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A Terrible Solar Storm Is Coming Towards the Earth


A terrible solar storm is coming towards the earth. Next Monday (August 15) this solar storm may hit the earth. And because of that storm, problems may arise in the satellite communication system.

On Wednesday (August 10), Indian media Anandabazar reported this information.

Due to this solar storm, the power communication system can be cut off in large parts. Scientists fear this could bring technology to a standstill.

According to the space forecast of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a new geomagnetic storm has been spotted on the surface of the Sun. Its impact can also fall on the public life of the world.

According to a US media report, a storm of the G-2 category has been seen. Scientists fear that these two storms will hit the earth on August 15. The speed of this storm is about 600 kilometers per second.

According to, a hole may have formed inside the Sun. It is through that hole that the solar storm is coming out towards the earth. If this storm hits Earth, satellite communication systems may collapse. Radio signals may be interrupted. It can affect the Earth's magnetic field a lot.

It is also said that this may cause problems in the GPS signaling system. Mobile phones and TV may also not work properly. Somewhere there may be a blackout due to power disconnection. Although there is no danger of major damage. Because Earth's magnetic field will protect the Earth.

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