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A Story of First Chinese Female Astronaut

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A story of female astronaut.

A story of female astronaut.

China launched the space mission Shenzhou-14 with a three-member crew that will stay in space for six months and advances the construction of China's first space station Tiangong towards the final stage.

Beijing time on June 5, 2022, the Shenzhou-14 manned spacecraft was launched into space from China's Jiuzhaigou Satellite Launch Center. About 577 seconds into the flight, the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft successfully separated from the rocket and entered the fixed orbit.

According to Chinese space authorities, the spacecraft was in good condition, and the launch was a complete success. On the same day, the spacecraft also completed rendezvous and docking with the Chinese space station.

It is the 23rd mission of China's space flight program and the third mission of the construction phase of the space station. During their stay, the astronauts will perform maintenance of the space station platform, operation of the robotic arm, and related issues in space after exiting the space station. During this time, they will also conduct various technical tests, including space science experiments.

As for the crew, the three members include a female astronaut, Liu Yang, who has the unique honor of being China's first female astronaut and is now on her second space exploration mission.

On June 16, 2012, Liu Yang made history as the first Chinese female astronaut in space when she participated in the Shenzhou-9 mission. Almost a decade later, Liu Yang made history again by helping ensure the construction of his country's first space station.

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The Shenzhou-9 mission was the country's first on-orbit manual rendezvous and docking mission that lasted 13 days. During this time, Liu Yang oversaw the docking of the spacecraft and China's first space lab, Tiangong-1. She also conducted scientific experiments with her two male colleagues, a major step forward for China's space missions.

The 43-year-old brave woman astronaut joined China's People's Liberation Army Air Force in 1997 and has logged 1,680 hours of safe flight. She was selected as a member of China's second-generation astronauts in May 2010.

Liu Yang says that the Shenzhou-9 mission is a proud and happy moment for her. For Liu, serving on a space mission is not only her dream but also the national interest of the country. , which brings a sense of double happiness. When Liu Yang returned to Earth at around 6 am on June 28, 2012, after his first space mission, she never expected to serve the country a decade later. This great happiness will once again come to them.

Liu Yang was selected as one of the crew members for the Shenzhou-14 mission in 2019 and began his training to build China's space station-14. The mission is far more challenging, as it involves more complex systems and longer stays, as well as more scientific and technical experiments and installation of equipment. The mission requires astronauts to have better physical and psychological conditions, as well as, more related sciences and better skills.

After two years of continuous hard work and training, Liu Yang considers herself fully prepared for the successful completion of this mission. The courageous female astronaut, who has become a role model for women, is also a mother of two children, and this time her children have made a special request to their mother to "take more pictures in space".

Liu Yang expressed his love for his children and said, "My daughter and son want me to take more pictures in space and share the beautiful views of the universe with their classmates. During my 183-day stay in space, my Best wishes to my children and the stars in space. Yes, I can do it. That's a promise to my children."

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