads, older Dell laptops, newer Lenovo Laptops, personal phones (Like ZTE Zmax Metro PCS), IPad Mini. Keep in mind that using Acellus on a personal phone can have slower response times in according to cell phone service in one's location. Work done in early morning or in the evening may also have faster service, as online traffic in Acellus may be slower during the day. Check the storage on the tablet, computer or phone that Acellus is running on, as low storage may slow down the functioning of Acellus. Purchase of this device is not required to utilize Acellus, however. Chromebooks may experience difficulty downloading the gold key software app. I have my children use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Acellus, and it works great. Other systems may work with Acellus, and these are just a few examples of systems that have experienced success with Acellus. The versatility serves to show how easily accessible and portable homeschooling can be an easy to use app.

Acellus's Notebook

Does Acellus have its technological notebook? Acellus does offer its own Acellus Electronic Textbook. There is a special discount program that is available to help families that need additional student devices. Purchase of this device is not required to utilize Acellus, however. The device is priced at $199.95 and has received five-star reviews. It is an Android 4.4 device with 8 GB, 7-inch screen, and the Quad-Core processor.

The Acellus Store

What else does Acellus sell on its website? Acellus does offer a seven-inch case for the Acellus tablet, as well as Acellus polo shirts for an adult in Navy. An Acellus Gold-Plated key tag is available as a collectible, and it can be sported on backpacks, jackets or keychains. Acellus lapel pins and pens are also sold. Pricier items include an Acellus 3D Tablet Computer and Acellus Bot Code Teaching Stem Robot. Both are priced at $499.99. The most expensive item on the Acellus store is the Gold Book, which is $799.00. Soon Acellus will be selling favorite titles from the Acellus library, which are only available in digital format within the Acellus App. Also coming soon, under collectibles, are stickers that say "I love Acellus" and coffee mugs with the company logo.

How Acellus Can Be Reached

Acellus can be reached by phone, email, or live chat services. Their address is 11020 N Ambassador Drive, Suite 120, Kansas City, MO 64153. These are their phone numbers: 866-684-6127 (toll-free) and 816-235-3800 (international). Another number that's available is 800-941-8100. Acellus can be emailed via filling out the form at the bottom of this link: or by filling out the form through the app under "contact us" as soon as the parent logs into the Acellus app. Live chat is also offered through the 'contact us' link. It will be a blue tab on the right-hand side of the app. The office hours are 8 Am to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

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Canceling or Pausing Acellus

How can a parent pause or cancel Acellus? Pause or cancel online. If a parent calls, it may or may not be done. Just go into the parent account where the billing information is, and there's a little blue link there. Click it to pause. If a parent ever decides to start back up, they can just click that same link, and they will be billed on that date and immediate access again. There's no true cancellation, but there is an option to pause indefinitely. This is so that parents can have access to student accounts, grades, and other valuable information for years to come. Sometimes a parent may feel lost with Acellus, as there is so much to learn...not just for the student, but for the parent as well! Homeschooling can be frightening at first, but Acellus makes it easy by using a portable and innovative app that enables learning to take place anywhere with WiFi!

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