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Nihilism Explained in a Simple Way

“The point is there ain't no point.” - Cormac McCarthy


Welcome to this world.

There are too many unanswered questions that has baffled human beings ever since the dawn of existence, and there is uncertainty to the significance of anything that happens around us, we don’t know what is going to happen, we keep living everyday being dragged by our will to survive, survive what we don’t know, is it the view of the sunrise at the beach on a Saturday morning, or is it the love that we share with our loved ones that draws a picture to the beauty of life, or is it the unfairness of this world that should be looked upon, our sentience provided us with a scary gift, we create ideas and follow beliefs to quieten this urge of knowing the unknown, but for some; life is meaningless, our suffering is endless and every aspect of this life doesn’t is senseless, we have all felt this sense of purposelessness at some point in our lives, but how we act upon it is what makes a difference, should one cease enjoying life simply because they are unsure of what it means, that is the answer we are seeking after.

What is a nihilistic point of view?

Nihilism is all about questioning. It is a philosophical coping mechanism that roots from overthinking, when we begin to inquire about our reality, and its intrinsic value, in a world where material became more important than questions, where people afflict each other with their attitude and carelessness.

Nietzsche regards nihilism as a troubling problem, he thinks of too many diverse characters as nihilists, that a nihilist condemns the world and wanting, and he said that everything in this world displeases him, but above all, his displeasure in everything displeases him the most, I believe that according to him he wanted to settle the acquisition of understanding the relationship between human and consciousness.

The theory of questioning.

One could say that a person’s urge to seek acknowledgment, could be represented metaphorically as the following, imagine someone walking and pivoting around a fixed light source, an infinite number of questions constitute the unlimited radii which a circle comprises, the closer the person is to the light source the densest his shadow is which is the will to seek an answer the farther he gets away in any direction “question” from the circle, the taller his shadow is and the more vague and hazy it becomes which amounts to his urge and his understanding of the subject.

A short story to explain.

Meet Heather, an unambitious young woman who believes that the world is of no meaning. She hates the absurdity of life, and she views the world as a metaphysical form of preposterous concept, her psychology subjected her to a considerable amount of culpability for her failure to get a job and to be loved. She believes that life is too unfair. She was wired with a definite personality in a world that she had no choice but to live in, a sad world where people only think of themselves, lack of morals is prevalent, and to her, their motives are most likely not that genuine, not evil but not good. But she wanted to seek freedom. All she ever wanted was to be unbothered by any form of social interaction. She wished someday that she would be able to live in a small cabin in the woods of Alaska and be self-sufficient, but not everything you want in life always comes true, her existential state worsens every day as she starts to be confident that her life is worthless, she starts to question reality and still found no answers, to the “why?” it always arrives at nothing, this is ideology, the concept of nothingness, she does not believe that there is either good or evil anymore, why would it matter if half of the cup is full or empty anymore? It is all the same, she merely had no faith in human beings anymore, so she will just live alone by herself, drinking herself every day until she sleeps, because it wouldn't matter in the end, days will pass, and nothing will most likely change at all, it is just one circle of senselessness.

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