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The author is a Registered Nurse, Teacher II in English and has worked as an Operations Manager in a BPO company for 7 years.


Judas Iscariot was known to be the disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ in exchange for money. A lot of people hated him all throughout the history of the Bible because he is viewed as the man corrupted by greed who turned Jesus to the Romans and caused His death on the cross.

He tried returning the 30 pieces of silver to the Romans but they turned him down because that didn't mean anything anymore. They got what they wanted. Judas threw the silver into the temple and left.

The 30 pieces of silver were then used to buy a plot of land that became a burial ground for foreigners- a place called the Field of Blood.

Judas took his life. He ended the agony of knowing that your friend, master and savior died because of you. That is an indicator that he isn't all bad, his humane side is there. However, taking his life is also betrayal of the 10 commandments. He betrayed the Son, Father and himself of a second life in Heaven.

Jesus told Judas that he is forgiven knowing what he did. Jesus knew that this is the man who will be the instrument for Him to fulfill his purpose.

Did He ran away from him and kicked him out of the group? No, he didn't. He knew what they will do to Him and he just let it happen because it will fulfill his destiny. He will save us from our sins, and He did.

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If Judas was forgiven by Christ, is he then in Heaven right now? He was forgiven by the one he wronged but he never forgave himself for what he did. It ran after him and he was unable to hide from it. He must have lived a chaotic life, living a battle inside his heart and mind.

The difference between Jesus and Judas, our savior faced his death on the cross for the good of mankind. Judas moved back and ran away by taking his own life. He then betrayed God the Father through the violation of the ten commandments.

Will he still be in heaven after?Only God knows because who are we to judge. We are sinners too.


Ronadel Razon (author) from Philippines on August 20, 2020:

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