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ADI Part 3 Lesson Plan Example PST 2 (PHASE 1) MOVING OFF AND STOPPING



The moving off and stopping lesson must include the following points:

  • briefing on moving off and stopping
  • mirrors, vision and use
  • mirrors, direction, overtaking and stopping
  • mirror, signal and manoeuvre
  • precautions before moving off
  • co-ordination of controls
  • normal stop position
  • normal stop control

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Aims & Objectives-

  • By the end of this lesson you will be able to choose a safe place to stop
  • You will have learnt the control skills required to move off and stop smoothly
  • And will also know the observations required to move off and stop safely


  • Do you remember the cockpit drill?
  • Do you know the precautions before starting the engine?
  • Have you been shown how to switch the engine on?
  • Do you know how to set the gas?
  • Do you know how to find the biting point?
  • Have you moved off before?

Before you drive on it is a good idea to ask the pupil if they have any questions.

You will now drive to a suitable location to give a briefing and practice moving off and stopping. Remember this drive has to be of a high standard and a good way to involve the pupil is by talking them through the POM routine and asking them to point out developing hazards. You may wish to talk them through the whole MSM routine or just focus on the mirrors and ask them to help you spot other vehicles and their movements in their mirrors.

Once at the location, swap seats with the pupil, ensuring they remember how to safely exit the vehicle.

Now is a good time to get the cockpit drill done so you can continue with your PST 2 briefing.


Moving off- P O M

  • Prepare- Clutch down, 1st gear, set gas, biting point, hands at 10-2, feet still
  • Observe- check behind, left blind spot, left mirror, ahead, inside mirror, right mirror, right blind spot- checking for any movement of pedestrians or other road users
  • Move- Signal if required, last right blind spot check, handbrake off button in, gentle touch more gas, gently and smoothly ease the clutch up, steer to the right

Normal driving position

  • 1 meter from parked cars/ curb
  • Look well ahead, hands follow eyes

Stopping using M S M

  • Location- Is it safe, legal and convenient? Look for road signs, markings and driveways
  • Mirrors- Check inside mirror to assess speed and distance of following vehicles, Check left side mirror for bikes
  • Signal- Is a signal required? Will anyone benefit?
  • Manoeuvre-
  1. position; steer gently to the left towards the curb, about 1 meter from curb steer to the right to straighten up, parallel and 1 meter from curb
  2. speed; gently apply the break (progressive braking)
  3. clutch down, break to stop, handbrake on, gear in neutral, cancel signal, relax feet