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Interesting Information About Body Language


left side body language

action side possible reason 

holding baby 

to the left 

closest to the heart 


to your left 

they trust you  

right hand  

on top of left 

thinking in logic 

left side, right side body language

When you are reading body language, it is important to see what side of the body is doing the talking.

When a mother holds her baby, most of the time, she will hold it to her left side, because this side is closest to her heart. The baby can hear her heart beat, and naturally become more soothed because of this.

Now, as you are watching people, pay attention to what side of you they are on. It is said, that if they are standing to your left side, they trust you more, than if they were standing to your right side.

Also think about this when reading body language:if a person stands to your left, they have better access to the creative part of your brain, because they are looking in the left direction. If a person stands to your right, they have better access to the logic part of your brain, because you are looking towards the right (and accessing the left part of the brain).

Watch a persons hands too! Do you see someone with the right hand on top of the left? If the right hand is on top, chances are, they are accessing the logic side of their mind, if you see the opposite, the opposite is true

Eyesdirection possible meaning 



remembering something they seen 



creating an image 

side-ways (pointing towards ears) 


remembering something they heard 

side ways (pointing towards ears)


creating something they heard



remembering a feeling



imagining a feeling

When you are reading body language pay attention to the direction the eyes move

When you are reading body language pay attention to the direction the eyes move in.

What direction are their eyes pointing in when a conversation is taking place? To the upper right? If they are pointing to the upper right, they are more than likely recalling a visual memory. They are accessing the logic side of their mind by looking to the right, and they are accessing a picture image by looking up.

If you see someone looking to the upper left, chances are, they are accessing a creative image. They are accessing the creative part of their mind by looking to the left, and the visual part by looking up.

If a person looks toward their ears, and to the right, guess what? They are remembering a sound. They are looking to the right, and accessing the logic part of their brain, and to the ears to access a sound. They may be thinking about what was just said, or remembering what they heard.

If a person is looking to the left, and towards their ears, guess what? They are accessing the creative part of their brain, and they are accessing a sound.

If a person looks down, and to the right, they are remembering a feeling. If a person looks down and to the left, they are probably trying to understand how another person is feeling.

This is just a small sample of non-verbal communication. Make sure you do more research, in books, and on the web.

partpointed towardspossible meaning

upper torso

a person

they admire or respect that person

upper torso

the door

they want to leave


a person

they admire that person


the door

they want to leave

the upper torso and body language

When you are reading body language, pay attention to where their body points.

If you are in a meeting, pay attention to the persons upper torso. Where is it pointing? It is usually pointing at the speaker, or the person they have the most respect for in a group. Watch their feet as well. Is that persons feet pointed toward the speaker? The door? Someone of interest? Where a persons feet point will tell you what that person is interested in.



reading the pupils in body language

Another importaint thing to pay attention to when you are reading body language is their pupils.

A persons pupils can tell allot about them. If you look into a persons eyes, under a steady light, not too dark, not to bright,and that person is not under any kind of substance influence, watch their pupils. If you can see their pupils, that can tell you a number of things about that person. A persons pupils will grow when they are looking at what they like, they are talking about what they like, or they are telling the truth about something. If a persons pupils shrink, they don't like what they are looking at, they don't like the subject you are talking about, or they could be lying about something. Remember, it is important to take allot of factors into consideration when you are reading non-verbal communication.


How can you detect lies when reading body language?

Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is big because it will give you clues to what's going on in the inside of a persons mind. One study at UCLA indicated that up to 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. Another study indicated that the impact of a performance was determined 7 percent by the words used, 38 percent by voice quality, and 55 percent by the nonverbal communication.

You need to take several things into consideration when you are reading someones body language. Not only are cultural differences important, but when reading someone, don't just read one cue, read all of them, and group it all together. For example, a person that does not look you into the eyes does not mean they are lying, it could mean they are shy. You need to read all of a persons body language, before you make a judgment on what they are feeling, or thinking. Read, read, and read about body language, and you will learn more.



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