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Acadsoc Interview: Passed

How did an accountant pass an Acadsoc Interview?

Yes, I am a graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I am currently working as an accountant in one of the real estate company in the Philippines for a few years now. What made me decide to apply to an ESL job? When I was younger, I had the chance to work in a call center industry way back 2006. I started at Concentrix. I was applying for a staff in accounting unfortunately I did not pass the qualification which must be a CPA. Yes, I failed my CPA exam once, for I did not retake it. Back to Concentrix, this was Link2Support before. They offered me a Customer Service Job and I said Yes right away. I passed the training and worked 2 years. So, back to the ESL, my classmate in high school is now a successful teacher, it happened to be that she's with Acadsoc. The pandemic today pushed me to apply to a home based job. I am still working but just 60 percent of work hours. For me, ESL is the perfect job today.

This is me, Teacher Judah


The Application Process and The Interview

  1. Fillout the application form to
  2. There is no proficiency exam, just go on book a schedule for your interview
  3. Once Interview is confirmed, prepare and research about Acadsoc Interview in You Tube channel. I have one but I have not recorded the video during my interview
  4. On the day before the interview, prepare your tools:
  • Do a system check on your computer
  • Make sure your internet is working, do a speed test at
  • Make sure your mic and audio are on
  • Check your computer specs if it meets their computer requirement. You must have at least an i3 processor with RAM score of 2500. You can check it here:
  • Always open your email. The interviewer will send details for the interview such as to add her in your ZOOM or SKYPE. Mine was through ZOOM
  • . Once added and started a conversation with her, just follow her instruction via chat, be ready by then.

5. There are only two questions asked:

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • How would you teach a 5 year old kid?

6. The interviewer will give the results if you pass after interview

Here's My Interview Experience

I was scheduled at 9:00 am but we started at 10 am. Almost an hour checking what's wrong with the zoom app. I am new to it but it is user friendly. I cannot send a screenshot and cannot do a file sharing. I was thinking it's the settings. After an hour, I have figured it out. The zoom needs an update. After the update it just work smoothly. The interviewer Fatima is very patient and polite. The two questions are:

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Tell me something about yourself- this is a common question and no need to explain.

The second question: How would you teach a 5 year old kid: I said, to get her attention, we'll learn thru playing games.

Then I passed. But the computer specs did not meet their requirements. As I have mentioned earlier you have to check it first before buying a computer. Your internet connection as well should be 3Mbps up download and upload. Ram is 4GB at least.

My application was put on hold unto June 19, until I can provide a new specs of computer then I will go through a training and to a demo class which I think hard to pass. You will have the chance to teach a real students.

I will update you this week once I got the new computer and hopefully will go to the training. The you tube videos helped a lot. Just search about how to pass an els or an online teaching. You can also search for Interview with Acadsoc of Acadsoc Interview.


My You Tube Video about Acadsoc Interview

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