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A Special Butterfly Story

Devika enjoys sharing her work with a friendly community. Writing opens the mind. I live in a foreign country learned a foreign language .

Butterfly cycle

Fly butterfly fly away up in the tree, and do not injure your beautiful colored wings. You light up the sun and the day with the flapping of your lovely wings.

Every plant smells your velvet wings and wishes there were more of you. The garden yearns for butterflies if only they could come by and enjoy the natural outlay. Fly as much as you can know the different smells of gardens and places. Make your short life a fulfilled one.

The butterfly struggles to get up and fly, a struggle with a purpose. You think it will not happen soon and look a battle in your eye. What you must understand is that every person struggles with a purpose, even a butterfly.

To spread its wings and fly is a free feeling that lies within the butterfly. A cocoon that opens and out comes a peaceful creature. I watched the butterfly for a few minutes, and felt free as it was in that moment.

I felt like catching its wings, but when I reached out to touch the wonderful thing, it flew to the next flower. The body of the butterfly forces its way out a small hole, looking so lifeless but so full of energy.

It pauses for a while as if there is no movement to go on with. When you want to help the butterfly from the opening of the cocoon, it feels at ease and emerges. The wings look stuck together, and the body looks quite bubbled up.

Hoping for the wings to grow bigger by just watching the butterfly will not happen. The poor butterfly lost its balance each time it tried to fly.

Why won't the butterfly fly?

The great attempt of flying was not successful, this should have been a natural process not disturbed by any human. Fluid from the body flows into the wings of the butterfly to allow for flying.

The butterfly had accomplished just that and started flying after nature took its course. There was once a butterfly, with black striped wings, and a bit of red and yellow in color.

It was a lonely butterfly, there was no other to play with. The butterfly flew from one plant to the next, in search of other flowers. The colorful flowers and green plants and it was all it could see and smell.

The sunny day turned into a rainy and dull day, and the butterfly's wings had a touch of wetness on its soft delicate wings. It grew sad for not having to fly.

I noticed the butterfly and wanted to play with the lovely creature, and wanted to give it a warm home. I reached out in the garden and caught it. An easy fragile grip to the wet wings and it could not fly much at that point. Being a fragile creature it gained its strength.

It made me happy when I took the butterfly carefully in my palm and patted the wet wings. I took it inside the house away from the wet and cold moment, the butterfly no longer felt lonely.

The butterfly made a good friend, a human who understood its process in nature, and gave it warmth when needed.

When the bad weather disappeared, I found more butterflies outside in my small attractive flower garden, and let my winged creature friend free to meet the others. I wanted to keep the butterfly indoors, but felt better having set it free. I set the butterfly free to explore other gardens.

I thought of a name, and called it Flutter.

Butterflies are colorful, and I did not give up on Flutter, but to let the butterfly be happier with the same kind as Flutter. When the sun came out there were many butterflies flapping their wings in the garden and the surroundings made Flutter happy and free.

Despite the wet garden Flutter enjoyed the company of other butterflies. The wings dried by nature and off they went into the wild as flippy as can be.

I was ecstatic to see them fly off together, though I was a little sad but knew what was best for the butterfly. There are thousands of butterfly species and lots that nature has to offer us.

Have you ever seen such colorful creatures in your garden?

Butterflies enjoy beautiful surroundings they seek attractive flowers for nectar.

What do you know about butterflies?

They fly and are free, with two pairs of good wings, spread out and in lapping rows. The scaly wings allow butterflies to fly to any place.

How do the wing support butterflies?

The veins in the wings act as a supportive and delicate attachment, it nourishes the wings with blood.

At what body warmth can butterflies fly?

If the body warmth is over eight six degrees, the butterfly can fly up and away. The wings of the butterfly fade in color as the butterfly ages and the wings become ragged in appearance. Before flying the butterfly warms up its body specially in the cooler weather and flies to other gardens.

Butterflies migrate to warmer conditions.

The Sense of Butterflies

How do Butterflies survive in their world?

