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Why the Catholic Doctrine is Wrong

Nyamweya is a Kenyan scholar who has done many years of research on a diversity of topics

There are several debates about the doctrines of the catholic and whether or not they contradict the bible teachings. This hub seeks to point out these debates and establish how a number of doctrines of the catholic contradict the bible.

To begin with, Catholics teach a false doctrine about salvation by telling the members that one is saved by baptism regeneration and can only be maintained by taking the sacraments, unless someone commits a wilful act which breaks what they call the state of sanctifying grace. It is clearly stated in the bible that a person is saved only by grace which can be received simply by faith. The bible is also clear that a change of heart that is wrought in salvation results in good works. This can be found in the books of 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Ephesians 2:10.
Similarly, Catholics bow down regularly to images, icons and idols which they claim are for Jesus Christ, Mary and the apostles. They sometimes kiss the statutes at the feet and pray to them. This act violates the second commandment since it is clear from their actions that they worship Mary the mother of Jesus. The protests that the Catholic give about this are both irrational and illogical, and all they need to understand is what the bible says about prayer. The bible teaches Christians to pray only to God the father through his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and as such, Christians consider it paganism to pray to any other person or thing. It is much clear in the bible that once someone is dead, even though they are conscious while in the spirit world, they are unable to hear any prayers or know anything meaning they won’t listen to any prayers addressed to them. Kissing icons or bowing down to them resembles idol worship closely and nothing the Catholics say will ever justify the fact that they practice worship of idols and deny it openly.

Regarding Mary, the catholic teaches that she is a perpetual virgin, the queen of heaven and the co-redemptress that ascended to heaven. Mary is portrayed in the bible as a believing and very obedient servant who turned out to be the mother of Jesus. This idea about Mary being a mediator between us and God is only found outside the scriptures and is also unbiblical. It is declared in acts 4:12 that Jesus is our only redeemer and the only mediator between man and God.

The Roman Catholic Church also teaches that a believer can receive forgiveness only through confession to priests unless they are hindered. The scriptures contradict this because 1 John 1:9 states that sins can only be confessed to God.

The catholic pray with repetitive words using Rosary Beads which were invented around 1090 AD and made popular by the 1208 AD. The Catholics claim that Mary appeared to a man named Dominic and revealed to him the Beads in 1208 AD. This is what led the Catholics to begin praying with rosaries. The number of “hail marys” that they recite is about 200 in total, but the number of times they call out God’s name cannot even add up to a quarter of the 200. There is nothing in the scriptures that speak about hail marys and rosary beads.

Many more examples could be given but all clearly identify this church as being unbiblical and cultic. Even though each denomination in the Christian religion has practices and traditions which are not scripture based, none can measure up to how unbiblical catholic is.

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