Butterflies use the five senses to survive in their world. Sight, touch, hear, smell and taste. This is to find food and to mate. The slight changes in the different stages of a moth and butterfly life are short-lived.

Light is from the round eyes on the head of Caterpillars. It cannot see an image right away. The ocelli can notice the difference between light and dark.

Moths and the butterflies can see UV rays and are not able to see like humans do. Long hairs senses touch on caterpillars. Hairs grow from the exoskeleton are attached to the nerve cells.

The sensory hairs have a sense of the surroundings, and while flying the insect has a sense about the wind.

What about Smell and Taste?

  • The small mouth parts under the mandibles contain the cells of taste.
  • Caterpillars eat green leaves of trees to survive their short lifespan.
  • The feet of butterflies have sense organs to taste the sugar and nectar from plants.
  • Senses allow butterflies to lay their eggs in suitable places.
  • Butterflies need to know if a certain food is good to eat for them.
  • Noises startle caterpillars.
  • Noises are heard through the wings of butterflies and moths.
  • An organ called the Johnston's organ is found at the base of the antennae.
  • This organ is in charge of the balance when the butterfly flies off.
  • Gardens attract a butterfly's needs in all four stages, from the egg, caterpillar, chrysalls and to the adult stages.

Having plants and flowers, water, shelter and the suitable places to lay their eggs. Grow nectar-rich flowers to attract butterflies to your garden. The plants are eaten after the eggs are being laid on the correct type of plant.

Nectar plants for butterflies and the kind of plants that have nectar. The flower nectar for butterflies is crucial many types such as shrubs with flowers and vines play a part in the life cycle of butterflies.

So, plan your garden well, l have plentiful butterflies. There should be sufficient light for butterflies to regulate the temperature of their bodies.

The temperature on the outside can also be too hot for them. There should be both sunny and shady places in the garden to allow butterflies to cool off while they eat. A butterfly bush called Buddleia has sweet nectar flowers for hummingbirds and bees; this makes a perfect bush for butterflies and moths.

A lovely garden attracts many insects.

Beautiful creature!


Beautiful Creatures


Butterflies are beautiful

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Jo_Goldsmith11 on November 22, 2013:

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Michelle Liew from Singapore on November 22, 2013:

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Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on November 21, 2013:

Hi Mike Robbers thank you for sharing such a delightful comment on my hub A Special Butterfly Story I truly appreciate your comments

Mike Robbers from London on November 21, 2013:

Even the word beauty isn't enough to describe this hub... The whole presentation along with the fantastic pictures is indescribably beautiful.My congratulations DDE!!

Jo Alexis-Hagues from Lincolnshire, U.K on November 21, 2013:

Devika, simply beautiful!..As a child, I loved it when suddenly after a heavy down pour the sun would come out and the garden would be teeming with pretty butterflies. Almost as if they appeared by magic, ephemeral beings from another dimension.

Loved this, well done. :)

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on November 21, 2013:

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Faith Reaper from southern USA on November 20, 2013:


This is indeed a special butterfly story! I love it. It is so beautifully written and has a powerful message too. Love all the imagery.

Butterflies are so beautiful and delicate.

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Blessings, Faith Reaper

Sally Gulbrandsen from Norfolk on November 20, 2013:

DDE - my eyes just lit when I saw the word Butterfly - lots of useful information and lots of lovely butterflies. Thee were amazing this year and the Buddleia Bushes were alive with Butterflies. It really was a delight to see and so was this Hub.


Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on November 20, 2013:

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kidscrafts from Ottawa, Canada on November 20, 2013:

The cycle of butterflies is just incredible when you think about it!

One year I had a student who brought a container with 2 chrysalises and she told me that one of the chrysalises would give a butterfly on that day. She kept the container in front of her and as soon as the chrysalis was starting to break, all the students and I were around watching this event unfold. That was the best science lesson I could ever give! I found that I was quite lucky to witness the birth of a butterfly and to have share it with my students!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful hub, Devika! Great pictures as well!

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